Bing Lee Gift Card

Hello fellow bargain hunters,

How can I get Bing Lee gift card with some discounts please?
I can see various Venus for TGG and HN gift card but not finding anywhere to buy Bing Lee gift card with discount..

thank you.

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  • I have no idea but it is refreshing to see please and thank you in a request for help.

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    Unfortunately, I have never seen Bing Lee sell their gift cards at a discount on any gift card portal, so my educated guess is that discounted Bing Lee gift cards do not exist. I guess the best way to get Bing Lee gift cards at a discount is to hope that Coles Gift Mastercards are sold at a discount again in February and use them to purchase Bing Lee gift cards.

    However, Bing Lee are on Cashrewards and ShopBack, so that is something worth considering if you're purchasing something from their online store.

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      Bing Lee on eBay.

      Buy the same thing @ other stores with price match.

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    Thanks! That’s a good one .. missed out in oct

    Yea but cash backs aren’t that’s exciting with BL unfortunately, haven’t seen temp spike on that too..

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      @Neoika reminded me that Bing Lee has an eBay store too. Is that an option for you (noting that Bing Lee only sells a limited range of items on their eBay store)?

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