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ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock 8K & 4K $270.60 Shipped @ Lenovo Education Store


Lenovo EDU = $410 down to $270.60 with CYBER21

After jumping on the Dell XPS 13 laptop deal, needed Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock. Very limited PC brands produce Thunderbolt 4 dock so its a good price.

The ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock supports upto 100W PD, Single [email protected] or upto 4 [email protected] display support, silent firmware upgrades, vPro/AMT Pass through support, and data transfer rates upto 40 Gbps (depending on host system and peripheral processing capability, file attributes, and other configuration and operating environment factors).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I bought mine with this deal.. just arrived yesterday. Only using it on a HP Elitebook 840 G6 so far (TB3), works well

  • This is very tempting. Would this work with a legion i laptop?

    • To answer my own question, the part number for the Universal main dock (PD up to 100W) is identical to the Workstation version which can power up to 230W using a slim tip cable. The difference between the two products appears to be the larger power brick (300W) and the custom power cable that goes from the dock to the laptop (for an extra $100).

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • I was waiting for this for so long! thanks OP! bought one!

  • Do you need an education email address to buy from this site?

    • Please note: you'll need an email address from a school, college or university (for example "…@institutionname.edu.au"). If you don't have one, just call us on 13LENOVO / 13 536686 Option 2 and our friendly sales team will help you.

      • Thanks, unfortunately sales line closed at 5pm and deal ends tonight

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    Wow. If this is a deal I can't wait for USB4

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    Looks like Shopback has confirmed $37.89 ontop of this sale price

    • Best of luck! I don't think they pay out for education store but will give it a go as well!

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    I have one of these but bought through corporate EPP for same price a couple of months back. Had some initial issues but did the firmware update and works great with my MacBook Pro 14 and Lenovo X1 Yoga. Also works with non TB devices like my wife’s MacBook 2016 and my iPad Pro (albeit with weird screen resolutions due to my 3840x1080 monitor).

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      Just a reminder for those interested in using this on a M1 Mac - they only support a total of 2 screens, and if you're using a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13, the laptop screen counts as one unless it's shut. (I.e. can never have more than 2 displays at once).

      The MacBook Pro 14/16 fare a bit better, but don't go buying this if you want 2+ screens on a M1 MacBook Air/Pro 13. You want to check out a DisplayLink dock, such as the Dell D6000, that will give you 'software' screens.

    • Do you have to install anything on the mac? I got mine from this deal, but could not get any of the ports to work with macbook pro 16 (2019).

      Already did the firmware update with a windows laptop, but still no luck with macbook.

      • After I upgraded dock firmware using my Lenovo laptop it worked perfectly with MacBook M1. Prior to this though I had visual artefacts on my monitor when I tried to use higher refresh rates than 60Hz and the Ethernet was spotty. Now it’s all good and stable across every TB and USBC device except my wife’s work laptop which doesn’t seem to allow the TB4 dock to be used probably due to security restrictions.

        • Do you know what's your current firmware? Is it v1.0.07?
          I've now tested it with 4 laptops and still have no luck getting any of the HDMI/DisplayPort to work.
          USB ports and Ethernet seem to be working on windows devices, but still no videos. :(

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            @richrichie: Confirmed the update was to 1007. I also installed driver package 1006 on my windows devices. I also did all the apple updates and it all worked fine in the end.

            • @jace88: Thanks for confirming. Finally managed to get the videos to work on windows devices after multiple trial and error. Still have no idea what happened and no luck with macbook.

              I can only assume it does not really like TB3 ports as it did not even picked up as connected when I checked mac system report.

              • @richrichie: Honestly mine didn't work immediately after the 1007 update on the Mac but then a few restarts/power cycles later, everything is very stable now. Funny how this happened shortly after Lenovo offered a replacement/refund but since it was working as I wanted, I didn't want to risk stuffing anything up!

                One thing I did notice on one of my PCs was I needed to enable TB dock from a security permissions perspective. From memory some older Intel MacBooks also had security restrictions on TB docks so maybe try checking for that as a factor.

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    Please everybody: ONLY watch 8k movies because our internet has been idling so much.

  • Can anyone please post a picture of the price?

  • Does a docking station with [email protected] exist?

  • Does the always-on USB-C on the front of the dock work for anyone? Mine charges for all of 5 seconds before stopping.

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