This was posted 3 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Coles $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards (Including Additional Applicable $5 or $7 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


Deal is on again beginning week of 20 Oct and looks like only $100 and $250 eligible. $5 and $7 fee applies per respective amount and limit of 5 per customer

Coles Mastercard Gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles.

Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW!

How to check if your card has been swapped out - The card ID MUST match the last 11 digits of the barcode.

Mod: Third-Party Gift Card Deals at Retailers - FAQ - Thanks to WookieMonster.

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      • +1

        Why in the hell does it have $7 more than what it should is my what I wonder about the most :)

        • Happened the last time around as well when these were sold (last Coles promo).. once it gets truly "activated" / and funds loaded , it then changes to
          Available funds $250
          Current balance: $250

          I also got excited the last time around thinking they had made a stuff up - but alas after a few hours Current Balance was only $250

        • +1

          I think it’s because Coles’ checkouts tell Indue the payment for the third-party gift card is $257. (That is printed on the receipt in the section where they list the last three digits of the Card ID.) Indue is probably showing $257 on the portal, as their systems have acknowledged that they’ve received a payment for $257 from Coles, and when they transfer the funds to your prepaid gift card, their systems will deduct $7 to cover for the purchase fee and make $250 available on your prepaid gift card.

          I dunno, that’s my guess. 🤷

      • 2.5 hours and still not activated.

        • 3 hours and not activated. I'm looking to dump these immediately.

      • +1

        maybe extend to 4,5 hours now. good thing is even hacker can not hack it when it's not activated.

        • +2

          not good as they have more time to get ready when we are not, imagine having cards activated by tonight while you are sleeping, that would leave a long window for hackers to spend lol

          • @webtherapist: Won't brother me. I am constantly checking, as long as it's loaded, I am getting Amazon gift card straight away. I normally wake up couple of times in the midnight.

        • Over 5 hours now and no activation for any of the card I bought.

  • After you've made purchase with those gift card and need to return the purchase, can you refund back to these cards if the shop can only refund back to the same card that was charged? Anyone tried since these gift cards aren't reloadable?

    • +1

      Refund is ok.

    • +2

      I believe so. I personally haven’t had to deal with that, but I remember one or two other OzBargainers mentioning that is fine. Page 5 of the Conditions of Use also state that refunds can be processed back onto a Coles Gift Mastercard.

      When Indue states that the Coles Gift Mastercards are not “reloadable”, they were trying to distinguish these gift cards from a Coles-branded reloadable Mastercard (which has been dead for years). The term “not reloadable” is a hold-over from that era, so you would not confuse the “single load” prepaid Mastercard (the ones in this deal) with their “reloadable” prepaid Mastercard that you could top up via bank transfer.

  • None of my cards are loaded correctly..

  • Just rang Coles Cards, they are aware of problem with cards balance not loaded they are working on it.

  • A Question to experts -
    Gift card is of Value 250$. Purchase price is 257$ which includes 7$ fee.
    When I am checking balance, it shows 'Available funds' as 257$.
    Shouldn't the 'Available funds' be 250$ as the card value is 250$? (I am not complaining though, if it is 257$ :-) )

    • +2

      See my comment above - it happened the last time around as well when these were sold (last Coles promo).. once it gets truly "activated" / and funds loaded , it then changes to
      Available funds $250
      Current balance: $250

      I also got excited the last time around thinking they had made a stuff up - but alas after a few hours Current Balance was only $250

    • +1

      The current balance should be$0 in this case as the card has not been activated. Once it's activated, it will become$250

      • -1

        I don't know why they are so slow with the activations they are wrecking the consolidations this round .

        • +2

          Happened last year the 15% tcn promo. Longest waiting time was 8 hours. But no hack story for that card by the time. Everyone just be patient, it will be loaded.

        • It happened last time these were on sale. They do it to slow the recyclers down.

    • 257 is available to them which suppose to be the money you paid
      they took 7 and load 250 to your card.

      • Agree .

    • Thanks guys for clarification!

  • Has anyone tried to pay for these cards successfully by Coles Mastercard bought in June?

    • +1

      As long as the staff don't pull you up and use card not gift card you will be right .
      I fired a Perfect card for a one card purchase of my 5's all places today .

      • Thank you, popsiee. I am going to try my luck to see if I can still find some $250 ones during my break.

