expired 8c off Litre Fuel Voucher When You Spend $50 at Coles valid till 8th April 2012


Offer provides stated cents per litre (cpl) fuel discount receipt for purchases of $50/$100 or more in one transaction between Tuesday 27th March 2012 & Sunday 8th April 2012 at Coles (excluding Coles Express), BI-LO and Pick’n Pay stores and coles.com.au. Standard 4cpl fuel discount receipts remain redeemable at Coles Express for 4cpl discount. Limit of one fuel discount receipt per fuel purchase up to 150 litres per vehicle per customer. Not valid for Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorcharge or Motorpass purchases. Purchases of gift cards, tobacco and tobacco related products and coles.com.au delivery/service fees do not contribute to qualifying spend. Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or receipt. Valid in conjunction with additional 2 cents per litre discount for in-store spend at Coles Express. Coles Express Fuel Discount and Save 6c Terms and Conditions also apply, see in-store or colesexpress.com.au. For Coles Express store locations, also see web. Fuel discount voucher valid for four weeks from date of issue.

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    Also if you spend $100 in one transaction you receive 10 cents off per litre (voucher)

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    Spend $30 or more at Coles Supermarkets to save either 12c, 14c or 16c on fuel at Coles Express.
    Download the image below to see the details, then hurry in to take advantage of this exclusive discount.

    This fuel saving is exclusive to you and other selected FlyBuys members and is only valid from Friday, 30 March to Sunday, 1 April 2012. Simply activate this offer by clicking the 'Activate now' button, and present your FlyBuys card at the checkout.


    It doesn't appear that Coles exclude the purchase of gift cards for the spend…


    Got this yesterday at new Coles at Carindale - bought $100.05 so 10c off/L & got a bonus $20 gift card, free food drink & chocolate Easter eggs from a big Bunny!

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    Just for comparison, many people can achieve the same cash saving every day, buy making the $50 groceries purchase with a coles or woolworths gift card, purchased at 5% discount.

    Average fuel buy far many cars is about 30 liters, so at 8c/liter you save $2.40 because of the $50 grocery purchase. That's a discount of $2.40 on a total spend of about $100.

    If you purchased the groceries with a coles or woolworths gift card, which are available at 5% discount through many discount schemes, you would save $2.50 on the $50 purchase - about the same amount as the fuel saving, and available 365 days a year. No need to wait for special fuel discount offers.

    Then when a special offer like this one comes up, use BOTH the gift cards trick and the discount fuel voucher to achieve almost $5 saving on your total spend of $100 ($50 groceries + $50 fuel). You have now DOUBLED the discount you were getting with just the fuel voucher.

    And if this was a woolworths offer (it isn't, but remember this for next time), you could pay your fuel bill at the caltex service station with a wish gift card, also purchased at 5% discount. Your total savings are then about $7.50 on your total spend - TRIPLE the savings you would achieve with just this 8c/litre voucher.

    Be a little bit careful, however - I found my local caltex would not allow split payments ($50 from gift card plus remainder by cash). So, I just use the $50 preset on the fuel pump, to make sure I never go over $50 on the fuel, and use a new $50 gift card every time. This will leave a little bit of stored value on the card, which you can use up on your next purchase at woolies (who do allow split payments or the use of several gift cards for the same purchase).


    So the price of petrol simply just goes up at the pump and some of us think we are then getting a 'bargain'???

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    Noticed this morning, Coles is now giving 20c/L for $150 single spend - to match Woolies.

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    We received 28c/litre off yesterday with our weekly $350 shop at Coles Port Melbourne.

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