Not a True Gamer but Interested in Testing The Waters, Looking for Advice on a Few Games for Exploration Not So Much Fighting

HI guys and gals

I love the idea of exploration/hunting games.

I do not have very great eye hand coordination and a very terrible memory so help a girl out here.

About 33 years ago I sort of tried zelda on nintendo but do not recall much, I do think there were fight scenes and I was terrible with them always getting very frustrated. I also played another game on the PC but do not recall the name, it too was a search and kill monsters game to get to different levels, again I was shit at fighting. I dabbled in simcity (I think that was the name of it) back in 1990 that was not too bad but it was more about building a city than exploring. I felt like I was learning to be a civil engineer. There was an interesting old game I came across in 1991, zero graphics and all played at the C: prompt where you went hunting for things (hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy maybe???) but it required a decent memory to get anywhere so I did not get far with that game either.

I have a decent quality gaming PC (long story) and so figured I would go on the hunt for something I can play, but there is so much out there and most are for fighting and racing which are 2 things I am not so much interested in or good at. I keep getting overwhelmed scanning through the gaming blogs and such.

Looking for simple, interesting, possibly educational, and explorative; which is easy to play but still challenging?

Are there any out there that would suit my interests and capabilities?


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    Steam has a function that curates games for you based on what you like/dislike from watching trailers. Give that a go?

    • That one was very interesting but steam recommended a controler??? Not sure exactly what that means for me with a keyboard and mouse?

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    Love this game, no killing/fighting/guns. Alien deep water exploration

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      Great game, beautiful scenery and can be as chill as you want it to be.

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        Great soundtrack too.
        Also scary as hell in places.
        That first voyage to the Aurora o_0

    • checked it out looked cool but I think Abzu looked better, worthy of thinking about though.

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    Try Disco Elysium.

    It was just released on console so I'm probably gonna pick it up on PS4 pretty soon.

    • It's a bit to grungy for my taste visually. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    You don't need a decent gaming PC for it, but I have sunk many, many, hours in Stardew Valley.

    It is a farming style game with small fighting components, bits of exploration and I consider pretty easy to play while still presenting a fun challenge.

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      Stardew Valley is so ridiculously underpriced for what you get. Such an amazing little game. So well thought out and easy to churn 100hrs through

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        100 hours. Cute.

        I honestly cannot share how many hours I've sunk into it. It is just too embarrassing… Suffice to say there is still a one in front but I need three figures after it!

        I agree - VFM it is hands down the best $20.00 I have ever spent.

        • Oh I have done far more than 100hrs. The first 100 fly through.
          It's the one game besides Civ V that I keep coming back to for another play through.
          I have it on my tablet and PC.
          Love it.
          I just re-read your comment haha. I don't reckon I've done 1000hrs though hahaha

    • Interesting find thanks

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    It's pretty old now but still good. You have to work out how to get out of rooms by putting portals in appropriate places. Starts off quite easy but the final puzzles are a good challenge. The sequel's good too.

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      Portal is one of my favourite games ever

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      I plan on playing both games again soon with commentary on again. The commentary is interesting and worth a play through.

    • It does challenge my brain just watching the videos

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    Forager, stardew valley, graveyard keeper, dont starve, dysmantle. Look up their tags on steam for related games.

  • Plants v Zombies - Battle for Neighbourville

    Has a good solo/co-op experience with maybe 20-30hrs gameplay. Mix of fighting and exploration including completion challenges for collecting things
    Then also has online mode v other players

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    Firewatch - thank me later :)

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      Ah, just beat me to reccomending the game!

    • It's good but very short. I think I got 3.5 hours out of my play through

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        I've gone through 3 playthroughs, quite a few ways the game can unfold. I've probably explored every corner of the world, lol. The free roam mode is great too.

    • Checking it out, looks promising.

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    Firewatch is a great game, recently went on sale on Steam for a very good price.

    Simple, story-driven game that has amazing graphics and a really good sountrack. No violence or intense themes. One of my faves.

    • I was too late for the sale :(

      • Damn, it was at a pretty good price! Maybe next time. Many other potentially enjoyable games out there for you, so don't worry.

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    Outer Wilds

    • Did not find exploring space literally exciting for me, but thanks for the input

  • diablo 2 would fit your needs perfectly.

    • Yeah not much fighting nor monsters in D2…..

    • could not locate this in steam? so I googled it and read this "Diablo II is an action role-playing hack-and-slash" hack and slash what sounds like fighting to me? Or I have the wrong game.

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    I love this game so much. The exploration feels magical, just like games used to feel when you were a kid. It is very simple, all you can do is walk forward or backward and flip gravity.

    It is available on 3DS, Switch and Steam for PC, probably other places too.

    Another game you might like is the trilogy that's 999, Virtues Last Reward and Zero Escape. The puzzles are amazing and the story is mind blowing. I think I have the same tastes as you, I hate shooting games and I'm not coordinated enough for tough platformers. And what I like in games is the magic of exploration, amazing stories and interesting puzzles.

    The three games above are visual novels, so you make choices through the game and discover more about what's going on each time you reach a bad ending. They are in a separate league above any other VN though. I only picked up Virtues Last Reward because I was looking for a new game to play by looking down the Metacritic best 3DS games of all time list. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea (has violence, never played a VN before) but I tried it and it was amazing. It was just a shame that I didn't play 999 first otherwise the reveal at the end would have been much better. Definitely play them in order. 999 is available on DS and Steam, VLR and Zero Escape on 3DS and Steam. I think 999 is best played on DS or 3DS otherwise I don't think the reveal at the end would work (haven't tried it on Steam so don't know how they do it) but the others would be fine on either platform.

    Please let me know if you try it and what you think

    • puzzle like is not quite what I am looking for thanks anyways.

