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10% off Coles $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards (Including Additional Applicable $5 or $7 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


Deal is on again beginning week of 20 Oct and looks like only $100 and $250 eligible. $5 and $7 fee applies per respective amount and limit of 5 per customer

Coles Mastercard Gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles.

Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW!

How to check if your card has been swapped out - The card ID MUST match the last 11 digits of the barcode.

Mod: Third-Party Gift Card Deals at Retailers - FAQ - Thanks to WookieMonster.

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  • +11

    Free money again

    • +45

      Free for hackers lol

      • Yeah exactly. I wish people would stop buying these and force Coles to fix that situation.

  • -3

    But why!? …… hope the new credit card has arrived by Tuesday……. And lockdown is over

  • +13

    Enough people must lose these to make it worthwhile

  • Finally, stock time.

    • +7

      Don’t stock them… these are getting hacked left right and Center

      • +1

        I read that story, not I don't think it's a big issue. going to use them straight away to stock other gift card.

        • Can't use these to purchase other gift cards from Coles unfortunately (as per OP) - would have been amazing if you could!

          • +4

            @namvan: I know, you can walk out coles, turn left and buy from Woolies, aldi ……….JB EB

            • @ce5himm: Didn't think of that! Just wanted to make sure you were aware :)

          • -1

            @namvan: Well, I am not aware of anyone actually trying this recently at Coles.

            I purchased Coles Gift Mastercards using Coles Gift Mastercards at the end of August, so Coles has either updated their POS system to block Coles Gift Mastercards for all gift card purchases at Coles or they’ve simply added it into the deal terms and conditions, because they don’t want people to try that.

  • +3

    These things always sell out super quick, I don't think I've every been able to get one of these deals.

    • +4

      Noone bought, staff kept for themselves I don’t understand why they did that.

      • +3

        Staff like free money too.

    • +1

      Why are these so popular?

      • +1

        Not quite sure if this is what you're asking but basically:

        Is a prepaid MasterCard card. So you can use it anywhere. I'm imagining there is a long expiry date. Most people would spend $250 at say Coles for example over a period of a month or so.

        The idea here is it's pretty well free money. As in if you have extra money now, you can buy the $100 card for $95 (saving $5) or the $250 card for $232 (saving $18).

        If it wasn't for the issue re: cards being used by others online, it'd probably be useful for Christmas shopping, as I tend to spend a fair amount of money around that time. People are saying you might even be able to buy gift cards from other shops (i.e dan Murphys, amazon, Google Play, big W). Many of them have no expiration date. So if you're able to do that, and don't loose the cards, you're essentially getting 5% off (for the $100 card) or 9% off (for the $250) wherever you want to shop. Assuming no card processing fees.

      • Because you're swapping cash for a card to get a free $5. e.g. I'm going to drive to the supermarket sometime anyway. So Coles may as put $5 toward my petrol.

        I'm not buying them again though until Coles fixes the thieving issue.

    • +5

      In my area in Sydney these sort of deals get mostly nabbed by students and keen chinese shoppers. Not being prejudice just my observation, i dont even bother trying anymore, usually gone within minutes of store opening. My only gripe is i wish the buyers here were less greedy, they buy so many.

      • -4

        how do you know they're chinese? you got racist eyes? did you ask them their nationality? checked their passport?

        • -1

          june 4 1989 tiananmen square

        • +6

          Don't even need to ask. As a Chinese, I Know how greedy chinese people are. I am not saying all chinese are greedy, I am just saying the chance of being greedy is much higher if you are chinese.

        • +7

          There is always someone looking to take offence and make excuses. How do i know? Because i lived in VERY highly populated chinese demographic for over 10 years and everything that goes along with it, recognize language, people, not to mention know and work with many aussie born chinese and those with PR (great people, and funnily enough, they observe and remark exactly the same… guess they got racist eyes).

        • +2

          Are you implying Chinese people don't look Chinese?

          • +1

            @mett139: how do you tell if white people are german or french? or irish or scottish?

            • +1

              @8horse: Are you trying to argue that all Asian people look the same?

      • Don't apologise. I used to, until I realised I was appeasing the very few miserable whiners in our society who desperately need to police everything we do and say… people who are so messed up, anti-science, anti-reality, etc that they need to make everyone else as miserable as them.

      • Same here early 20s in production line of grab all from all shelves hide in closed check out snacks bay

        Then back and forward r4 at a time while one activates all in car park

    • I wouldn't count on getting any

      In my store in Glen eira saw 2 guys hide dozens in front of me I obviously took one from the hiding space for myself

      In the time I left store they're in and out 5 times to buy 4 more out the front activating dozens in hand

    • Amazing how fast the Ozb crew works. Went to my local Coles at lunch to pickup a $100 card for a Bday next fortnight, it was totally cleared out.

