This was posted 3 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Coles $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards (Including Additional Applicable $5 or $7 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


Deal is on again beginning week of 20 Oct and looks like only $100 and $250 eligible. $5 and $7 fee applies per respective amount and limit of 5 per customer

Coles Mastercard Gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles.

Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW!

How to check if your card has been swapped out - The card ID MUST match the last 11 digits of the barcode.

Mod: Third-Party Gift Card Deals at Retailers - FAQ - Thanks to WookieMonster.

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      • Hope you bought the shopback super swap card(2% and swap to Bunnings) instead of Bunnings straight away1.5%)

        • The superswap was removed last night, it's back today. It was just a test, I'll test the superswap tonight.

  • I have bought these gift cards several times now at Coles and never had any issues in S.A.

  • I lost money and Coles still pending refund. So Frustrating. So unsafe. Most online retailer deny this card from my experience.

  • If I received an offer "5x points on your shop at Coles", is purchase of the Coles Mastercard gift cards eligible for earning 5x Flybuys points?

    • +3


      I have never received any bonus Flybuys points from any bonus points offers when purchasing Coles Gift Mastercards, except for any bonus Flybuys points mentioned in the gift card deal itself.

    • +1

      Says this in the small print "Bonus points can only be collected once per Flybuys account. Points awarded after savings, discounts and vouchers (excludes all gift cards, iTunes cards, charity items/donations, tobacco and tobacco related products and online delivery fees)"

  • I can't believe the small stack at my local hasn't disappeared yet.

    • Given the I wonder why?

  • +1

    Where are people moving their money from Coles Prepaid MC to?
    I have some saved from the last time around. I was just sitting on them to generally use but I want to get rid of them now.
    I tried adding them to ShopBack and buying some JB cards just now but the system didn't allow the sale.
    I guess we could buy physical eftpos cards for various stores at Woolies, Kmart etc.
    What are people doing?

    • Deposit the funds into my Wise account - there is a small fee for doing so but its a small insurance cost to do so.

      • What's the fee to deposit and withdraw from Wise?

        • +1

          Cost me 0.90 to deposit $250 from one of these Coles cards - no charge to spend the money from the Wise debit card.

          • @GeeZed: I'm getting 1% to deposit. Are you depositing directly onto the card?

            • @muddberry: Possibly not so wise. Did this transfer with three 100’s last time. Was pending for ages then it cancelled. The balance from the cards was gone and it never made it to the account :/ called both company’s couldn’t work it out. Lesson learned.

              • @ghee: My transfers have posted almost immediately. I did it online as an "add AUD to account" from "credit card"

                • @GeeZed: all these companies never like multiple cards to be added and funding the account. It is red flag for fraud and AML compliance so it will very quickly trigger the fraud team to investigate and they will close your account.

                  • @samehada: i did $100
                    and w the next $100 i wanted to do, it already stopped me

          • @GeeZed: Hi mate, can you still add money from Coles MC card to wise ? I could add yesterday, but today failed, just saying your bank reserved the money you want to transfer, contact your bank.

    • There no way the most cost effective method is going to be posted on a public forum lol :)

      But something that is common knowledge is just buy discounted gift cards you need that run every 2nd week from the major 2 .
      There is no more effective use than that ,

      • PM is always on popisee but yes, I guess it will have to just be regular giftcards from WW and while we still can at Coles

  • None of $100 or $250 in two Coles stores near me, only $50 so must be still popular enough for people to be gearing to buy tomorrow!

    • My guess is that most people don't check OzBargain first!

      It's probably only professional bargain hunters who check this site and would be learning about the gift card package tampering and fraudulent transaction issues that have previously affected the Coles Gift Mastercard (as well as prepaid gift cards being rejected at more and more online merchants due to lacking support for Mastercard SecureCode (i.e. 3D Secure)).

      • -1

        When the "non-professionals" rush to buy it they won't be able to even tell if the card inside has been swapped, no idea about how the barcode relates to the card ID and they probably still think the card has failed to activate.

        Even though after so many times the deal has been posted, there is still someone come and ask about withdrawing cash from the ATM. And thanks to you keep insisting about paying with GC in every single post of yours all good things will get closed very quickly. The smart one on here already know how to figure things out, don't expect to be spoon fed.

        • +2
        • And thanks to you keep insisting about paying with GC in every single post of yours all good things will get closed very quickly.

          I'm in two minds about that one. I don't want to contribute to ruining a good thing from a bargain hunter's perspective (so I totally see where you're coming from), but I console myself in the fact that other people will provide a similar answer anyway. It's probably only a matter of time before that comes to an end anyway (regardless of what any of us say or do on this website).

          The smart one on here already know how to figure things out, don't expect to be spoon fed.

          Yeah, maybe I'm too nice.

