90 Day Stats Applied to a 5 Day Old Merchant Account

So our account's only been active for 5 days, but got stung by a month long ban because 90 days stats were applied as per Performance-Based Store Bans

The 2 latest rep posts (excluding those posted before the last performance ban) are 60 days or less apart, and
The vote average for the store's rep posts over the last 90 days is less than or equal to 1

Despite clearly stating that both variables above need to be met, apparently the 90 day periods aren't defined by your signup date, rather a predetermined date which can be prior to your sign up.

Tried to discuss this civilly with an admin, but was told to basically like it or lump it.

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  • Your last two rep posts are 60 days or less apart, and the vote average for your posts in the last 90 days is less than or equal to 1.

    They appear to have applied their stated policy correctly. What is the problem?

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    That doesn't make any sense, one would naturally assume that 90 days means being on the site for 90 days, not some predetermined date that's privately determined.

    This site is extremely hostile towards merchants, just stop accepting our memberships if you don't want us.


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      This site is extremely hostile towards merchants, just stop accepting our memberships if you don't want us.

      That's a great marketing right there.

      Agree merchants are evaluated very critically, but have you ever thought why?

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        Understandably so, but we're not some big corporation with teams spamming links. We've understood the restrictions on posting once every 24 hours and within a 5 day period had posted twice.

        Clearly this is a community based website, where users take great pride in finding the deals themselves, rather than merchants beating them to the punch.

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          Wrong , we love a good deal posted by anyone, your posts have not been received well, it's an opportunity to review the site, see what people do and do not like before trying again.

          Not sure why you are stuck on the 90 day upper limit , the lower limit is 1 day and conditions were met for the suspension

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      You are misunderstanding the rules.
      You have posted 2 deals within the last 60 days. Thats a fact, you cant dispute.

      Another mistake you are making is not recognising that you are using this platform to advertise and market products that no one is interested in. Thats why youve got no votes on your deal.

      It might be a sign that you are not going to reach your target market here at all or just that youve established that you probably wont sell women's pajamas through ozbargain.

      Sit out your time then try reposting a deal on another product you sell. Give us a real good deal.

      You can search previous deals from others and check what products get the most votes eg bed sheets and bikinis get a handful of upvotes, underwear might get you in double digits but are you actually selling anything we will go wild over?

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    I agree with your interpretation of the rules and it does seems a bit harsh to be banned after just 5 days, but I'm no admin so can't help you there.

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    You’d never have to worry about it if you post deals that get up votes.
    The rule is to stop spamming of worthless posts from stores.

    • We can only post once every 24 hours. We'd only posted twice in 5 days, $30 off and buy one get one free. If that's spam, I don't know what is sorry.

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        The vote average for the store's rep posts over the last 90 days is less than or equal to 1

        Both deals had ZERO votes. Therefore, your vote average is less than 1.

        That's a polite way of saying your deals are terrible.

        If that's spam, I don't know what is sorry

        Yup, clearly you don't. Come back in 90 days with something worthwhile.

        In the meantime, start being an active participant instead of selfishly pushing your own store, and we'll see if you come up with any actual deals later on. Do NOT treat OzBargain as yet another marketing channel.

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          Hope your day improves!

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    I think the biggest issue with your attempt to get onto ozbargain is that you did not really plan it and/or your "bargain" has not been valued by either yourself or the community correctly.

    I have noticed that the Ozbargain kind of hate one post ponies, so the best way is to start engaging with the community first prior to posting your "deal". Even asking questions to work out what the community would want to see/expect would result in more upvotes for the community.

    I have noticed that OzBargain is very protective and direct, and if you are attempting to utilize this marketing channel, you will have to view it to require just as much if not more investment of time/effort/money.

    Maybe work on explaining who you are, what your product is and why you think this is a good bargain.

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      I had taken the time to respond to questions on our posts, mentioning we're a husband and wife team, in particular answering a question about men's sleepwear which we're now considering a sale on.
      So far I thought we were doing the right thing and had been referred to this site by our web guy; he had warned us that too much interaction would be regarded as spammy so we didn't want to put any noses out of place. We'll try and make an effort to get more involved, Thanks for the friendly advice, I appreciate it!

      • I'm not a mod or a very active member of the community. I often just browse and read.

        That was just my thoughts, I have noticed quite a few people do well just by doing a really introduction and telling a story.

        I think if you sell a homogenous product (or perceived to be), price is your only differential and unfortunately, that's a really hard market on this website as we all hunt bargains too much!

        Best of luck! Hope things work out!

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    While I get that it's a pretty average sink or swim introduction, there is no way OzBargain would give a free pass for 90 days for anyone posting on the site. From their perspective I can understand why they want new sellers to introduce themselves with something great and of obvious benefit.

    I think your web guy isn't a marketing guy. Clear problem - what is a "bargain" about what you sell? It's bamboo, great, but why are your bamboo products better than the zillion other ones out there? If you're going for a premium, why is it? People don't trust being told that it's really good (for good reason). Boody does it via noting every certification possible (and probably a tonne of advertising to get to where they are). But even then they don't post on here, it's not really the right market.

    The deals that do well on here are known products that are discounted or goods that are incredibly cheap for what they are. Or you do a massive advertising campaign like Step One to become well known then throw up a half price sale, that seems to work.

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    So you were going to post these “bargains” every couple of days for 90 days?

    Glad OzBargain gave you a suspension.

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    Jesus harden up OP, it's just your "deal" got no interest. That's not even close to a hard reception here.

    This is a community not an ad board, gid gud at making deals.

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