This was posted 3 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Coles $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards (Including Additional Applicable $5 or $7 Purchase Fee) @ Coles


Deal is on again beginning week of 20 Oct and looks like only $100 and $250 eligible. $5 and $7 fee applies per respective amount and limit of 5 per customer

Coles Mastercard Gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles.

Warning! Coles Prepaid MasterCard Compromised (Multiple) CHECK Your Cards NOW!

How to check if your card has been swapped out - The card ID MUST match the last 11 digits of the barcode.

Mod: Third-Party Gift Card Deals at Retailers - FAQ - Thanks to WookieMonster.

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    • Bought two today at lunchtime, by the time I walked back to my car in Coles carpark they were fully active.
      2x$250 btw

    • it varies, I've had some instant and others 1 hour.

  • best way to cash these out?

    • Using them as quick as you can I suppose at anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

      • And Jbhifi would accept it ?

        • +1

          They sure do! Basically anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

    • -3

      Costco, free & reasonably fast, works fine if you have a small stash.
      This service easily justifies their $55/60 annual membership cost. Nowhere else allows you to do it so easily for free without any potential repercussions and asking you awkward questions.

      • Care to explain how? Thanks.

  • -1

    guys, use debit card payment definitely make fund loaded straightaway :)

  • I'll do a special mention to any store including some like online Kmart / Coles where no gift cards can be used you get your full bang for your bucks .
    Overseas though they do a 3% fee .

  • I have some coles gift cards. Is there any way I can use these to purchase?

  • Has anyone had any luck paying DoT WA vehicle registration renewal? I called to ask if the annual amount $744 could be paid over 3 cards but was told No, has to be paid on a single card.
    The 3 month amount of $200 is effectively $180, which works out $24 cheaper than would have paying the annual fee over a year.
    Would prefer to pay the yearly amount with 3 cards, if anyone has been able to do that.

    • +1

      I paid last time at the post office with 7 x $100 Coles MC. No issue

      • Cool. Will give a go. Cheers!

      • I tried yesterday at Warwick post office (WA) and the lady said no. Where is your PO ?

        • I tried the Perth train station PO and got rejected… Will try some other one

        • +2

          Try westminster LPO

          • @m40000: I was able to pay at the Bayswater PO. Staff wasn't sure but nice to let me try. All done

        • I did it at Innaloo Shopping Centre PO last round of cards so would’ve paid in June.

          • @thriftee: PO is a franchise, really depending on the serving person.

  • +2

    Thank you. Bought 6, blocked 5 and will be using the active one every week so if a scammer messes with it I'd pick it up quickly. Thank you to the person who suggested calling Coles and getting the cards blocked.

    • How long/how much effort to block the cards?

      I'm also curious how you prove to unlock the cards and whether the scammers can exploit that

      • +2

        They have my name, and they'll ask for the Card ID and 16-digit card number at the back of the card, which is how I blocked it. There's no way scammers can also figure out the Card ID on the back of the card unless they're in my house and know where I placed the cards.

        Also they picked up the call straight away, it took 5 minutes to read out the Card IDs, card numbers and give them my name to block 5 cards.

        • I wonder how do you confirm that Coles has blocked the cards per your request?

          • +1

            @F1ngolf: Tried the cards online on $1 eBay transactions. They declined.

  • +2

    Surprisingly there's still alot of $250s available. Either theres more stock this time around, or everyone's not stocking up due to the fraud issue!

    • The heavy hitters aren't scared off so definitely more stock this round .
      Even a lot of hot zones has nice stocks .
      Maybe they want to increase their sales dramatically this financial year :)

    • My Coles shop just restock like 100pcs of $250 on the shelf today and within 2h I went back it’s all gone.

    • Not in my area, went to 2 Coles and none left (only $50), even overheard a very unhappy customer saying this is his 4th time missing out getting his hand on these!

  • +1

    if anyone has a reasonable Myer purchase to be done buy the 10% off Myer card from Woolies get the extra discount

    • what is the chance Myer going burst?

      • myer may be going to burst… it then may go bust.

        As I said above IF you have a purchase to be done then consider buying the gift cards to that way would I hold a Myer gift card long term.

        If you do the purchase and utilise the 10% once a month woolies deal for credit card holders the discount will be approaching 30%… not bad if you can

        also get a price match from Myer

    • It’s not 10% off. It’s 10% bonus. There’s a difference.

      • Thank you so much for the correction

      • -2

        Not my neg.

    • +2

      I thought gift cards purchases are usually excluded from Flybuys offers?

      • +1

        Yep, I'm sure aswell that gift cards are excluded.

      • Groceries with double stacked Coles gift cards to pay for it . Just below 30% off being my best I think .
        I think the card fee may contribute but let I'm not going to risk it .
        Do you know the answer about the card fee Wookie ?

  • +2

    I wasn't intending to participate in this promo but walked into my local Coles store this afternoon after they had just restocked. There were at least 50 x $250, 40 x $100 and 20 x $50 on the shelf. Unfortunately, my will was weak and I ended up buying some.

