This was posted 3 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Coles $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards (Including Additional Applicable $5 or $7 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


Deal is on again beginning week of 20 Oct and looks like only $100 and $250 eligible. $5 and $7 fee applies per respective amount and limit of 5 per customer

Coles Mastercard Gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles.

Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW!

How to check if your card has been swapped out - The card ID MUST match the last 11 digits of the barcode.

Mod: Third-Party Gift Card Deals at Retailers - FAQ - Thanks to WookieMonster.

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            @WookieMonster: I strongly believe the second answer is the right one as i entered the card details manually and it still didn’t work

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            @WookieMonster: When i swiped the card, it instantly said error.
            Then it gave me option to enter the card details and expiry date.

            Once I entered these details it gave me error message again

            • @Ozpe1903: Oh wow, I actually thought Coles would never allow that to happen!

              That’s actually quite concerning, because that could actually enable fraudulent “card not present” transactions to occur at Coles…

            • @Ozpe1903: Was that at self or manned checkout? Or did you say you would pay by card/eftpos?

              • @F1ProjectOne: If they tried to pay via Gift Card, the POS system should only allow them to scan a gift card barcode (and that is only present on gift cards issued by Coles Group Ltd). The system usually doesn’t allow you to swipe a gift card if you select Gift Card.

            • @Ozpe1903: Heya. Did you select card and then swipe or gift card?
              I didn't know that the terminal allows you to manually key in a normal card.
              As per WookieMonster comment, that's very concerning

              • @snorkey: Will try again in 3 mins

                • @Ozpe1903: Wow. Thanks

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                    @snorkey: All good. It

                    There are 3 more cards.I really want to buy them one by one but I feel like they’re watching me you and I’m not doing anything wrong

                    • @Ozpe1903: Sweet. Thanks for going back and trying.
                      My local hasn't restocked since Friday. I'll try a bigger Coles tomorrow mid morning.

                    • @Ozpe1903: They do that, be brave. One time the operator at the self checkout had a male colleague stand nest to her the whole time I was purchasing these cards. I am in my 60's and was more than polite. As soon as I left he did also.

                  • @snorkey: I went to get the second one. This time
                    I used normal check out, and I didn’t work

                    • @Ozpe1903: Haha. Confusing system.
                      Guess I won't go to the bigger Coles tmr after all.

                      • @snorkey: I think restocking is really random. We have two Coles near us,about 2km apart. The small Coles still got stock for $250 cards on Wed afternoon and restocked on Sat. The big Coles didn't run out of $250 till Wed night but didn't get restock. And I didn't bother to go again yesterday and today. I won't bother tomorrow too.

                        • @apple0604: Thanks

                          • @snorkey: You are welcome. I mean you can drive around if you have time. I have to work and find it very time confusing. Yes I would like to buy more but I couldn't be bothered too much if it takes couple of hours a day and no guarantee there is any available and staff would let me buy them.

                            I didn't bother with $100 cards this time. Much prefer $250 cards, less transactions.

            • @Ozpe1903: Wait how did you get to the point where the system ask you to manually key in card numbers / expiry?

              • @truetypezk: This time as soon as it said error after swiping my card, i decided to pay with my card as the cashier was the same
                In the morning…… and she was giving me unhappy face….

                So once again, in selfcheck out the card worked but in normal check out my card did not work

  • Anyone tried linking these cards to PayPal and use PayPal to pay AGL? I am having problems, ie failed payment then funds on hold.

    • Haven't tried recently, but they've worked fine in the past. My normal way of paying AGL bills for the last couple of years.

      • I didn't have problems last time, around June and July. Happened last week a few times already although some payments gone through. I couldn't figure it out if it was PayPal or AGL who rejected the payment.

        • I just used one of the cards fine last night and tonight.

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            @Trance N Dance: I had problems on 21 Oct 21. Then I tried again on 28 Oct all payments were successful. However, one of the payments I made on 21 Oct failed and funds was on hold till today. I rang Coles Financial Services and was told merchant PayPal had the funds on hold till 5 Nov. Funds will be released back to my card after 5 Nov. I asked why and they told me to contact PayPal. I didn't bother and decided to wait till after 5 Nov 21.

    • Just use the card directly.

    • They definitely works with Paypal and the exact merchant should not matter.

      • I also thought so. Will try to see if it works tomorrow.

  • No it was too much attention drawing . I just paid with my savings card. It was the same register that didn’t work in the morning

  • I have swapped one of the mastercard with Coles Fuel card at self-checkout without any issue.