  • +77
    • +9

      Thank you for sharing this. I was puzzled to find a small Google charge on my card transaction which I was very sure I did not make.

      Can we pin this comment or can OP please include this warning so that everyone is aware of the risk before making a purchase.

      • That could be just authentication charge v.s. people using your card to buy 10USD credit.

      • +2

        someone has added your card to google. google has done a temporary authorisation to verify the card. it will remain pending for 2 weeks before disappearing. but yeah, spend the remaining balance on the card before it gets spent for you

    • +5

      Yes, please be warned people.

      Coles even gave some of us a call promising to refund into our bank accounts the lost money within 5 business days, getting our bank details and all. I can confirm that it hasn’t happened since I got my call over a week ago.

      • +5

        As of today I am still waiting for $175 of hacked money for refund. Emailed Coles again last week they again said it is under process. They did not give a definitive deadline. I think if we do not chase they will just keep the money. Please only buy it for near immediate spending. Otherwise, don’t think that “this will not happen to me” because you don’t have the control to stop the hacker from randomly guessing the card no. Also note many online retailers do not accept this card. Cashrewards, Suncorp benefits, Rewards Gateway etc.

    • +2


      Don't forget about this scam as well.

      • +1

        I just don't understand what's wrong with ppl. I have made detailed post about how to check your cardID and how to block it in case it got swapped yet this guy still didn't do it?

        If you complained to Coles the high chance is that they refunded you and the scammer got away with the money inside. I really doubt that the store will do anything or by the time they really do anything all the fund inside has been used.


        I have told Coles about the flaw in the current packaging design but it just fell on deaf ear. Only1Visa used to use a secured package like Vanilla GC but now also changed to similar package as Coles MC. I told them to have a look at Vanilla GC packaging. It has the most secured design that I can see.

    • -1

      I wish hundreds of people would send that link to Coles until they fix it. Funny how I'm not hearing the same about WW. So obviously it's an easy fix.

  • Do you earn Flybuys points when buying these cards?

    • +4

      Yeah but it fks with your flybuys weekly bonuses points system. After buying a 100 dollars mastercard prepaid last round, my flybuys bonus went from 2k for 60 dollars spend to 2k for 160 dollars spend. Not worth it

      • Buy the gift cards and still get your 2k. Then wait a few weeks (use another Flybuys card) or shop at woolies for the time being.

  • They had new T&C in bold. You can't use this card to buy any other gift cards sold in Coles.

    • +2

      buy from woolies then

      • YMMV - I tried to purchase an eBay card from Woolies a moment ago and they wouldn't accept the prepaid MC :C

        EDIT: This was in store. See comment below as I also tried online.

        • The system don't accept or the staff?

          You did not tell them what you are using,right?

    • Is is enforced by their eftpos machines?

      • Not previously but haven't tried since.

      • Guess you will find out on Wednesday.

    • +2

      I wonder whether they’re saying that to scare people off from doing that, or they’ve actually updated their POS system to enforce this…

      It worked for me at the end of August.

      • -1

        If it helps, just a couple hours ago I used the multiple $250 cards I purchased from 1 or 2 deals ago, to purchase current Apple GC deal from Coles (30x FB pts) using the variable cards ($20-$500) to load $250 in each Apple GC, and the system still approved it no hitch.

        So 1x $250 Coles GC to pay for 1x $250 loaded Apple GC, to the maximum number of cards permitted to earn the 30x FB pts which is 5x cards. That may not mean it will work again in the future but the current circumstance it still works.

        If I can find some $250 in this upcoming deal i’ll prolly still purchase 1 or 2 and then will go to Woolies right away to purchase the MYER GC bonus value promo, ready for the next LEGO deals MYER throws out next time.

        • That’s handy to know, and I figured they were only adding that clause in the deal to scare people away from doing that. We’ll see whether they make a stealthy update to the POS system tonight…

        • to purchase the MYER GC bonus, ready for the next LEGO deals

          as far as i know you dont get Bricks (if that's what you mean by LEGO) for buying anything other than groceries (or eligible product) (EVEN magazines etc have stopped being in that list, so you know GIFT CARD IS WAY WAY FAR FROM that)

        • This doesn't work. I just had an email confirmation back from Customer service agent, confirming this, after I tried to do that!

  • +24

    You guys did hear about the hack.

    Heaps of cards have been emptied from hackers


    Negging to warn buyers

    • +1

      in that case, i will use them stright away to buy other giftcards (from woolies/aldi/post office/jb/eb etc.) still a good deal

    • +11

      Bought two cards to gift to nephews and both cards have been hacked with the balance drained.

      • Is this recent?

        • Last month?

