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Mountain Culture 'Status Quo' Pale Ale (16x355ml Cans) - $65 + $9.95 Delivery (Free over $150) @ Craft Cartel


A bunch of Mountain Culture beers on hefty sale, widely regarded as the best brewery in the country. BB June 2022, dispatch date is 9 December so should all be delivered before Xmas. I've stocked up for Xmas day, stock levels seem to be pretty good.

'Hill People' Milk Oat Cream NEIPA 500ml x 16 - $129 down from $160
'Be Kind Rewind' DDH IPA 500ml x 16 - $129 down from $160
'Scenic Route' Session IPA 355ml x 16 - $59 down from $80
'Status Quo' Pale Ale 355ml x 16 - $65 down from $90
'Cult' IPA 355ml x 16 - $69 down from $100

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  • +8

    Can't wait for people who will happily swill Rivet to comment on how expensive these are. Excellent beers.

    • +2

      We agree @pdtmathieson - best in the country and fresh canned this week!!

  • +2

    I wish there was a mixed case so I can try a selection!

    Trying to decide if I want to pick up 'Status Quo' or 'Cult'. What's your recommendations?

    • One of each won't go to waste! Just saying … ;)

    • I'd go for Cult, delicious juicy IPA.

      Where are you located? Wanna split?

      • Thanks for the suggestion :)

        Sydney unfortunately

        • Where abouts? I'm happy to split.

  • +1

    Wow. Just as I was thinking I shouldn't be buying anymore beers.

    • +1

      Too much beer?? No such thing!! :)

      • +1

        I have like 30 cases of beer in my garage (and 3 door fridge).

        But still purchased 2 cases of the pale ale.

        • +5

          What's your address?

        • Yeah not something you want to advertise on the Interwebz

  • +2

    Hill People is the best beer I've ever tasted. Had it a couple of weeks ago. They go for $12 a can from the brewery. Fantastic price.

    • Glad we can float your boat @Frukoz!

    • Equal first with Dainton's Super Trooper for me!

      • +1

        Will have to check it out! Cheers.

        • both amazing.
          SuperTrooper is a BIG beer (10%) and I generally don't do more than 2. They've hidden it very well though. Slightly different style, one Imperial NEIPA and one Oat Cream. Both solid mouthfeel and I'm guessing the Dainton has a slightly higher IBU and no lactose (as far as I'm aware).

  • +2

    Some of the best beer and definitely the most consistent craft brewery I've tried.
    Hill People is top 3, possibly top 1 best beer I've ever had.
    Be Kind Rewind and Cult are probably both in my top 10.
    Their strength is definitely in IPA, especially oat cream IPA for me. So you can't really go wrong with what is on offer in this sale.

  • Do love craft beer and beer craftsmen.
    Spoilt for choice here in SEQ corner.

    What happens if I sign up with Henchman?

    • When I signed up I got sent the $50 voucher immediately, and I think I also got the code for the month which is $30 off

      • Yep. Sign up for more epic value!

      • Can only use one voucher at a time though

  • +7

    Great beer, but be careful ordering from these guys. I just had a horrible customer service experience with this lot which has led me to boycott them.

    Gave them a quick Google and found this too: https://www.beercartel.com.au/blog/craft-cartel-vs-beer-cart...

    • I've had the opposite to be honest. Very impressed with how they handled an issue I had earlier this year.

      • Glad to hear @chriso1 - Sometimes things don't always go to plan but we do our best to fix anything that goes wrong. Appreciate your support.

    • Thanks for the message @frasern2011 - we hate to hear of bad experiences. If you could email [email protected] and we'd be happy to see what went wrong.

      We have seen that article, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. We focus on finding cracking offers for our punters. Hopefully we can find something to win you back.


    • So Beer Cartel think they have exclusive rights to cartel ?

      LOL at least they had the brains not to take it to court as they would have lost :)

      How about DrunkyCartel to rock the boat hehe :)

  • +3

    Hopped off Stone and Wood and into Mountain Culture.
    Status Quo is a smashing brew!!
    Thanks for the deal guys.

    • +1

      Glad we could tickle your fancy @bomber

  • +1

    Amazing brewery pumping out consistent beers.. particularly their hazies. Ordered Cult. Thanks for posting OP.

    • +1

      Glad we could tickle your fancy @irdonn

  • +1

    Maybe it's a glitch in the matrix but my order from last week's deal is still stuck in the 'processing' stage, so maybe don't get your hopes up too high to receive your beers within a week…

    • Thanks for your message @humptydumpty - all our happy hour sales are pre orders. Each product has the dispatch date on the product for ease of reference. Feel free to email us though if you have an order that you think should be to you already as we hate to hear of punters going thirsty!

