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Pandemic Board Game $26.67 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Cyber Monday deal. Cheaper than recent deal. Sold by Amazon US. In before all the "we are already living this in real life" comments.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Great price, but as someone who has played this and pandemic legacy season 1, I would highly recommend jumping straight to legacy s1.

    Base pandemic is great but unfortunately overshadowed by pandemic legacy season 1 which is base pandemic followed by 12-24 games as you journey through a year of pandemic (January to December). Even better, with the irl pandemic going on, it cannot get more thematic than that.

    Edit: What shines with PLS1 are new mechanics and rules introduced as you play, just as you get comfortable something fresh comes up, objective change, new boxes to open up. And decisions made have weight as they carry across to the next game

    • I agree, but $30 is a lot easier than $80 to see if you like this kind of thing.

      Tbh I'd say buy Horrified ($45) first and if you like it, go Season 1.

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    Woo hoo, Omicron version

  • that's cheap

  • Is this a team game or can we play 1v1?

    • +2

      Team game from 2-4 players. Unfortunately, can turn into a single person playing depending on group dynamics.

  • It's a great game and a steal at this price.

  • Ticket to Ride Japan/Italy AUD$41.30 and Ticket to Ride France/Old West AUD$42.16 are good prices for these expansions (need the base game). Possibly the cheapest they've ever been in Australia. Note that like most board games, expansions aren't as good value as the base game.

    • Price seems to have gone up unfortunately.

  • Overall a good co-op game with the right people, more relaxed than the legacy versions where a seasoned board gamer can easily over-micromanage another player (hasn't happened to me yet though)

  • +1

    Good thing it's pandemic, not covid. People wouldn't be impressed paying $26.67 for an empty box.

  • Fantastic game, I find it highly stressful and exciting in a good way. It's really beautifully balanced and the mechanic of shuffling infected cities back onto the top of the deck after an outbreak, which places already infected cities at even more risk, is inspired. I've played a couple of games in which we've lost really quickly due to bad luck in the shuffle, but the way the game is set up makes this rare.

  • And just like that it's up to $45. Please remove :(

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