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Fat Guy Clothing Sizes up to 9XL Half Price +Free Delivery Polos $20!


If your a fat bastard like me then you know how hard it is to find cloths you can fit in, let alone afford. Half of Australia is fat and 1/3 is OBESE yet 2XL is the best you can find in most stores. When they have a large size you its clothing fit for a lumberjack or tradie. I love being fat, so haters get off it with your comments…..Here you get good clothing, nice looking stuff, and fits well. Good brand names too and I like the free delivery and return policy.

Now you know a good place when they offer fat guy money back return….we sweat. You can imagine the cloths when returned are soaked, so its about customer service!

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    9xl? my mind boggles :)


    Heh…fat guy clothing.


    You beat the rep to the post, nice.


    Cool, cheap bathrobes


    You love being fat?

    I'm not going to make a joke or anything here but do you honestly love being fat or is it just something you say from years of just turning your weight into a joke around other people?


      I've spent my whole life hating who I am - I learned from an early age that I was inferior to everyone else because of my weight.

      Sometimes you have to let it go and just embrace who you are - screw what everyone else thinks. If humour helps that happen, then so be it…

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        yeah I gotta say, loving being obese is as bad as loving being anorexic. both are dangerous to your health and will prematurely end your life. brb ciggie.


        i use humour all the time for my weight(and height, 197cm) When i was a kid i let it ruin my life, i cant change myself(genetics, wide frame, height, heavy background) but i can manage it, which i have done for 10 years. im happy with how i look.

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          Honestly, I mean no offence, but saying you cant change yourself is rubbish (and this applies to everyone). Sure, genetics and a bunch of other stuff certainly are valid factors when it comes to weight gain but it certainly does not cause one to be obese and unable to do anything about it.

          If you're overweight, you simply eat too much or don't exercise enough. It's as simple as that. If your genetics aren't the best, then you just have to put in a little bit more effort. To lose weight calories out > calories in - and you will lose weight guaranteed.

          Making jokes about your weight, and saying you're happy with how you look, which of course is subjective to ones own opinion, is likely just an excuse to help deal with it psychologically and a way of telling yourself it's acceptable. But regardless of how you look, being overweight or obese is far from healthy and can have serious health issues.

          I used to be fat (granted, never hugely overweight, but still a little overweight to some extent) and my genetics aren't exactly the best. I didn't give up though and say 'this is who I am, I can't do anything about it'. No. I got on a strict diet, and started exercising. And still to this day I push myself and work hard. Not only do I look good, but I feel healthy, happier and mentally I am much stronger.


          "If you're overweight, you simply eat too much or don't exercise enough. It's as simple as that."

          Thanks god science and research didn't stop at your theories. Some medications will scientifically cause you to balloon. Yeah it's most likely the case probably 90% of the time people eating too much but take a step back with your know it all preaching garbage. Some meds will make you balloon despite your daily calorie intake and cal expenditure.





    you know a good place when they offer fat guy money back return….we sweat.
    You can imagine the cloths when returned are soaked,

    Hahaha, is this for real?

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    I don't mind a fat man, as long as he's clean, doesn't smell, dresses well and treats me (and everyone else) well. Just like normal sized men. In fact, give me a fat man over a skinny lad anytime.

    I was just speaking to my daughter about this last w/e. We saw a girl that was soooo skiny. I told her that a lot of women think that is ideal but that men would prefer the curves of a normal woman. I told her that I wouldn't want a skinny BF as I feel like I'd break him. And I probably would too! ;->

    At a certain point, it does become an issue though, I imagine anyway. When the tummy flops down. It's like anything, the extremes are not attractive.

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    They might be better off offering Free donuts for orders over $50

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    milkguru being fat is normal, you as skinny is strange and only in this messed up society you are considered wonderful for being a wafer thin person.

    As for Kenny you cant talk to me like that, I have a penis!

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