Is It Possible to Copy & Paste an Outline of an Emoji?

So basically, if I get an emoji, paste it onto word and then change the colour to black, it removes the colour of the emoji and makes it an outline. But when I go to copy and paste this outline somewhere else, it just pastes the full coloured original emoji. Any way around this or is it not possible? Tia


  • Screenshot? Use paint? Try gimp or Inkscape?

  • Use your phone to take a photo of your screen, then crop it. Then email it to yourself, open it in your email reader, copy and paste it from there. Simple.

    • Hmm, I need it to be text compatible

      • emoji rendering in text is controlled by the font. there's no way to send an outline unless the font has the emoji as an outline.

        Some fonts do render emoji as outlines, so use one of those fonts! 😅

        • Nah the font doesn't matter, just text colour:



          • @Jolakot: I see two coloured emoji so if you were trying to prove me wrong, I fear you have not succeeded. Do you see black and white on your end? (Your browser might be using a different font to mine)

            My version of Word does not display the behaviour described by OP anyway. I only get full colour emoji no matter what I do to the text colour. However, if I change the font from Segoe UI Emoji to Segue UI Symbol, then they become outlines. Maybe some versions of word do this type of thing automatically.

            • @abb: I'm assuming you're either not on Windows or using Firefox then, as it only works in Chromium 96+ (Chrome, Edge, Brave etc) on Windows (or on some Linux distros with fonts-noto-color-emoji configured)

              And actually it looks like it's a Chromium rendering bug not a feature:

              But yeah I worded that badly, what I meant was that the font used by the system/browser must support coloured emojis, but that you don't need a specific font that only has outlined emojis to achieve the effect

              • @Jolakot: I am both not on Windows and using Firefox :)

                I may have to do some reading on how emojis/fonts work. There is obviously some source for each the outline version and the coloured version… 🤔

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                  @abb: It depends on the implementation, but at least for Segoe UI Emoji they use TrueType glyph outlines with colour palettes, basically the outlined version is the base and the default version is just a colour pallet applied on top, but you can also just define a custom palette

                  So there's no specific "red outlined" version of the emoji, just "emoji with red palette with black-on-white background". Go back into Word and play with gradients for the emoji, realistically you can use whatever colours you like, but there isn't really any support for them yet, and there's barely standardization across platforms beyond what Chromium has been trying to do

                  As a webdev, the sheer amount of cool shit I could do but can't because some random platform users doesn't support it is infuriating (looking at you Samsung Touchwiz browser, we literally had to buy an old Samsung phone just to make sure that nothing was broken on it)

                  • @Jolakot: Yep that all makes sense, thanks for the explanation. I didn't realise fonts carried multiple layers of detail like that.

                    My version of Word doesn't work like that though! Perhaps because it's the web based one.

  • Have you used paint 3D before? The magic select tool is alright. Try using that to remove the unwanted colours.

    • I can remove the colour on word by turning the emoji black, which makes it an outline. But then when I paste it, the colour comes back. Needs to be text compatible if that makes sense

      • I just re-read your OP. Can you take a screen shot in word of the black copy. That should definitely for re-colouring itself.

        • Sorry, not sure what you mean by this?

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            @DisabledUser398528: Geez neither do I. Sorry, I didn't proofread.

            Use the snipping tool of the black copy and paste wherever. This will prevent re-colouring.

            • @Caped Baldy: Ooo what do you mean by snipping tool?

              • @DisabledUser398528: Open the start menu and have a look for it or type snip. It might also be called Snip & Sketch depending on your version of Windows.

                • @Caped Baldy: Ooo yeah I know, but that will save as an image, not text format :(

                  • @DisabledUser398528: What do you mean by text format?

                    There might be some fundamental misunderstanding.

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                      @Caped Baldy: I think OP wants to use the emoji as a character, not an image file. Just like how ! is a character, not a .png or .jpg or whatever.

                      • @CrispyChrispy: Yes this, I can paste the emoji in text, but it shows as full colour and not the outline version.

                        • @DisabledUser398528: Where are you trying to paste it? Most applications have some sort of support for coloured emojis on Windows

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    Emoji is a Unicode shorthand where typing a certain combination of letters means it translates to Symbol X, e.g. U+1F600 is 😀

    You can't draw on an emoji symbol, colour it in, make an outline (which makes it into a picture), and then send that as an emoji, because you're sending "U+1F600" to their phone, and then they look up what that is on their internal dictionary and translate it to "grinning face picture".

    In short, no, you can't make up your own emoji.

    • You can if you have adobe illustrator.

  • What emoji are you after?

  • I just did what you did, and mine paste the outlined version.

    Make sure you paste it as "Keep Text Only". When you right-click, its the one that has the letter "A"

    Also, make sure you change the themed colour to black. Yours might be changing it to Automatic, which converts it to colour again.

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