What Product Is This Home Security Pad?

I don't know how else to describe it, you put key fobs on it to disarm it. I want to get a similar system.

Here is a photo: https://imgur.com/53WnNsi

I've tried googling and looking through catalogs.


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    Looks like a candle to me. Disarm it with a water fire extinguisher.

    • Wouldn't CO_2 be better given the oil?

      I mean this thing https://i.imgur.com/GwXMhCF.png

      • Thats a TV remote control… Disarm with a hammer

        How about a nice close up of the top and underneath where there maybe some markings.

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    That is the worst photo ever.

    Did you take that image at a friend's place very discretely or something?

    • using 800mm zoom to get photo of the bloke across the roads stuff.. lol

    • I'm guessing it's from a video of some sort

      • Yeah it's from a video, I forgot to write down the brand of the system I want the same one.

        • If you have to video to capture the image, why not watch it again to hear the brand of the system?

  • Might be DIY.

    You could take apart your RF Key Fob and hide it inside some kind of dish or even a hidden surface like a desk. Then wire in a magnet switch to trigger the arm and disarm function.

    Placing any magnetic object on the surface should trigger it.

  • Cut electricity to the place to disarm any security. Who are you planning to rob/kill?

    • I've watched the entire mission impossible series

  • Makes me want to get one too.

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    Are you saying you want an RFID reader? I don’t understand the question.

  • to 'disarm' (block signal) of the key fobs you'd need more than a tray, they'd need to be put in some sort of faraday cage/box.

    • to 'disarm' (block signal)

      This is not what the question is about, it's about disarming an alarm.

      • You don’t mention anything about disarming an alarm, you say to disarm a key/fob. If you don’t ask the right questions you will never get the right answer.

  • Could be an NFC Smart Card Reader.

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