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[PC, Steam] Firewatch $7.23 (Was $19.99) @ Steam


Not the historic lowest but still good price, been waiting to buy for a while and there hasn’t been any price drop recently

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  • +13

    Around 4h of a nice story, I would buy again at this price.

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    Great game

  • +10

    Such great narrative and excellent shaded graphics. I still think about this game now and then, 3yrs later

    • +2

      Yep, me too. I really wanted those photos I took printed out.

  • Just sublime.

    Waiting a few months to jump back in and experience it again

  • +2

    Great game. I was hooked and finished it in a night

  • +2

    Always wanted to play this game after the good reviews. Went to buy it and found out i already have it lol. Probably from a humble bundle….

    Will play it this weekend. Thanks!

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    First post ever.

    This game is pretty amazing. I paid full price and it was 100% worth it.

    Great art style, great story. And it has a native linux client.

    Give the lads @Campo Santo some love :)

    • +1

      They're owned by Valve now. A few of them worked on half life alyx

  • +1

    Worth it at full price, great game. I"m just about ready for a second run through I think.

  • +1

    Very pleasant game.

  • Played through it yesterday and had a wonderful 3 hrs with the game

  • +3

    Is it that good? The gameplay looks boring AF

      • +8

        So you liked the game? :)

        • +1

          you win the internet today, well on 29/11 actually
          don't ever change :D

        • +1

          There's this thing called youtube playthroughs, and the co-founder of the company that made your shit game tried to abuse the copyright claim system there.

          What I wrote was in response to the "just sublime", "such great narrative!" comments up above. Your ingame hero is a freaking loser, a spineless doormat, you two have a lot in common.

          • @payton: haha well said…what's with all the woke snowflakes gangstalking posts that hurt their feelings? Like a downvote will effect my life in anyway but i figure most of these kids grew up having to wear helmets to participate in anything and it shows.

  • +2

    Damn, still not on sale on PlayStation, it's been over a year.

    • I was thinking that can't be right, but it turns out it's worse, hasn't been on sale for almost 2 years now:

      • +1

        I know! And I thought maybe the Developer just didn't care anymore but now this sale appears and torments me.

  • +4

    this is one of the best games ever made… if you like mindless games you won't like this game, but if your into story rich games and adventure you will like it :)

  • +3

    Also, anyone who has a VR headset may be interested to know there is a VR conversion mod which is being developed for this!


    • You can also use vorpx, i played most of the game in VR using that software

      • I had problem with shadows not matching up in left vs right lens on some games using vorpx (e.g. Far Cry Primal).

        So, assume fireworks doesn't have that kind of issue?

  • +3

    A personal favourite; looks, sounds and runs great. Played through it at least 4 times already.

    Tip: Use the camera you get in the game as much as you can; you can view them after you finish the game and download them as high-res images. You can get them printed and delivered to you too, if you're interested.

    Highly recommend, amazing game. Looking forwards to Campo Santo's next game, if it does ever get released.

  • Will wait for it to drop to $9 on the Switch

  • -1

    Dont think ..just buy it ..game is worth it ..

    • +6

      Tired of this crap division right wing vs left wing, us vs them, blah blah blah.. I'll enjoy the game while you guys get worked up on the internet.

      • -1

        Dont mind me. I'm sure your deal was useful to a good number of ppl regardless👍

  • showing today at 28.95???

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