  • Braid
    The Long Dark

    (also being OzB, all on sale cheap on Steam right now)

    • yea, missed all the great sales! Journey looks decent what does online co-op mean and how does it work?

    • The Long Dark says full controller support, does having a controller make a difference won't keyboard and mouse be sufficient?

  • Doink

  • The Incredible Machine

  • If you're open to racing/driving games, the Forza Horizon series is pretty good. Open world, plenty of things to do, customise cars to your heart's content, etc.

    Horizon 3 was even set in Australia, though don't think you can get it anymore :(
    Horizon 5 only just recently came out, haven't played it yet but it looks quite impressive.

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    Skyrim. Large world to explore and its combat elements are relatively easy.

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      Also oblivion. I personally liked oblivion more.

      • Morrowind is better in some ways but worse in others - I hated missing when you tried to hit something. But the magic of exploration is a lot higher than skyrim or oblivion as no quest marker and no fast travel. Have to figure everything out yourself.

        • would a beginning gamer be able to learn to play these? I love the graphics and story and various options available but afraid to make a financial commitment in case I am not able to play them. Wish they had free option to test out one's ability to play before buying.

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            @Sunshines bright: Morrowind is tricky but pretty cheap. I got a copy for $10 about 5 years after release. Available for $20 digitally on GoG (comes with elder scrolls 1 & 2 as well). You could probably find it for free pretty easily in less than legal ways.

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              @Quantumcat: Thanks for reminding me, hehe. Had not thought to to there, give partner a new challenge… Find me free games!!!

            • @Quantumcat: can't figure out how to run the less than legal games, so far none work for me.

              • @Sunshines bright: You might have luck running it through dosbox. I haven't actually tried, just assuming

    • I only found this on steam The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, is that what your talking about?

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        If you have a ps3 you could get Skyrim way cheaper than that if you visit a second hand games shop.

        Also I have a boxed PC version of Oblivion that I tried to sell for ages with no takers. You would be welcome to it if you paid postage. Let me know and I'll try and find it

      • Yes. Seems the Special edition contains all the mods and other improvements to the base game since its release.

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    street fighter 2

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    • WOW this one has a free demo to try!!!! Wish they all had demos. Gonna give it a try later. THANKS!!

    • Such a beautiful, touching experience.

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    Civilization 5, Factorio, Stardew Valley, Oxygen not Included, Subnautica, Raft.
    Those are my faves on PC.

    • Civilization 5 looks complicated to play? Kinda reminds me of RISK.

      • It is complicated to start but great fun once you have it figured out. I've racked up somewhere near 1500hrs on it

    • Factorio YAY another free demo to try out, not sure I will like the game but at least I can try it first.

    • wish this had a demo Oxygen not Included, looks interesting.

    • Subnautica and it gets better, so far might be one of my favorites without trying them yet.

      • There's a sequel too called Below Zero.
        First one is amazing, definitely recommend

    • And Raft, wow I can try to get my partner to join me once I figure out how to do OnLine PVP or Co-op what ever those mean?????

      • PvP is player vs player so you're competing against each other.
        co-op is you're co-operating to achieve the goals together

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    Stanley Parable.

    Cheap, funny, no fighting, great game.

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      Great fun, super light too so most/all PCs can run it just fine. I think it only requires ~3GB or so as well.

    • Love this game. The Ultra Delux version is getting closer!

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      Got the Demo; fairly easy to maneuver for me and was interesting, played for 45 mins and did not notice the time go by. I may go on the hunt for this one.

  • Minecraft is fantastic. Infinite world's to explore and you can set it to peaceful mode so no monsters to fight

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    Fallout games, has some fighting/shooting but has a VATS system to make it super easy to fight. Best exploration game imo

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      Fallout also has god mode cheats.

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      looks good the initial 3 games is not to badly priced at steam. going to add to my wishlist!

      • Get Fallout 3, New Vegas or Fallout 4. The first 2 have aged a little bit too much and don’t play as good these days. New Vegas has awesome story and gameplay

  • Journey
    Ico/Shadow of the Colossus (playstation)

  • Abzu.
    Raft (still in development but very playable)

  • Flight simulator if you want to explore other cities while we can't fly anywhere much 🥲

  • Thanks everyone!!! When I find some free time I will take a more detailed look at all of your suggestions. I so appreciate all of you for your assistance!!!! I have so much to learn.

  • i just bought deep rock galactic for me and my cousin last night … haven't tried it yet, but looks good

  • Looks like I missed all the weekend sales since I was too busy on the day to check all of these out.

    • Next big Steam sale is probably the Christmas/New Years sale.

  • Surprised no one's mentioned No Mans Sky since the entire premise is exploration and regularly goes on sale

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    The tomb raider series is good, a small amount of combat but mostly exploration

  • Try Divinity 2: original sin. It's an RPG with a massive focus on exploration, lore, relationships, and some puzzling.

    The combat is tough but it's all turn-based, so there's no hand eye coordination or memorisation required. It's all about strategy and smart thinking.

  • My partner came across EPIC Games. So I downloaded a few from there, man are they very difficult to learn to play. I got Core, Warface, Fortnite, Genshin Impact and Valorant. Only tried Core and Warface but got nowhere in a period of time. Too many key options to learn in order to play them and they seem to be online games which is confusing as they took a long time to download. Any one with more info on epic or opinions?

    • Untitled Goose Game - Be a goose and torment everyone
      What Remains of Edith Finch - Simple puzzles with a fantastic story. Very easy to play
      Gorn Home - Walk, listen and click things
      Dear Esther - Walk and listen
      Shady Part of Me - this is a puzzle type of game. It can be tricky

      I have played and enjoyed all of these except Goose Game which I watched Filmcow play.

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