  • +1

    Heaps of $250s at Tooronga Village. All the pegs at the registers full. 200+ cards

    • Wow, sounds like just re-stocked! Shame Tooronga is too far from me.

      Was lucky enough to get 2x $250 from service counter today- just paid bills and health insurance!

    • Went there to do my shopping, only 50's now.

  • Toombul QLD have had heaps for past 6 days and at least 20 BOXES on display still.

    You have to get them at the service counter none on stand.

  • Looks like my luck has ran out, I've finally come across one of my cards that has not been activated.

    I assume its because a staff member told me i could only purchase 4 and removed 1, i assume she removed the one that was already scanned and left me with an unscanned card.

    Or I've had the card swapped out of my packaging which was scanned (unlikely)

    Or a team member has possibily scanned the same card twice and forgot to scan this one.

    I'm not going to lie, I've visited a few stores within the last 24 hours, does anyone have any advice how I can find out where this has happened.

    Im thinking of just biting the bullet and letting this $250 go considering the time it will take to chase this up when I could be buying more cards instead.


    • I don't think it is possible to double scan a card in a single transaction, so it is likely to happen in a situation where you have put them through in more than 1 transactions and the cashier has rescanned a card in a subsequent transaction. That should help you narrow it down a little.

      I am just curious, if a card fails to activate, an alert will pop up straightaway telling the cashier to refund the customer. How could you/the cashier miss that?

      • You'd think so and it wouldn't work.

        Just an hour ago I watched a staff member charge another staff member for the card that she had just purchased 60 seconds prior, she thought they were all the same barcode. It approved the transaction and then failed the activated so the staff member was left with 0 in their balance.

        • No reloading an activated card will result in a failed activation error. It will not empty the card. The card still retains its current value and will require a manual refund which usually requires a supervisor intervention. Alternatively, the cashier can activate the correct card via cash payment.

          Do not give the activation failed card to the cashier unless you are absolutely sure it has no value.

    • EDIT: I've just looked over my receipts for the last couple of days and noticed I was charged for two cards with the same last 3 ID numbers. Doubt it would be a coincidence, I'll contact the store tomorrow.

      • What are their status on the receipts? If they are both shown as activated, then they must be different cards with identical last 3 digits.

      • +2

        Actually if the cashier has not noticed anything unusual while processing your cards, the most likely situation is that she removed a scanned card from your 5 cards and gave you an unscanned one instead.

        To confirm that, you need to go through all your receipts, match the 3 digits on your receipts with your cards, there should be an unmatched pair.

        Take that receipt and card back to the store, ask them if anyone else had an activation failure error after you have left while trying to purchase a card. Assuming the cashier did not try to trick you intentionally, that card should have been put back on the stand and will definitely trigger an activation error when being purchased by another customer.

        • Same 3 digits, card was scanned twice and both activated. They are refunding to my bank account the purchase price

          • @MrrMagic: What a load of nonsense, the same card CAN'T be scanned twice on the same transaction, if the same card is scanned twice on 2 transactions, the 2nd transaction will have "Activation Failed" error. You clearly don't know how things work and don't say the whole truth about your story.

            The receipt only show the last 3 digit of the barcode and if both are activated successfully then it is from 2 different card that happened to have the same last 3 digit.

            • @samehada: The fact that every card I have matches my receipts execpt this double up, its pretty clear. Obviously it's possible or they wouldn't be processing a refund.

              I'm not sure what other truth you think I want to hide? Lol

              • @MrrMagic: I can clearly tell you it is bullshit. They refunded you because they are stupid and most likely they just do it as goodwill, it is the Coles shop that mixed up need to refund you. If they check in their computer they can clearly see the full barcode number of these 2 receipts and it won’t be the same number. Coles should have started to print the full number on the receipt like WW did instead of just the last 3 digit.

                The same card number can NOT be activated twice and there is NO exception.

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                  @samehada: You are absolutely right. I think og is more likely that he is lucky that Coles staff was nice by giving refund as good will. The same CAN'T be scanned twice in the same transaction. And the same can't be activated twice. It would show an error message the second time.

                  So not sure what happened to Mrrmagic. Maybe magic. lol

                • @samehada: Yea I guess that's fair but if that was the case wouldn't I have two cards with the same ID?

                  • @MrrMagic: you surely should have these 2 cards and one of them must be the missing one, it is likely the one got kept by the shop instead of the unactivated one.

                    • +1

                      @samehada: The store isn't refunding, the team from the card support were doing it.

                      You'd assume they know what they are talking about considering they said this happens all the time.

