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[Afterpay, eBay Plus] Baseus 15W Wireless Charger (Black) $12.10/$12.91 Delivered @ baseus_online_store eBay


A partner of Baseus Australia has reached out to promote their eBay store.
"Prices for many items will be the lowest this year - with the PLBF20/APBF20 codes stacking with 10-20% store discount"

For example: Baseus 15W Qi Magnetic Wireless Charger I bought it for $15 earlier this year is now under $13.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Is it safe for iPhone?

    • It is advertised as such but I have no experience with it (Samsung user).

    • it should be safe but the highest output for iPhone will only be 7.5W

  • Do they work with a case in your phonenif anyone has had experiences with these

    • I have a regular case on my phone and it works fine.

  • I got the black glass one (non magnetic), works upto 12W with Pixel 6 Pro (Spigen air case). Quality seems solid, I ordered a second last week.

  • what is the recommended w power adapter for this?

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      I think 20W for 15W wireless

  • I was never up to get my s20+ to charge properly with it

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    If you're planning on putting it near your bed. I'd recommend not getting the transparent version. The charge LED shines through the clear top and is bright enough to warn sea vessels of dangerous coastlines.

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      If only I lived by the sea…. A guy can dream :)

  • does it support S20 FE?

  • Thanks OP, got 3, hope they work!

  • Okay got one of these, but can't get power USB-C to USB-C. Works fine on USB-A to USB-C with the included cable, but nothing C to C. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Worked fine for me. Try rotating the USB C cables on one end. Sounds bizarre but I've had odd things with some USB C cables

      • Tried but no dice on a couple of cables. They all work doing Super Fast charge on an S20, so pretty sure it's not the HeyMix GaN charger or the cables.

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          Weird, I've verified using a PowerZ board, charges my phone at its rated 12W using both USB-C PD (C-C) and QC 3.0 (A-C)

          • @reactor-au: Thanks. I'll send a note on their website and see what they say. Can't find any reference to this issue anywhere else right now either.

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              @BoundedRationality: Its definitely the cables. Had a second wireless arrive today and plugged it in (C to C), no go. Tried another charger, no go. Tried with PowerZ board, worked. So this is what I found (applicable to all USB C PD chargers I have):
              Baseus USB-C to USB-C works PowerZ says no E-marker in cable)
              Brexlink USB-C to USB-C no work (tried 3 of the same, rotating, switching sides etc, will only work with PowerZ board in the middle) PowerZ says E-marker in cable
              Fasgear USB-C to USB-C works PowerZ says no E-marker in cable
              Google USB-C to USB-C works PowerZ says no E-marker in cable
              Ugreen USB-C to USB-C 10gbps thunderbolt cable no work (will work with PowerZ board in the middle) PowerZ says E-marker in cable

              from this I can only guess the qi pad doesn't work with cables with E-marker chip inside (PowerZ board does lots of tricks so all cables work with PowerZ in the middle).

              USB-A to USB-C doesn't have E-marker chip so all cables should work

              More info on E-marker and USB-C to USB-C cables here:

              • @reactor-au: Ah, that's interesting, because I bought a 2 pack of 50cm Fasgear C-C cables and neither of them works with the pad, but both work on the S21. I also tried the 100w cable that came with the HeyMix with the same results. Which Fasgear ones are you using?

                • @BoundedRationality: I think they are 3m USB 2.0 60W cables, USB 2.0 60W cables don't require e-marker chip according to USB-IF standard

              • @reactor-au: And I just checked, the Fasgear ones I have actually have the E-marker chip according the Amazon listing: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08F3KSVK2/

                So you could very well be right (which is a pain), but I guess I need to get a Baseus one now.

                Appreciate all your help!

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                  @BoundedRationality: No worries.
                  It's just odd that the cheap cable's without a E-marker are the only ones that work

                  • @reactor-au: Yeah, bloody strange… tbh hoping the $5 60w Baseus 50cm cable I just ordered does the trick because otherwise I'm not actually sure which thing I'd end up returning! Will post up when it's arrived and tested.

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                    @reactor-au: You sir, are the real MVP. 50cm 60w Baseus without the E-marker worked a treat!

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