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10% off Event Cinema, Village Cinema, The Iconic, Webjet & Luxury Escape Gift Cards @ Woolworths


Village Cinema and Event Cinema gift cards are of course location dependent.

Limit of 10 cards per customer. Available on all denominations.

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    R there any issues buying 1k worth of gc with cash ?

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      No issues, just the machine will prompt you to enter in an ABN
      Some staff treat this as "we need to record your ID" - and they'll put in your drivers license number in (not that they can do anything with it)
      If you want to avoid this then split into 2 x 500s transactions..

      • cool, so I'll just buy $800, go out come back buy another $800. $1k is the trigger I assume?

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          Probably don't even have to leave, just go to a self serve checkout and split it across two transactions.

          • @sween64: they don't let me buy it at self checkout

            • @Frozensage: I've never had an issue buying GCs at self checkout, but I've never bought more than $200 at once.

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              @Frozensage: Self checkouts can do gift cards
              Though some stores have told their staff to direct GC transactions to manned checkouts/service desk in case gift card activation fails, maybe that's why.

              It varies from store to store for that.

              For self checkouts there used to be a "call attendant over" requirement to tell them to write down the expiry date for each gift card.

              • @cwongtech: yeah they always give me a dirty look…

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                For self checkouts there used to be a "call attendant over" requirement to tell them to write down the expiry date for each gift card.

                With gift cards and SIM cards I usually call the assistant over before I scan them, they usually take them off me, scan them, scan their employee card, enter a code or some such, and it's all done..

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    Don’t get The Iconic gift cards if you ever use cashback, they won’t stack together.

    • Oic

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    Isn't Coles doing 15% off all gift cards at the moment?

    • Coles 15% off offer expires today

    • There’s 15% off some gift cards starting tomorrow at Coles.

  • Are these only in-store? I could see they were 10% earlier in the week now when I go to buy some they're back to full price?

    • Check the catalogue. I think it’s in store only. Sorry, I’m not used to Woolworths selling gift cards online.

    • Went in store today. Was able to purchase in-store and not online.

  • Hey, just purchased the $100 gift card for Event Cinemas, and was charged $100 at checkout. Didn't realised as I have so much on my mind lately and just paid full price, went home, a'd realised later on.
    Can't really be bothered driving all the way back to woolies, is there a way to get the $10 back if I flick an email or call somewhere? Thanks for your help

    • Sure. Call Woolies. Worth a try. They might email you a $10 gift card.

  • instore only??

    • It was and is now expired.

      • Plz put title in-store next time brother :)

        • Will do. I didn’t realise Woolworths now sold gift cards online.

          • @sween64: Not sure about these retailer GC's but Woolies' type GC online they do.

            It's just nice to specify in title these are in-store coz when I see plain "@Woolworths" it would encompass both in-store and online my 2c.

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