    For peace of mind, I rang the card issuer (Indue) and got them to block the cards that I am not planning to use immediately. All up, it took less than 10 minutes to complete the whole process. The call centre is open Mon to Fri, 8am - 8pm and Sat 8am - 1pm so it is pretty convenient. Thanks to @Rodo for the tip on blocking.

    • I hear you… told myself I'd pick up a couple if there were any in my stores today but none left so didn't get any!

    • After blocking them, may I know how does the unblocking process work?

      • Simply call them back and identify yourself using your Card ID and name. They will then unblock your cards in a matter of minutes.

  • -1

    Hello everyone.
    I am little bit dumb bitch comes to logic so if anyone can explain clearly this I will be grateful.

    I bought one of these cards two days ago. And I bought another one today with using the first purchased card.

    No I have $20 left from the first card and full amount of money ($250)from the second card to purchased today

    Does it mean i got a better deal now.

    What if i keep Buying another card with another card. Does it mean i will be adding almost another $20 extra value to my cards?
    Movie inception

    • If you can find a self checkout accidentally approves giftcard purchase without staff assistance, it'll be doable.

      • -1

        Gift card purchases will always require staff approval @ self checkout. But paying by these prepaid MCs is no issue whatsoever. Just a bit tedious when you have 5 to buy as they need to be bought separately. The staff usually don't mind anyway.

        • Depends on the store. Some staff go ballistic when you try to loop.

        • I would rather say they usually mind, especially when you are hogging the line with 5 separate transactions.

          • @truetypezk: Haven't come across any staff mind having one self-serve held up, but have had plenty of staff ask what card am I paying with and then watch me like a hawk.

            • @Trance N Dance: Yep I mean if you are just paying separately with a regular card they won't mind, but if you are doing it with these gift cards it is pretty easy for them to figure out what you are doing and become unfriendly at best.

    • +1

      not $20 extra, it's $18.70 left.

    • Thats all I do

  • -2

    I said $20 to make it easier

    • You need to be exact otherwise it does not make sense.

      • You also get 257 pts in flybuys, which is another $1.29. So you would have a total profit of $19.99 doing loops.

        • +1

          It's actually only 231 points as you pay $231.30.

  • +1

    If there are 10 cards , i can keep buying them with my existing card.
    Without spending any money i can create $18.70 *10=187.70

    • Lots of people are already doing this. They will brag about it after the promotion ends.

      • Really no point bragging unless they want to ruin it. With the warning of balances being hacked it’s unlikely people would get more than a few.

      • +3

        One way of spending them before the hackers do.

        • What if the hackers spend your last gift card that you intend to keep?

          • +1

            @OzBrogains: If you want to keep it for later you need to call Indue and place a block on it as mentioned above.

  • Can I use these to buy from the Apple Education Store?

  • +1

    Amazingly I found 3 cards at my local Coles so I bought, went home, immediately went online to Amazon and converted them to Amazon e-GC, onto my account.

  • there are 3 $250 coles mastercards left at Port Adelaide Coles in the lights section. I put them there. I had posted this yesterday and thought someone had already taken them which is why I deleted my post. If someone takes them can you please inform others so people dont waste their time going to this coles.

    • +1

      could you post a list of people you would like me to inform to stop them dismantling the shelving in the lights section?

  • Lots of $100 cards at Noarlunga SA Coles. No $250s.

  • +1

    Plenty at rochedale QLD this arvo in a few different display stands

  • No $250s at my 3 local stores

  • +1

    Chipping Norton (2170) had a full row of $250 cards, about the only one of 10 stores in the area with any stock.

  • I have not seen anyone mentioned this, but you can also top up your opal/myki/go card to mitigate the risk of being hacked

  • +2

    When I went shoping for grocery at my local Coles I saw 7 $250 cards on shelf. I have already bought 5 On Wed. But bought another 5 yesterday. It was a nightmare. After payment he told me one card failed to activate. Supervisor was called, then store manager was called over. It took a while for them to decide what to do. Anyway, I ended up with 4 cards.

    Got home had a look and found out that he scanned one card twice and missed scanning another card. So I didn't have the properly activated card which I paid twice. Instead I had a card wasn't activated. So rushed back to Coles and found the supervisor. Another round of explaining, checking and consulting with store manager, etc etc. All sorted out in the end.

    All up spent a little over 3 hours over purchasing 5 gift cards. Does it worth the hassle? Absolutely not. Partly my fault too. I should have watched him like a hawk. On the bright side, checkout boy, supervisor (middle age lady) and store manager were all very nice. I thought lucky me all these didn't happen at the other local Coles. Staff there were so rude like they owned that Coles store, making up all sort of rules on a blink of eyes. On Wed when I bought 5 gift cards at self checkout, the girl refused to service me and she said purchasing more than 3 gift cards at self checkout wasn't allowed and I need to do that at service desk.

    • Yes my experience has also been that this deal seems to bring out the worst in some Coles staff. They seem to resent some people getting a good deal. Yes like we are cutting into their profit. Lol.