  • -3

    I have to say a special mention to all the neg guys of this thread .
    You'se made it possible for all the boys to be choking on $250's hehe :)

  • +1


  • Can these be used to pay the ATO?

    • I got a email from customs holding xx parcels of mine .
      I hope these will pay them .

    • +4

      Apparently, yes.

    • +3

      Yes, I only use these for ATO. Low fee of 50c too. There seems to a batch limit of 4 per account (tax or activity account for example), my 5th always rejects. Not sure of the exact timeframe but a couple of days break definitely works.

      Also good for clearing the balances quickly if you are worried about the scammers.

      • +1

        I used 3 cards in full across 4 transactions with the ATO (2 accounts), and am now declining. So perhaps it's 4 transactions, not 4 cards, and not per account.

        • Working again this morning.

        • I just tried to use an activated card (definitely activated to $250) via the Government Easypay site and it says
          "Your payment has been declined. Please contact your financial institution"
          Am I doing something wrong?

          • +2

            @Hammando: Have you allowed for the 50c fee? You should be processing a payment for $249.50.

            Other than that, if you've made 4 payments already against the account, it seems to deny you for 24 hrs.

            • +1

              @edman: having the same issue and processing $249.50!

            • @edman: Yes allowed for the 50c fee and also tried a lower amount and still won't go through.

          • @Hammando: What's Easypay? I paid via MyGov.

          • +1

            @Hammando: Just tried again and it worked.
            4 cards went through, then got this error:
            "There was an unexpected processing error. Try to make your payment again."

            Different to what was happening before.

            • @bongo007: I tried an old Coles prepaid Mastercard which worked fine, but I still can't get the ones purchased under this promo to work… Work elsewhere but not at the ATO…

              • +1

                @Hammando: Somehow they started working today. so weird.

                • @Hammando: how many were you able to put through? $100s or $250s?

        • No issues using the cards on the ATO through mygov, for the same invoice. I spread it across a couple of days. Day 1: 3x $249.50. Day 2: 5x $249.50. Day 3: $9.98. All my gift cards have an expiry of 09/26 if that makes a difference. They do have a newer batch at my local Coles dated 11/26.

          • @dooza: why the odd amounts?

            • @tajid: 0.2% transaction charge through mygov. The $9.98 ($10 charge to the card) was just what I had left over from buying Woolworths gift cards online.

      • Same here. It started after my 5th card and declined my 6th card. After waiting a couple of days could you continue using them with the ATO?

        • Likewise - after the fifth card, I get the response "Your payment has been declined. Please contact your financial institution" for additional payments. Did anyone get to the bottom of this? I'm thinking I may need to wait another day before trying again?

          • +2

            @PcisT: Yes you need to wait for the next day before using another 5.

  • Woolies will not accept these cards for their gift card portal anymore :(

    • +1

      There was a discussion about this earlier today.

      In summary, a Woolworths Group gift card rep told me this morning that they generally no longer accept prepaid gift cards on their gift card portal, and if you ever manage to use a prepaid gift card on the portal, it would be an exception rather than the rule.

    • Did you get confirmation brom them?

      • could not even proceed at payment page

    • Last time I used it there was on the 4th OCT.

      Sometimed it does not work on one day, but works on the other day.

      • was about to max the value per buck by getting 4% Woolies gift card $260.42 with $250 Coles Prepaid lol

        • Wednesday seems to be generally failure day.

  • is it possible to buy woolies gift cards in store using these Coles Mastercard? Obviously you don't get the 4% discount by using them in the Wish portal, but might be a quick way of getting rid of these?

    • +1

      That worked for me two weeks ago.

      • +1

        looks like I'll be going in store, not confident with we can get around the blockers on the woolies portal

        • in store should be fine, portal offers discount hence they block the loophole lol

  • Has anyone got activation to use ?

    If so how many hours approximately before the happening ?

    • +1

      I brought $250 card at 10.30am this morning. I am still waiting for activation. Now is 1pm.

      • +1

        you know there are heaps of people before you lol, I got mine at 7ish and not activated until just now

  • +4

    this is Coles's version of #squidgame lol, race to get them and race to use them 😂 or you lose to hackers 😂

    • I was thinking MC was going to activate them early morning to give the Scammer's a chance for glory .

  • I recommend people to top it up on services like Wise or Revolut. You can use it instantly with virtual credit cards but wanting to pay physically will require a standard credit card which will cost 10-20$ shipping I think.