    • +1

      "heaps" may be confirmation bias. I'm sure they sold way more than complaints here, as I've checked over 15 cards with nothing happening to them. Not sure the mode of attack.

    • i discovered a google temporary authorisation on one of my cards. luckily i was able to empty the card before the hackers did.

      • When was the temporary authorisation done?

        • in the early hours of oct 1

          • @mtg: Yeah, by the reports on OZB the attacks are between 27/9 and 2/10.
            Not sure if the hackers stopped or Indue or Google did something to stop them.
            If it was the first option they may start again any time. Especially now with this special activating a large number of cards and making it easier for them.

            • +1

              @Mad Max: Funny things is most of ppl complained Coles but noone has complained about Google that doing the shit job that allow this fraud to happen.

              Google even replied to ppl that there is nothing wrong about the transactions when it is clearly that all the fraudulent transactions from this hack is through Google.

              So Google has done a shit job of their payment system and Coles is coping the backlash. I suspect this maybe through some kind of in-app purchase transactions. They made some fake app and charge the compromised card through it. How did Google payment system let the charge go through without CVV number is shocking.

  • +19

    Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/654897

    I am not buying any, not worth the risk!

    • Yup! The risk/reward is not worth it for now.

  • +6

    Gonna pass as well… potentially too much hassle to deal with!

  • Couldn't find any at a couple stores a couple days ago when this was rumoured. Probably sold out with the 10% zip promo. Might not restock in time.

  • +11

    Also negging based on the hacks
    Don’t want ozbargainers to lose money

    • +1

      Just use it straightaway to buy another gift card if you are worried. For instance, Wollies ;)

      • +1

        This is one of the best advice and people negs. Use them to buy giftcards on sale @ Woolies in the same week, or straight to physical Wish card!

        • +1

          Maybe people negged because they saw in the deal terms and conditions state that you cannot use a Coles Gift Mastercard to purchase any other gift cards, so they take it to mean that you cannot purchase any gift cards anywhere using this card.

          Personally, I think the suggestion from @bob19 makes sense, as gift card purchases are not listed as a prohibited transaction on Coles’ website or in the Conditions of Use.

          • +2

            @WookieMonster: You obviously can't use them at Coles though: "Coles MasterCard Gifts-cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles"

            • +2

              @King Tightarse: D’oh! I missed the “at Coles” part. I think I need glasses… and coffee.

              • @WookieMonster: Can be used to purchase gift-cards at other retailers though. Kmart, Woollies etc. I think Coles just added that to stop gift card 'inception' while the special is on

                • @King Tightarse: Very true… you could always get an EFTPOS gift card at Woolworths, Officeworks, etc to continue the gift card inception (for a small fee).

                  • @WookieMonster: Wait a second
                    Are you saying it's possible to get this deal then go buy an EFTPOS gift card from say Woolies then go back to Coles with that new gift card to purchase another one of these card deals and keep on doing repeatedly?!?!?!?🤣🤣🤣

                    • @TheManInDemand: I should clarify and state it may be possible.

                      I know you can use Coles Gift Mastercards to pay for The Perfect EFTPOS gift cards at Woolworths, because I've done that in the last month or two.

                      The unknown factor is whether you can use EFTPOS gift cards to pay for any gift cards at Coles…

            • +1

              @King Tightarse: They may state that but it doesn't appear to have been confirmed yet. The machines/software may not necessarily have been updated since that's presumably harder than just changing the gift card packaging.

              • @the splingee: Yes, it may be still technically possible at self-checkout but the staff will most likely deny you if you say wanted to buy five and then split the payments at a manned checkout which was previously possible (inception)

  • +18

    Hey all, I’ve created a new Wiki page that address a lot of the questions you may have regarding third-party gift card deals at Coles (including this one)!

  • +5

    I don't think they fixed the stuffed up security on these cards and they now want to sell thousands of them again???
    It is free money, but for the hackers!!!

  • +1

    How many people are starting “hiding” these cards now lol.

    • +1

      not anymore since the hacking issue, lot of people have their cards compromised

  • +1

    I don’t believe any store in Sydney eastern area will have $250s. Don’t bother.

    • Nice try. There is a guy on AFF reporting plenty in the Manly area.

      • Manly isn't eastern area, that's North Shore.

  • +7

    Negging to warn; these have been. hacked. They are not secure

    • Just use it straightaway to buy another gift card if you are worried. For instance, Wollies ;)

  • +1

    I believe there will be still some warriors crazy for this card regardless system compromise warning.
    Well…Congratulations the warriors: You dont have to hide these cards behind the freezer on Tuesday this time!!!!!!!!!

  • Can these be used to pay the ATO?

    • -1

      No but ATO might come after you given these get hacked often :)

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