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"Tenders Dipping Feast" $25.95 @ KFC


New deal starting today at KFC "TENDERS DIPPING FEAST"

Includes: 16x Original Tenders, 1x Share Pack Chips, 1x Gravy, 4x Dipping Sauces.

Limited Time Only!

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    Tenders are shit, would rather the $10 for 10 wicked wings at the moment

    • +19

      tenders are the best thing on the menu imo

    • +2

      10 for $10 wicked wings ended yesterday. However you can get 10 for $10.95 in the "chicken" section of the app

    • +7

      This deal would have been good in 2010 when tenders were twice the size

      • +5

        Ah the old Crispy Strips. How I miss thee!

    • Had the $10 for 10 wicked wings and 10 nuggets deal a few times, the wicked wings really aren't much better, if at all. Often get wings that are small af and have a foul taste.

    • +1

      Sorry bro, tenders are the best thing KFC offer hands down.. just wish they still did the grilled ones to change things up

    • Judging by the downvotes there's lots of NEETS on OzB that get salty when people say mean things about their precious tendies.

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    Should be 19.95 imo

    • Agreed

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      That'd be the perfect amount for the survey large chips and drink too ($19.95 or more).

  • This is an ad

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      Not an even good ad.

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        Agreed, prices work out a fair bit cheaper via build a bucket, and you get way more sauces.

        Plus the extra tenders you could always freeze and reheat later.

        • This

        • +1

          put in fridge for a few days, yes
          freeze?? you craze, dawg

        • please point it out because I can't make it cheaper in the app.

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            @colaman: So this deal is $25.95 for the above. For the sake of comparison, lets double it, so $51.90 for 32 tenders, two share packs of chips, two gravy, and 8 sauces.

            If you add all these via build a bucket, you can do 3x 12 tenders with 15 sauces @ for $38.85 ($12.95 per 12), 2x Large Chips + 2x Potato and Gravy for $9.95. Add those and it's $48.80 total, and you get an extra 4 tenders and 7 more sauces.

            So save a few dollars, get a decent amount more.

            • @mangobango: And don't forget the survey for free 1.25L drink + large chips (as the spend is $19.95+).

              • @MiscOzB: Yep that too, only downside of doing build a bucket is you don't get receipts for the surveys :(

            • @mangobango: oh, so you say buy 2. Good thinking 99. Then yes I can see how this works out cheaper but yes that is also a lot of chicken.

              • @colaman: Yeah it's a lot for sure, hence why it's good to freeze some of it and then just pop in the air fryer when you feel like having it.

  • -2

    $26 is a complete rip. The tenders should be $1 each and you're paying $10 for some chips and few dips.

    $20 would be a deal for this.

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