    • +1

      be careful with Revolut. They will block your account and close your account. Their customer service is shocking, it will take you many weeks to get back your money and your account will be closed.

      • That sounds really disgusting what they did. If Revolut is a no go, is there anything similar to Revolut but won't rip you off?

        • +1

          there is none, funding accounts from multiple cards is a big red flag and huge fraud risk that none company wants to take.

          • @samehada: Government Dept like ATO does not care. I bet no one will pay off tax/debt there with stolen cards. Similar ones are council rates, energy accounts that have real names attached to.

    • Have you successfully loaded on revolut

      • you may get away with 1 or 2 then it is a nightmare to deal with them to get your money back and they will close your account.

  • About 8 $250 cards in stock at Noarlunga Coles. Plenty of $100 cards.

  • How would the scammers know when a gift card becomes activated?

    • +2

      Scammers know today is the day so they brute force with those BIN numbers

      • Scary thing is they will have know also which cards have been paid with some of their hits and could easily fire before the purchaser .

        • after the mass scale of fraud last time, I'm sure Google Play must have already put in extra measures to stop it.

          Google may not be that stupid to get the same fraud twice.
          "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    • +1

      From reading peoples comments there are 2 types of scammers.
      1 goes into the store and opens the packaging revealing the card details then tries to seal the package back up and presumably keeps checking card activation on that card, that person would probably be fully aware of the 10% off sale so would know that there is now large demand for these cards.

      The 2nd is most likely running a script to keep on attempting to use these cards based on the relatively small number of possible combinations. This one is just a case of if you are unlucky enough that their script attempts your card randomly rather than them actually knowing your card is activated.

      • From my reading there are only 6 numbers that change on the CC number, so that gives a million combinations. That's not a lot to work through, especially as the expiry dates don't vary much.

        But how do the hackers get around the three digit CVV number? That should blow out the combinations to a billion. A computer can of course work through that in seconds, but I would imagine hackers spamming Mastercard's services should raise a flag.

        • +1

          Some merchants do not request the CVV2 value (the three digit number on the back of the card) when processing a transaction.

          For example, if you watch this demonstration of MOTO mode on an EFTPOS terminal supplied by Bendigo Bank, you’ll see the machine only asks for the 16-digit card number and the expiry date. That’s it! Apparently telephone orders still do not require a CVV2 value… I think this is a carry-over of the days when cards did not feature a CVV2 value.

          Google is also bandied around as an example, because they apparently don’t ask for the CVV2 value for some transactions!

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: Ah yes, I forgot about over the phone transactions. The weakest link for credit cards.

            Not requiring the CVV should be forbidden for all online transactions.

  • +1

    Popular promo like this also brings out the ugly side of human, zealousness. As experienced in the last promo, eventually you will come across some overzealous staff that made up their own rule to allow you to buy only 1. Some ppl are just overzealous when seeing many ppl buying the products.

    • Cockburn did that last time. Made up some BS rule about one per family (just three doing a regular shop)

      • +1

        I would point them to the T&Cs that say 5 per customer.

      • Some staffs even give you an attitude, thinking they are on power trip. The attitude of many Coles/WW staffs are really shit, it is like you are begging for favour even though they are just employee.

        • even though they are just employee.

          Rather they have forgotten how to treat their customers. I would send them for counselling if they happen to be in my organisation.

  • So, umm, I bought my cards an hour ago and they're still not activated.

    Available funds: $257
    Current balance: $0

  • +2

    4 cards purchased at 9:21 AM got activated at (before) 1:43 PM.
    1 card purchased at 9:53 AM got activated at (before) 2:10 PM.
    Just used them all at Post Billpay.

  • +2

    Finally got my cards activated at 1:30pm, purchased at 8:30am. Went straight to post office and paid my council rates.

    • Can I pay my rego at post office? I never pay bill at post office before

      • You'll get as far as swiping the card only to be presented with savings or cheque. No option for credit.

  • +1

    Indue will not make any profit from this card if they are all being used up straight away.

    • -1

      How so? Arn’t they collecting a cut of each transaction as a merchant fee?

      • +2

        The big money is in people forgetting to use the entire balance or losing the card.

  • +1

    Cards purchased 830am
    Loaded 1pm
    Spent 105pm

    Done til next time

    • Out of interest, what did you use them for? Did you convert them into some other kind of gift card?

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