Find Me a Bargain - Head Units

Hi guys, gals,

I'm shopping for a new head unit for my car.

Budget is $500.

I like the sony xav-ax3000, currently available for just under the $500 thru Ryda.Com.Au but before I pull the trigger, can anyone suggest something better?


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    Just after Black Friday and Cyber Monday probably aren't the best times to buy. Next sales will be boxing day.

    If you buy from RYDA, ask Supercheap to price beat via live chat. If you wait until you're within two weeks from Boxing Day and the head unit goes on sale at that time, then you'll get credit back to your Club account.

  • Have you researched the Chinese head units? Some are very much liked.

    Budget is $500.

    Does that include new looms and fascia or just the headunit?

    Do you already have decent speakers?

  • Im after just the head unit

    Found on Ebay the Pioneer DMH-Z5350BT. After the Ebay Plus voucher comes to $480. According to internet reviews it's equivalent to the XAV-AX-5000, so at that price point looks pretty awesome.

    Re black friday deals, yeah good point but my current head unit chose yesterday to die, dammit!!!

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      Bit more info would go a long way.

      i.e what car, make, model

      also what features you're looking for in the head unit.

  • We have a street in town called Morehead street.
    Perhaps more important make sure it fits! Car electrics may or may not be standard!

  • Some cars (more-so European prestige) have fibre optic cabling for the speakers and this is not compatible with ordinary speaker cabling on most after-market head units.

  • Pulled the trigger on that pioneer, vfm was too hard to beat.

    Thanks for the input.

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