      • Aha, I see! A trap for young players, one could say. Thanks for your quick response and explanation. :-)

  • +3

    Wow I literally had a Mountain Culture online haul delivered today. FML

    Although they were Batch Releases not on sale here. Also they aren't 6 month old IPAs which isn't ideal.

    MC are arguably the best brewery in Aus at the moment in my opinion ( as are Garage Project ( even though they are NZ ).

    Awesome beers.

    • You can never have too many MC beer @Whomastadon :)

    • @Craft Cartel Liquor said above that these were all freshly canned this week?

  • Hey Craft Cartel Liquor, I'm looking into the subscriptions but is there a minimum term to them?
    I want to try the MC Hill People and I'll stick around if it becomes a favourite but on the other hand don't want to be in a subscription if it isn't up my ally.

    • I just signed up and was able to use the $50 voucher, but can't see a way to cancel subscription. I'll check again tomorrow but I'm guessing that there is some sneaky minimum time in small print (or they make it hard to cancel on purpose). You can only use one voucher at a time as well.

      • https://craftcartel.com.au/new-members-only-offers/ states 8 weeks, but not clear if that only applies to the ones where they send you beer or it also means the Henchman

        • Nah there's no minimum, you just send them an email and they get back to you pretty quickly.

          I found them to be awesome to deal with, and only cancelled due to the stupidly slow postage system at the moment.

          • @depecid: So the discounts could be applied to the MC order and then I could cancel if I didn't need anymore beers?

            • +1

              @kuwahshi: Sorry mate missed your post, yeah you can easily do that.

  • Cult IPA for $69, bargain.

  • +1

    Craft Cartel I'm trying to also buy this pack with my new membership: https://craftcartel.com.au/product/limited-release-selection... but it's not giving me the membership discount? It does say that it should be "$75.56 Member" on the page, but not at checkout. Could you please have a look at this?

  • Ordered the Status Quo' Pale Ale and Cult IPA. Thanks OP

  • +1

    @algy - could you please email the team; [email protected] with your membership details and the team will deal directly with you on this.


  • +1

    What is the packaging date for the Status Quo Pale?

  • I was having a look at the mountain culture recently and I am glad I found this. Brewistmas sorted :)

  • Signed up with Henchman to get the Cult and now it's Out Of Stock 🤦‍♂️

    • Are you sure about that? I can add to cart

      • Looks like it's now back in stock. Which is unfortunate, because I already ordered the Session IPA instead 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        • +1

          They seem like the kinda crew that would let you change the order, especially given it doesn't ship for 9 days. Give them a call or email I reckon, may as well get what you're really after if you can.

          • +2

            @tdth99: Yep, emailed them last night and they were happy to swap. Just had to pay the extra $10. Happy days!

  • Signed up with Henchman and used the $50 bonus voucher. When can I receive the monthly $25 one?

    • When I go to My Account on the website there is a voucher in there

    • +1

      If you go to https://craftcartel.com.au/my-account/ it should be in the blue box on the page…

      I'd love if they considered stacking coupons, so if i didn't use a month I could stack two the month after (especially given free delivery is >$75.), but I understand why that might not work from a business perspective.

      • Thank you & ilvli.

  • +1

    This is a fantastic beer, but can we all agree that a case is not 16 beers?

    • Joke is getting old. A craft beer case has been 16 beers for about 10yeara now, love it or leave it. Some companies make 24 beer cases but this is the standard.

  • The perpetual question @enricosanchez! On the one hand we hear ya, on the other hand, more and more breweries are packaging their beers this way. What to do?!?! :)

  • Hi Op, was browsing through the website and I am interested in the henchman 2.0 membership. If I join this membership today, any chance I can geta refund for $50 in lieu of the voucher. Or can I use the $50 voucher and stack it with the monthly $30 henchman voucher for my next order?

    Or will it be easier to cancel my order and do it all over again?

  • I just signed up to Henchman membership but when i add the beers to my cart there's no 10% off.. anyone know how to activate this?

  • +2

    Skeptical of all the positive reviews, so bought all 3 to test.

    • Haha

  • With all the positive reviews had to try these OP! Grabbed the Status Quo and Cult, cant wait!!

    • You won't be disappointed!

  • When will these be sent, does anyone know?

    • +1

      "dispatch date is 9 December so should all be delivered before Xmas"

      • Mine came today, damn delicious beers.

        • indeed, bloody delicious. Mine came a few days ago.

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