    • My local took them off the shelves and have them behind the service counter so ppl have to ask for them.

      • My local was the same.

  • Can we use it to buy Amazon gift card from Amazon?

    • You can get Amazon gift card from Shopback with 2%cashback

  • Probably should have taken these off the shelves, while I was purchasing the last of the Apple cards tonight and come back and paid in the morning!

  • +6

    Saw a few poorly hidden bad boys at my local Coles… which I returned to their rightful home.

    • So did I with multiple 5 card checkouts .
      And please whoever hides them a couple slots over at the back of other cards .
      Really its game over and extra candy for me hehe .

  • Got 15, thanks Op.

    • Isn’t it Limited to 5 per person?

      • Hit 3 nearby stores.

    • How long does it take to get the card activiated?

      • 30 mins or so. I've used them all up immediately.

        • Over an hour for me and not yet activated.

  • Do these activate straight away?
    Can they be used as soon as you have paid (to avoid the fraudster thing)

    • -1

      Of course .
      To be frank if you are using them in days to a week the chance of scammers is so slim to the point of nothing to worry about .
      Months is a concern .

      • These do not activate immediately.

    • +3

      Although the checkouts automatically contacts an activation server for you, I think they take around 10-45 minutes before the funds are actually available on the gift card.

      I checked the balance for a Coles Gift Mastercard about five minutes after buying it this morning, and available funds was $257 and current balance was $0! I wouldn’t use a card in that state, as it may cause it to be deactivated or something…

      I checked again after waiting 45 minutes, and the available funds and the current balance are both $250.

      • Just wondering 10% apply to 250 or 257?

        • The 10% discount applies to the $257, so you end up paying $231.30 for a $250 Coles Gift Mastercard.

          Similarly, you end up paying $94.50 for a $100 Coles Gift Mastercard.

  • Tried using one of these to purchase Woolworths gift cards through the RACV portal but for some reason I keep getting the error - we cannot process your payment…weird

    • Maybe the card balance has not been loaded yet.

      Mine has waited over 1 hour and the current balance is still 0.

      • Mine too, it's been over an hour and it's still Inactive and balanced is 0.

        Hopefully it will activate soon!

    • +1

      A number of other OzBargainers have also noticed this in the last few days.

      My guess is that Woolworths Group now requires all cards being used on their gift card portal to support 3D Secure. (Woolworths Group would either implement Mastercard SecureCode or Mastercard Identity Check for Mastercards.)

      Prepaid gift cards like the Coles Gift Mastercard cannot support 3D Secure, because it would require prepaid gift card issuers to start recording billing names and addresses, as well as mobile phone numbers for two-factor authentication purposes. (Well, that was the explanation given to me by the Coles Gift Mastercard team last week.)

      You could confirm this by calling the Woolworths Group gift card team and asking them why your order failed. They are a friendly bunch, so it is worth calling up and asking them.

      • +1

        damn, bought all these cards to purchase the discounted wish cards to use for my shopping at woolies. I did send them an email so lets see what they come back with

        • Let us know once you get an answer…

        • +3

          I ended up calling Woolworths Group’s gift card team, and the rep who spoke to me said Woolworths Group implemented changes to their payment system around November last year that should have blocked “unverified” Visa/Mastercard cards. The rep admitted that you may still be able to use some prepaid gift cards to pay for gift cards on their portal, but that would be the exception rather than the rule.

          However, I’m not sure whether to believe the rep, beacuse they were also unaware that you can no longer use WISH gift cards at Caltex/Ampol fuel stations!

          I’d be curious to see the response you get via email.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: yeh will keep you posted, I've tried other cards that Woolworths sell through the portal but they either all say process error or the site times out tying to process the card.

            • +1

              @Jfi2ee: Email I received back from Woolies…

              Thank you for contacting Woolworths Gift Card Team in regards to purchasing Gift Card with a prepaid Credit Card.

              We do apologise but you can't purchase Gift Card with a prepaid Credit Card and if payment gets approved it will take up to 30 days for you to get the refund since the Gift Card will not be issued.

          • @WookieMonster:

            you can no longer use WISH gift cards at Caltex/Ampol fuel stations!

            When could you ever? They only ever worked at the Woolworths branded petrol stations.

            • +1

              @CVonC: Caltex/Ampol stopped accepting physical WISH gift cards on 21 September. There’s a section on the FAQ of the Woolworths Group gift card portal talking about redemption changes at fuel stations.

              There used to be a Woolworths Gift Cards Accepted filter on the Ampol website that allowed you view Caltex/Ampol stations that accepted physical WISH gift cards, but only a small proportion ever did so. These fuel stations generally also accepted Everyday Rewards or Woolworths fuel vouchers (or both).

    • Had the same issue. I don't think they like the card type.