      • So true.

        My local coles still got $100 cards, but I won't be bothering. They really looked at us like we did something wrong. Are they jealous or just being stupid? I find it annoying and unfair.

    • So one card was activated twice? Did it end up with $500 instead?

      • +1

        No that won't be possible. It takes payment but the card will not load more

      • +1

        No, card only activated once. I paid for the same card twice since he scanned it twice. And we didn't know this, when the card authentication failed the supervisor took the card away. In the mean time one of the other 4 cards I paid for, one didn't get scanned so I wouldn't be able to use that one.

    • +1

      This won’t happen if you scan all 5 in one transaction but because many staff only have limits of $1000 so they probably scan 4 and the last one in another transaction. You should check all the 4 cards on the receipt first before paying for the next transaction. Some staffs and managers are clueless and with rude attitude, some of them even give out wrong answer like you didn’t get charged despite it say refund to customer on the screen.

      It will be better now after all these popular gc sales compared to before with incompetent but arrogant staffs that don’t want to listen to you.

      • This happened at the manned checkout. But in June when the same deal was on, I bought 5 cards at manned check out in one transaction, the lady scanned 4 cards only. I questioned her that the total amount didn't seem to be right she insisted on she was right and asked me to pay. I paid. Then she looked through receipts and cards, then admitted she missed scanning one card. Then I was sent to service desk and waited a long time and no one came. So I went home with 5 cards. Checked the barcodes and receipt, figured out which one wasn't paid. Went back to Coles another day and paid for that card.

        So this time, I thought I was being smart by paying them separately. No advantages only more trouble.

  • Yes certainly seem more cards around this time. Got some at Blackwood S.A. yesterday..

  • Can I pay using this GC in Myer instore or Myer online??

    • +1

      yes but why don't you just buy Myer GC which is on sale atm in WW

      • Thank you for your comment! I thought this GC has much more versatile use i.e Coles, Target etc. Am I wrong?

        • +2

          You are right that Coles Gift Mastercards are more versatile than a Myer gift card, but if you are going to purchase something from Myer using a Coles Gift Mastercard anyway, the 10% bonus deal at Woolworths is definitely worth considering (particularly if you planning on spending a couple of hundred dollars at Myer).

          However, keep in mind the following:

          • Any refunds for orders paid using a Myer (or Coles Group & Myer) gift card will go onto a Myer Returns gift card.

          • You will no longer be eligible for any cashback from Cashrewards or ShopBack if you pay for an order on the Myer website using Myer gift cards.

  • +1

    Got 10 of these cards. I was able to buy 250$ ebay cards using them!
    Converted them all. Sorted for ebay deals!

    • +4

      eBay cards sometimes are 10% off. Power bill, Gas bill or petrol price hardly go down.

      • +2

        Yes, they do sometime.
        But I haven't seen any ebay card 10% off deal in recent times. and I need to do some dell purchases on ebay now & on Black Friday.
        so, this was next best option!

        • Big denomination is hardly on sale, only $100-.

  • +3

    I found somewhere that accepts the Coles Mastercard gift cards as payment for discounted Woolworths gift cards. If anyone's workplace uses flare hr or Employee Serve (Boardroom) then you get an extra 4% off Woolworths gift cards but you can only pay in increments of $50. This works for me through the boardroom shares page under benefits.

  • Hi all,

    I bought one of these with my unused one

    Today i wanted to buy another one with another unused one but thr card didn’t work. So i paid with my savings card.
    I immediately went to another store to spend the card didn’t work. It was all good.

    My question is can we buy this card with the same card that is purchased previously?

    • What do you mean by “didn’t work”?

      • Did you get an error on the EFTPOS terminal as soon as you swiped the card on the EFTPOS terminal?

      • Did you get a declined message after swiping the card on the EFTPOS terminal and entering the PIN?

      Have you checked your card to see whether it has sufficient balance available?

      • Error as soon as i swiped
        Then i entered card details manually and date of expiry and it was error again.

        Then i didn’t want to draw any attention to me and decided to pay with my savings card.

        I headed to Woolworths and used the entire card there without any problems

        • +1

          If you get an error as soon as you swipe the card, it indicates one of two things:

          • The EFTPOS terminal was unable to “read” the magstripe on the card (which could be because of a fault with the EFTPOS terminal, which would be highly unlikely), or

          • Coles updated their point-of-sale (POS) systems overnight to actually block Coles Gift Mastercards from being used to purchase gift cards at Coles. They would likely be doing this by checking the BIN of the card you swipe at the checkout. If it detects you are wanting to buy a gift card and you swiped a Coles Gift Mastercard, it will automatically decline the card. Woolworths does the same thing if you try to use an EFTPOS gift card to purchase an EFTPOS gift card or a Woolworths Group and Partner gift card.

          This would not be a case of Indue (the card issuer) rejecting the payment request, as Coles’ POS system would only communicate with the card issuer after you enter the card’s PIN.

          Then i entered card details manually and date of expiry and it was error again.

          How did you do that?!?

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