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[Backorder] Philips All-in-One Multi Cooker 8L HD2238/72 $265.95 Delivered (+ Bonus $100 Cashback) @ Amazon AU


All-In-One Cooker HD2238/72
Effortless and 35%* faster cooking
With superior heating power and 20 pre-set cooking programs, the 8L AIO cooker offers you effortless and faster cooking, so that you and your family are able to enjoy the delicious meal even sooner!

Superior power with 35% faster cooking
20 pre-set cooking programs and 9 safety protection systems
Adjustable cooking time, temperature and pressure
More durable and anti-scratch pot with ProCeramic+ coating and easy-to-clean detachable inner lid

Philips Cashback

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is it good one

    • I love it. But please keep in mind it is a 8L and good for cooking for 4 or more. Perfect cook rice and other slow cooks.
      I am still trying other recipes.

  • From what I read, it is

  • Thanks. Got it a few days ago. Deliver looks really slow, so very fitting

  • Seems a bargain with the Philips cashback of $100!

  • Mine gets an absolute flogging for my sticky pork ribs.

  • This or Instant Pot?

    • How many ppl you cook for?

    • AFAIK the Phillips has a aluminium Teflon coated bowl. The Teflon easily scratches if not carefully taken looked after. Where as the Insta Pot has a polished stainless steel bowl, tough as. But maybe harder to clean.
      Yes you can buy a stainless steel bowl for the Phillips buts it like $40+bucks.
      If I had to buy again I would invest in the Insta Pot. It been around for many many year in North America, finally they started shipping to AU.

    • This one is superb

  • So what are these useful for? Trying to decide if I "need" one with the deal currently

    • Wondering if it can replace my 4L Kogan Air Fryer which doesn't even close properly anymore, served me well for 4 years.

      • Air Fryer and this does not serve the same purpose. You cannot fry stuff with this.

    • +2

      Slow cooking and pressure cooking are my uses.

    • We use ours to slow and pressure cook, plus cook rice. Nice to have an all in one for those

  • +1

    I've had this for the better part of a couple of years and can't recommend it enough.

    It doesn't get used super often in our house, but when it does it's a lifesaver.

    Can cook soup, pasta sauces, lamb shanks, all in around 30-40 minutes (each of course). Really good for delicious dinners even if you're busy working. Just throw it all in and let it cook.

    • Some reviews mentioned the lid is hard to clean and smells of previous cooking and moisture leaks out slowly? Any experience of that?

      • +1

        That only happens when you don't wash after every cook
        …I think

        It is not at all. Detachable lid easy to clean in and out.

      • +1

        I've had a couple of occasions the lid didn't seal properly despite lots of use.
        I personally haven't noticed any smells or difficulty cleaning it.

  • It's $250 at Costco.

    • No cash back from Costco though according to OP link

  • I Just dont know how to turn it off ? the lights are always on

    • +1

      At the wall.

  • Got this from Costco for like $170
    Methinks they've price jacked factoring in the cashback

    • Wouldn't that be for the 6L one? Looks exactly the same except this is 8L

      • Must be 6L

      • Just checked
        Definitely the 8L one

        Does rice incredibly and quickly

        • When did you buy it?

  • Curious about the saute function vs Instant Pot vs breville fast-slow cooker if anyone has experience with more than one of these types of cookers

    • I've got the Breville fast slow cooker and the saute function is OK. You need to keep stirring otherwise it sticks to the bottom. I tend to put the liquid in a larger frying pan to saute down as it's quicker and doesn't stick as much.

  • Got this from eBay during the upsized cashback and $5 Shopback bonus, with egift cards including 2x$15 100%-cashback ones… Plus the Philips redemption, can't say I spent more than $120 for it.

    • You are genius!

  • Ordered during BF sale. Looking forward to the cashback. Excellent price.

  • +1

    Got a very similar one from ALDI for $70, not sure this is worth the extra $$ tbh

  • +1

    I have been very happy with this. I think the only downside I have discovered is to release the pressure from it from pressure cook setti, it is like old style pressure cook with a lot of steam out of the volve. But I suppose every pressure cook does or if you can wait until it cools down.
    From cooking to cleaning this cooker has been ticking all the boxes for me.
    Bought one from Costco online @$249.99 was the cheapest I can find in Oct 21. Now this deal is amazing with 8% cash reward + $100 cash back.
    Just bought a 2nd one from this post!
    Thank you Raj76.
    Great post

    • +1

      any advice or useful links to cook with this? We have had one of the old manual ones for years, and are waiting for this one to be delivered, but are worried about the learning curve.

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    Ordered one last night got 8% cashback

    just hope it arrives by 28th of January when the Cashback forms have to be handed in to Phillips

    • it didn't take that long to be delivered… I ordered on 24 and got it by 29 nov even though said it would be estimated to arrive just before Christmas.

      Now just waiting for the cashback to be transferred from Philips…

      I wonder how long this cash back will take.

  • Did anyone have any issues submitting their claim? I am trying to upload my receipt (350kb) on my laptop and via mobile and both instances the photo upload wouldn’t work. On my laptop it would load and the file name would appear, then just disappear. On mobile the load wheel just keeps spinning.

    • Nvm it worked today.

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