                      I'm not missing any cards, I have the exact amount that I have purchased, I have the correct cards in relation to the packaging and receipt except I have one receipt with the same card ID twice and I have a random card which was never activated. I don't think it gets anymore clear cut than that.
                      By the messages I'm getting asking for assistance with similar issues I assume I am not alone.

                      As for scanning an activated card, it's 100% possible as it happened right in front of me with a coles duty manager as they wanted to copy my process.

                      She purchased her first card, used that to buy her second card, as she was opening her second card the cashier scanned that opened packaging thinking it was the same Barcode. She then paid 18.70 from her first card and then paid the remaining from the second card (paying for the card she is buying) the transactions were approved and the funds were deducted from both cards but the card obviously failed to activate.

                      They had no idea how to resolve I told her to contact the number on the cards, I'll ask her how it's going when I'm down there next.

                      Her receipts clearly showed the last 4 digits of the payment card matching ID on the card she was buying.

                      Obviously this isn't meant to happen and I assume no error appeared on the screen as she scanned the card almost instantly after buying it, maybe it didn't activate in time.

                      • @MrrMagic: The situation with the duty manager you have described is the intended behaviour. When she paid for the 2nd card with the 2nd card itself, the system is attempting to activate the same card (2nd card) twice and resulting in an activation failure, which is the right outcome.

                        I am pretty sure what happened to you is that the cashier has scanned 2 cards with the same last 3 digits, and gave you an unscanned card after telling you the limit is 4 instead of 5. Assuming this was unintentional, the cashier took out the wrong card.

                        The only way to avoid this is to thoroughly check your receipts immediately after purchase.

                        • @truetypezk: Yea I'm aware of them, I'm just stating it for the people who claim it won't even let them scan the card. In this case it even accepted payment.

                          As for the receipt with the double scanned ID, this was a different store to the one who took away the spare card.

                          Once again………. even the customer service claim this happens all the time.

                          Still not sure what everyone Is finding hard to believe or even why they think someone would make lies regarding this crap. Lol

    • +3

      Btw when I buy these cards, I will do the following checks:
      1. Check flybuys card has been scanned for all receipts. (optional if you don't have a dedicated burner fb account)
      2. Check all cards status shown as "activated" on the receipts.
      3. Open all cards, cross-check receipt last 3 digits - barcode last 3 digits - card last 3 digits, and look for signs of suspicious glue traces. If there is any, empty the card immediately.

  • +1

    I stumbled upon some hidden cards at my local and was able to pay for them individually at self serve using cards from last week :)
    Ended up with more than the 7.48% discount.

    • Good for you.

    • -1

      Sure it wasn't you that hid them before? ;)

      • -1

        Of course not. Didn't hide any. Maybe U should have. :)

  • Lots of $250 and $100 cards are Noarlunga SA Coles. Either there's more stock than previous times, or the demand wasn't there this time.

    The good news is these cards have 8 digits that change, up from 6 before. That increases the number of combinations by 100x, so thieves will have a much harder time brute forcing card numbers than before.

    • -3

      My zone been dry mostly for 3 days but I'll give this a positive vote after doing my last batch just now .
      Tks OP one of the deal of the year besides the last one hehe :)

    • +5

      still nothing is better than block all transactions that doesn't pass through CVV.

  • All my locals were restocked lots of $50 and $100 cards. Didn't bother

    • After visiting many stores during the afternoon/evening of the last day, I found only ONE store that had multiple $250s, most had plenty of $50s and many had $100s.

      Prior to finding this store, I had purchased from a different store the only available $250 GC they had, which was the first time that I had purchased using a $250 GC (as others had done previously).

      I was able to buy two further $250 GC at the "good" store until they refused to sell me any more as they were enforcing a "local?" rule of only allowing ONE transaction per customer (but I got two transactions by going to two different people, the 3rd transaction was denied) …. They didn't care about 5 cards per customer as the catalog says, so a bunch of $250s were left at the store. They also insisted that they weren't allowed to let people pay for GCs using another one; although that is exactly what I did.

      So, this time around, I now have cards as follows: 3x $18.70 + 1x $250

      • +1

        Probably the only reason that store still had stock on the last day is because they were enforcing the 'no inception' rule.

  • I might have found another good way to use these.
    - pay in to a
    - no fees to fill up account (I only did it once)
    - draw back to bank? (I didn't try this).


      • draw back to bank? (I didn't try this).

      Negative. You can only draw out winnings.

    • Discovered another problem with thelott …

      Sorry, you have changed or added too many cards. Please contact our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

  • Can you pay zip pay balance with these cards please? My after pay doesn't work.

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