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[Price Error] DeWalt 18V Brushless 2-Piece 1x 5.0Ah Combo Kit DCK2032P1-XE - $136 Delivered @ Total Tools


First time poster, but this looked like a good deal:

Kit includes:
1 x DEWALT 18V Brushless 13mm Hammer Drill Skin DCD795N-XE
1 x DEWALT 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver Skin DCF787N-XJ
1 x DEWALT 18V XR 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery DCB184-XE
1 x DEWALT 10.8V-18V XR Li-ion Battery Charger DCB115-XE

Total Tools are also doing a cyber monday free delivery offer.

UPDATE: looking at the comments may only be a WA offer

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +6

    says 299 for me

  • +2

    How did you get $136? It shows me $299

    • +3

      No idea, just clicked the link still shows $136 for me - If you click on the Cyber Monday link on the home page its also list the offer about 4 rows down. Update - just purchased another definitely charged $136 https://imgur.com/a/YnwbsiC

  • +2

    Showing as $299 for me

  • $299 also

  • Which suburb are you seeing $136 to?

    • Perth

      • +6

        Can't reproduce that here. You're a unicorn.

        • +8

          VPN on perth still showing 299

  • $299 as well. Would buy it otherwise even though I have them all already

  • I can also only see $299, can you post a screenshot of $136 price?

  • +3

    Iam in perth, showed up a $136 for me

    • What store?

      • malaga

        • Thanks. Cannot replicate.

          • +1

            @Rhubarb Jones: Odd, maybe try incognito window. I purchased at that price, and still shows up at that price for me.

  • +4

    You smoking the good stuff

  • -3

    This looks like a troll post.

  • +2

    $136 here for me Total Tool Kewdale

  • i've tried different browsers and even VPN to Perth, still 299!

    • +1

      incognito is your friend

      • tried this also :(

  • -1

    Oh dear

  • +24

    This is guerilla propaganda orchestrated by the Western Australian Government to try and get more people to move there. It's not working.

    • +3

      As if you needed propaganda to move out of Sydney…

  • +2

    Their website is doublestacking the discount? 656 -> 299 -> 136.28? Guessing they'll refund these orders, but go for it if you have it?

    • Wait, how do you get 136? lol

      • +6

        Bienvenu is right. It’s had the discount (as a percentage) deducted twice.

        $656 - ~54.4% = $299
        $299 - ~54.4% = $136

  • Order confirmed for C&C. Fingers crossed

    • which store?

  • Managed to get $136 using a VPN to Perth (NordVPN). Still got free shipping to QLD

    • what store?
      edit: nvm vpn perth worked

      • Any idea if there is a free VPN that would work? I dont have one set up

    • which store?

      • Kewdale, but I've tried a few around Perth and they all show the same price

    • Thanks for this - I just did exactly the same

  • Running into this error

    Please fill all mandatory fields. E.g. To enter a valid billing address, please start typing your address and select your address from the list of suggestions or click 'I cannot find my address. Let me type it in.' to enter your address manually.

    • +4

      PiHole prevents the address lookup!

  • CC confirmed, fingers cross

  • Will bunning price beat?

    • Would they?

  • Shows $136 for me, just ordered one, see how it goes.

  • VPN to Perth worked for me, thanks OP!

  • Can't get it working with purevpn

  • +1

    Worked for me. This is definitely going to get refunded lol but it's literally the only decent deal during black friday.

  • Its showing $136, C&C Hoxton Park, Sydney.

    • Probably a backend rule applying a double discount. Going to be a lot of finger pointing tomorrow in IT.

      • +1

        I am also thinking the same. Hope they honour the deal. Finger crossed.

      • Someones gonna be feelin like a total tool.

    • i checked there, coming up 299

  • +1

    shark vpn+ icognito, no go

  • Thanks OP - bought with free delivery

  • +2

    Surfshark +/- Incognito = no go!

  • Ordered, C&C Kewdale. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, worked for me. Mandurah store

  • incognito worked for me $136 with free delivery

  • Worked for me in WA - just went straight to the link above and came up as $136

  • Dam that is cheap! Probably below cost!

  • Thanks OP got one, had to refresh browser a few times whilst on VPN (Nord) to Perth.

  • +2

    Ok working… Purevpn to Perth then incognito tab in chrome and worked perfectly. Could even select click and collect at my local store in vic

  • +1

    Who reported this lol

    You call the police too?

  • +5

    Nothing to see here boys, TotalTools always cancels price errors, never seen one slip through

    • +8

      Yeah we will see about that when I lose it at the store in tomorrow Terra

      • +3

        make sure u livestream it, drop the link.

        • +2

          Will do 100% just for you, justified section 32 inbound

        • +1

          @Rickrone didn’t need to livestream anything just walked in gave them the order number and walked out. I was dead set going to film it for you if they said no!

      • 😂😂😂 as long as you’re not losing it at me!

        • Do you work in NSW store? Lol

    • Look like few slip though 😆

    • +2

      @Terra Australis what happened to never seen one slip through big fella? I just picked mine up and didn’t need to apply for a section 32 after a rage at the store? Lol

    • Nice one for just ruining the chance for people.

  • +4

    Went to total tools canning vale in perth and got rejected they said price error

    • thanks for this - spared me the time of a credit card refund!

    • +1

      what if you did click and collect? the order would've been paid and the staff can only fulfill the order.

      • +1

        You think they couldn't cancel the order and give a refund?

  • +4

    These will be cancelled but ripper first deal OP

  • Works for windscribe with incognito browser.

  • Great price. Shame I have about 25 ryobi skins.

  • Can you get a sneaky bunnings price match in?

    • best chance by the sounds of it.

      • +2

        They always check the price on their system and they’ll see 299

        • a few lucky people got it, not sure many got total tools one

  • Thanks. Got 2. Used NordVPN and free delivery to VIC.

  • Nice one op! Hoping this will be honored, definitely worth the try!

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