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Aventus by Creed for Men EDP 100ml $370.50 Delivered @ ThePerfumeWarehouse


This looks to be a good price for the Creed Aventus 100ml. Use discount code DISCOUNT05 at checkout to reduce the price to $370.50. Free shipping is included.

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  • +10

    60% of the time, it works every time

  • +6

    wow, no root is worth $370

    • +12

      I think you prob shouldn’t wear it all at once..

    • +2

      Also, women don't really like it

    • unless you get to cuddle afterwards

  • Mens biz is cheaper along with heap of other online stores after a quick google

  • +19

    I did try this at Myer

    Very nice smell on the skin.

    But when she said the price I said gimme one more spray and then said thanks and bounced 🤣

    • Ah hahaha 😝

    • true Ozbargain will visit different store everytime he/she wants to wear this perfume, to have a spray or two. Unlimited supply for free.

  • +1

    It´s too 2011

    Don´t get me wrong. Very, very nice perfume, but at this price tag, not worth IMO.

    I remember getting testers under the $200 mark back in 2014. Now I cannot justify spending $370.

  • +4

    Save your money and get Club De Nuit Intense, better performance over Aventus and smells very similar.

    • Can confirm. Got a sampler from ebay for Aventus from a really reputed seller. Then bought Armaf CDNI, couldn't tell the difference

      • Buying Aventus samples you always risk they send you a clone, cause even if they are really reputed sellers they know you are not familiar with it and it's impossible to prove the fraud

    • Got some of this, High hopes

    • +3

      i personally did not find this at all. the opening smells like a bottle of lemon pledge.

      • +4

        I bought Armaf from chemist warehouse. It was terrible.

        • I'm never a fan of those smells, it's yuck

      • I read this many times, but when I tried lemon pledge at Woolies it smells different.

        • Lemon pledge probably isn't as harsh as CDNIM

          • @zmcgr1: Maybe some batches come out different, I don't know. Mine is fine, and the opening lasts 2 minutes anyway. The dry down is the same as Aventus minus the confidence a luxury item gives to the wearer

    • What is this intense nut smell?

    • Thanks for the recommendation. Really liked it. Do you reckon there is much of a difference between CDNI EDP and EDT? Need one that lasts 8-10 hours

    • +3

      You're welcome darlin'

  • Who's buying this?

    Per ml this is almost on par with a 1959 Dom Perignon. Bet Dom smells better than this tastes.

    • You obviously don’t know the lurkers that are on here.

  • I mean, for Perfume named after 90s butt rock bands, you could do worse than Creed I suppose.

    How much for Nickelback?

    • Still waiting for Puddle of Mudd

  • Bought 10. Don't want Creed to go homeless….again

  • +3

    I buy this, kilian, tf, xerjoff and amouage… ppl spend on perfumes. It's a world of perfume out there. CRAZY WORLD!

  • +3

    I've found that it's mostly men who love this fragrance. Depending on your preference, maybe that's your goal.

  • Definitely a fantastic fragrance, but I can't justify paying retail prices. If you're not buying as a gift, 100ml testers can still be had for around $200 on the various Facebook fragrance groups. At that price it's a great deal, not so much at $370.

  • +1

    I found that VB or Shane Warne EDT works well down at the local

  • Bit pricy for alcohol

  • +2

    Gam bought for a bday gift. I had never tried it owned an expensive perfume before. But to be honest after trying it I can definitely tell why it's pricey. Nice smell and settles nicely. And you only need one spray. Having said that no way I would pay that much myself. But I guess comes down to if someone is loaded enough.

    • +1

      One spray is way too much for me. i use the tiniest bit on my wrist and maybe on my neck. One spray and people a few metres away will be able to smell you. Unless thats what you want lol.

      • So you try minimal spary on wrist and rub that on neck? Might be a good idea actually.

        • +1

          yeah , it actaully lasts so long this way. a tiny spray, or even like the tiniest spit from the nozzle and use that to rub between wrist then on neck.

  • How does it compare to Lynx?

    • Which Lynx?

    • wear it alongside Afrika for best results

  • +3

    Creed from the Office wears this

  • +3

    How do you apply this? With arms right open?

  • Very high quality fragrance. tested it at Myers and different airports 😂
    Can't afford tbh

  • Smaller bottle but slightly cheaper for those that can't afford this week: https://www.shavershop.com.au/gillette/cool-wave-splash-afte...

  • For those that were wondering, John Varvartos is my go to perfum. The chicks love it (I've had positive feedback from my mum and auntie).

    • Hey mate, which perfume of John Varvartos, you will recommend?

    • -1

      this smells terrible compared to Aventus.

  • +1

    I own this perfume, its alright! bought after all the rave reviews, but honestly i get more compliments for chanel blue, aqua di gio from the ladies than this one…

  • I wear chanel blue for many years now but never got any discounted deal on it :-(

  • +1

    Seems bloody expensive.
    Depends who's wearing it i guess, can't polish a turd

  • +1

    Bring back Gucci Envy for men!!!
    Better then this.

    • Agree was just thinking how good that one was, woody/citrus pretty classic

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