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Naturehike Star-River Double Layer Ultralight 2 Person Backpacking Tent $169.15 (Was $199) Del @ Naturehike Official Amazon AU


Cyber Monday ! Up to 15% off.Don't miss it.

Up to 15% off Naturehike Tent Star-River Double Layer Ultralight 2 Person Backpacking Tent Waterproof Hiking Tent :$169.15 (Was $199.00)
Up to 15% off Naturehike Opalus Lightweight Camping Tent 4 Season 210T Forest Green for 2 Person :$169.15(Was $199.00)

Sleeping Bags:
Up to 15% off Naturehike Sleeping Bag Compact Ultralight White Goose Down Mummy Sleeping Bag:$126.64(Was $149.00)

Safety Swim Buoy:
Up to 15% off Naturehike 28L High Visible Safety Swim Buoy - Ultralight Bubble Tow Float and Dry Bag for Open Water Swimming Kayaking Snorkeling Diving Fishing Trailing Stand Up Paddling with Adjustable Waist Belt:$29.99(Was $35.90)

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  • 2-ppl Opalus looks interesting at 2.3 kg!

    Similar price, similar weight of this other model: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07HTB2129 - and the $209 versions are even lighter, as per this discussion.

    • Yep.First of all, we would like to express our sincere thanks for what you have done.Different people like different shape for different scenes and purposes.
      Customer's good experience has always been our goal.At the same time,we have always insisted on producing cost-effective products.

  • Can you confirm if the Opalus 2 person tent has 2 poles? Some of the photos show there are 3 poles.

    • +1

      I got it.The green tunnel tent and the orange one for two person looks like the same at the first glance,but in fact,they are different.
      "2 person green with vestiblue" ain't the Opalus.His name is Cloud Tunnel.This tent has "2 poles".
      "210T Polyester Orange for 2 Person" belongs to the Opalus series.This tent has "3 poles".
      They have different size,different shape,different function.
      The reason for why we let the Cloud Tunnel for 2 person into the Opalus is that they both the tunnel tent and both at discount.
      We are very sorry for causing you confusion, and wish you a great night!

  • I bought 2 of the yellow sleeping bags, and whilst new it seems the goose feathers wernt washed properly, funky smell - to Naturehikes credit they sent me another one, but it too stank - you win some you lose some

    • We feel sorry for what you have been through.Goose and duck feathers, in fact,they are smelly. But all these feathers had been sterilized, you can use it safely.Some people are sensitive to these odors, some people are not sensitive to these odors like myself.Wish you have a nice day! : )

    • I've seen others complain about this, you get what you pay for I guess…

      You could try washing it with some lavender or eucalypt scented wash or spray it with something to try and mask the smell, or try the Cold power Odour Fighter washing liquid, it's not designed for down but you have nothing to lose I guess..

      • +1

        I washed them twice each with special down wash and whilst it worked immediately, when in use the smell came back - yes, I think some can smell it more than others - customer service though was excellent

        • I've been using a $300 Aussie "One Planet" -3 bag for the last 5+ years, it's had a hell of a lot of use, I sent it back to them last year and paid a bit to have it cleaned and re-stuffed with more feathers which made it a lot better in real cold weather, it's probably a -5 now…

          At the end of the day it's all a trade off, if I wasn't a Tassie cold dweller I'd probably look at the cheapies, but you get what you pay for, it's a trade off between weight, size, cold rating, money, and I guess scent…

  • I have the 2 person cloudup 20d. I love it for weight, and I can fit my gear inside. This one is slightly heavier, but it has 2 nice vestibules so if you have 2 people in the 2 person tent, you have to storage areas out of the rain for your packs and gear.

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