  • There were like 500 $250 @ my local Coles
    grabbed 40, thanks OP

    • Wow lucky you

    • I think you havent used up the batch bought in the last deal.

      • +1

        I haven't, but it looks like the deal comes every 4 months, Feb/Jun/Oct
        I did some maths and figure out I use around 10 cards /month to pay rates, water, internet etc.
        Just buy what I need

    • -1

      Liar, only limit of 5 per person.

    • Just went back there for some $14/kg frozen Salmon
      and found all the $250s are all gone in 4 hours lol

  • +1

    My local had 5…
    Got 5…

  • got 2 this morning at 08.05 am and still not activated.

    • I'm with you. Money not loaded yet.

      • Same here. looks like they do not want use the card to buy another card on same day(in few hours).

    • 2 Hours and not activated yet

      • 1 hour not yet.

      • +1

        3 hours ~_~, guess they got ozbargained lol

  • Just wondering - can we use multiple coles mastercard and pay them into Zippay or Afterpay - so we're in credit, and can use them for purchases larger than $250?

    E.g. buy 2 x $250 coles mastercard, then prepay Zippay $500 (assuming $0 outstanding balance on Zippay) - then you can buy something at $500 in a single transaction?

    This is to help with purchasing items on eBay where you can't do multiple payment transactions

    • +1

      You can't make payment to Zip by prepaid MasterCard

    • As someone mentioned above, it seems only possible via Wise Debit card workaround with 0.36% fee cost. It cost $10 to order the card and takes up to 14 days to receive it. I can tell from my exp there is no way via Sniip or Revolut.

      • I thought it works with sniip?

      • It works with Sniip.

        • Maybe Afterpay(not using), not Zip. It takes neither prepaid nor AmEx. I'll test it again if you are so sure.

          It is still subject to merchant's acceptance via Sniip.

  • So does postbillpay work with these cards or does the 3D secure mess up the transaction?

    • +1

      Yes it works.

  • Has anyone tried buying more GC's with an already purchased gift card?

    I tried it this morning and it didn't work but I believe this is because the card wasn't loaded yet.

  • +1

    Thanks OP for the post. Got 10 $250 cards (5 each from 2 different stores) to pay Council Rates. Went to AusPost after couple of hours after purchasing and the second lot is not active yet :-(

    • Were you able to pay inside auspost?

  • Thanks @ironworthy for the heads up :) if it wasn't for Ozbargain I would never know about these deals.
    Bought 2 x $250 from Coles Parkholme SA this morning (they still have quite a few $250 & loads of $100 left) and still waiting for activation so I can use them before the scammers do!!

    thanks again :)

  • -1

    Don't touch it!

    I bought $100 card this morning but can't use it showing declined. Check online balance is ok but inactive. Coles store staff asked me to call customer service. Waited half hour to get through then being told has to take pic of card and receipt and send through via email for them to investigate! What a terrible experience! I told CS guy it's ridiculous then he hang up on me!

    • +1

      Looks like most of the cards are not active yet. Hopefully coles will fix the issue.

    • +2

      another non-professional, you have to wait, the system is overloaded with so many ppl buying now.

      Most of gift cards always said it may take up to 24h to activate, usually it is instant but in the case of first day like this when so many ppl rush to buy it may take a few hours.

      • +1

        Yes. Hope Coles will add additional security to these card and part of activation, add the SMS/ Pin as mandatory to use the card or something.

        • +3

          they just need to implement the simplest thing that rejects all transactions that doesn't pass through CVV number.

      • don't waste time on this kind of comment. same thing happened the first TCN card from last year. maybe it good time to buy more while waiting

    • If I was told it needs up to 24 hours to activate I won't give it a fuss. However Coles store staff told me call CS and CS told me send card pic and receipt for further investigation. Anyway not worth with all this experience.

  • -2

    What is the expiry date on these cards?

  • I had a friend who bought one the last time and it had zero balance when he tried to use it. He made 4 calls but they refused to refund the card or recognise it as scam which seemed to be really shirking their responsibility. How did you guys manage to get them to process and investigate it?

    • +1

      Available 0 AND current 0?

      If it's available *** current 0, just wait for system to load. It is not happening instant. Well might be short time during non promo time. But for promo like this time, waiting time is going to be couple hours, even over 6-8 hours.

  • WTF going on : Available fundsInfo: The total funds you have available to spend"
    Current balanceInfo: The balance before pending transactions are processed"

    I know its not activated .

    • I think it is a case of Indue being overwhelmed with requests to activate gift cards, because so many people across Australia would be purchasing Coles Gift Mastercards at the moment.

      It happened to me early this morning as well, but the funds became available after around 45 minutes. I did purchase them not long after my local store opened, so that’s probably why it was so fast for me.

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