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Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer $349 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest ever, but cheapest in a while.
Not sure if it's eligible for Amazon $10 off for first time purchase, but I guess no harm in trying.
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  • Congrats on the first post! Thanks for sharing.

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      Thanks! I've been watching this soundbar for ages, but keep procrastinating and wondering whether I should pay more for something like the Samsung HW-Q900A when it's on sale… I just don't know!
      Figured I share once I saw it on sale so others can take advantage of my procrastination!

      • on quality alone, I would take Yamaha over Samsung/LG every day of the week. In 10 years your unit will still be working, a mate who's in the market has his Samsung unit go after a few years, then replaced it with a second hand one the same that also went, then got an LG that busted 2 weeks out of warranty. I'm telling him to buy this one

  • A recent software update means this soundbar can connect to Alexa Multi Room Music enabling it to be paired with other Echo devices for music.

  • This or the JBL one currently on sale?

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      That's what I was gonna ask!

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      I currently have the Yamaha YAS-209 but I got the factory refurbished one, all I can say I was blown away by the sound quality of this soundbar. I compared it to my mate's sonos soundbar and it is not far at all knowing the price of the sonos is up there.

    • I don't have either but I'm in the market for one (or two - need one for the shed TV) so been keeping a eye on things and getting across specs for sounds bars.

      I mean Yamaha are a known reputable "sound" brand. Looking at those comments under the JBL post, doesn't sound like a great endorsement. (I'm sure there would be some similar posts relating to Yammy).

      But purely on specs.

      The Yammy has output 200 W (Center unit: 50 W × 2-ch, Subwoofer: 100 W)
      The JBL is stated as 450W power (MAX). not sure of breakdown between speakers. So might be a heavy tonal unit.

      I'm no audiophile so not sure exactly what it all means, I'd still be leaning more towards the Yammy based on my limited understanding ;)

      p.s. interestingly looking at the JBL spec sheet on Big W site, it's backed by Harmon Kardon so take that as you will.

  • At this price point they are all similar
    The Sun woofer on this make it better buy tan the YAS109

    Lots of reviews online for both. I have mostly been JBL but am leaning towards the Yamaha for this one

  • I bought the Yamaha this week too. Looked at all the options but don't need mad watts for my small/medium living room & inbuilt Alexa is a huge positive

  • Hey guys. Soundbar noob here. How does the Yamaha compare to this https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/panasonic-sc-htb688-3-1ch...

    I wonder why the Yamaha is more expensive when the panasonic one is 3.1 channels

  • Anyone know if this soundbar works with Yamaha MusicCast?

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    I had this and had to sell it. I wouldn't consider myself an audiofile but I do like tinker with bass and treble to get the right sound for what I'm watching. The sound quality out of this soundbar I think would really only suit someone who doesn't pay too much attention to the sound. If you like to tinker with sound profiles this soundbar will drive you nuts as it never really sounds right. Things just sound all muffled together.. Replaced it with some Edifier bookshelf speakers and a 2nd hand sub and sound is so much better even it's 2 channel only. Don't think I will get soundbar again unless it was a high end one.

    • Currently using the cheap 100 bucks edifier bookshelves and they are so annoying, having to change volume constantly and the remote is super tiny. Wondering would a sub make any improvement - what sub did you add and is it much effort to add?

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        The newer Edifiers have a better remote and a sub out port (3.5mm jack). I got the the R1700BTs connected to a Pioneer powered sub that I got cheap off facebook marketplace. Basically any subwoofer will do but it has to be a powered subwoofer to avoid needing a seperate amplifier. Try to find ones that were designed for a home entertainment sound system. With the volume I set my TV to aux out only and use the TV remote to control the volume so I never have to use the Edifier remote. The sub makes a huge difference for movies and such. The sub is connected to the Edifier main speaker via a 3.5mm to RCA adapter. I've dialed in the bass and treble to suit most things I'm watching so never really have to play with it often. I do think I created a great 2.1 system on a budget. The Edifiers provide great sound clarity and the subwoofer provides the clear thump you want for movies.

        I forgot to mention in my original comment, I had to always turn on the clear voice on the Yamaha to hear voices clearly. But that had a detrimental effect for movies as there wasn't enough lows and mids to compensate for the excessive highs. So when watching movies the sound profile suited more for a TV show. Also the subwoofer is underpowered for a really immersive movie experience and if you increased the bass you also increase the lows on the soundbar which muffles sound clarity from from the soundbar.

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