[Price Error] Hyper Extension 12" Freestyle Scooter $9 + Postage (Normally $89) @ Hobby Warehouse

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Let your little one cruise almost anywhere thanks to the Hyper-Extension 12" Freestyle Scooter! Featuring 12" (30cm) pneumatic all-terrain tires and a rear brake for added stopping power, this scooter is able to cruise on and off-road.

30cm pneumatic all terrain tyres
Rear brake stopping power
Super taut steel frame
4 bolt alloy stem
BMX handlebars
Complies with EN 14619:2015 CLASS A Safety Standard
Assembly required.

Mod: Orders were cancelled and refunded. Moved to forums.

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  • $15.95 shipping for me metro Melbourne. Total of $24.95 delivered. Not bad

  • +5
  • +1

    Hard to find age/height/weight recommendation

  • +2

    Thanks op bought one. Have no idea why

  • +1

    Thanks grabbed 2, I’m sure they will make great Xmas gifts

  • Any idea what age group this is for? Would make great Christmas presents

    • same thing on ebay sold by big w says 8-11

  • +1

    This is going to end badly

  • I searched age group and it said 8years plus just fyi

  • ToyRus has the exact same one for the same price

    P.s. OOS now


    • I did see that, it seems to be the same company as the checkout etc. is exactly the same and postage costs the same.

      • Ya, feels like a complete replica of ToysRus website xD

  • -2

    price error should be $99

  • Missed out.

  • Says sold out. Toys R Us as well.

  • Got one before it was sold out XD
    Dang it, my work Kris Kringle is tomorrow.

    • You work with 8-11year olds?

  • DAMN sold out, was the easiest xmas present too.

  • All gone :(

  • OOS

  • +1

    Recommended Age: 8-11 Years

  • does anyone paying with Paypal having to enter password and security code twice and having to change their password (paypal saying we are looking out for you)? The URL looks alright, but this never happened to me

    • +1

      I paid with PP with no issues.

      • Hehehehe

  • -1

    Hope people who got one get their orders fulfilled.

  • -1

    Ordered 2. 🤞

  • Sold out for me

  • Check out says:
    Your Order
    Hyper Extension 12" Freestyle Scooter Sold Out x 1 $9

    I suspect a lot of refunds will be needed for anyone who continues their order.

  • Got an order confirmation, let's see how it goes.

  • Confirmation.
    1 x Hyper Extension 12" Freestyle Scooter (HPE-41465) = $9

    Subtotal $9
    Standard Shipping $15.95
    Order Total $24.95

  • Just placed an order successfully with Hobby Warehouse

  • Says sold out but the order still goes through! Let's hope it doesn't get rejected

  • That's for the toys r us link*

  • Missed it :(

  • Can't place order anymore

  • every deal on Ozbargain seems to last about 20 mins recently :-(

    • Too many lurkers…😬

      • yep thats me I suppose

  • It's back online.

  • +1

    I must be a lucky person tonite! I had it in my cart at TRU, went to check out but it was out of stock. I re-entered the website and surprise surprise! I could check out with PayPal.

    Cross fingers.

    • Thanks - it's showing as back in stock!

    • Same. My order also just went through on TRU. You never know might get lucky. Half the fun of it….

    • Toyrus has anothet link for red color for $99.
      I bought one, but high likely they will cancel the order.

    • Same!

  • Thanks. Ordered one

  • "There's been an update to your online order and the status of your order has now been changed to Processed. "

    • Same here. Interesting…

  • +3

    lol I think someone missed a 9… the red one is $99: https://www.toysrus.com.au/hyper-extension-30cm-freestyle-sc...

    • Hyper Extension 12" Freestyle Scooter $9 + Postage (Normally $89)

      So they were putting the price up to put it on sale?

  • +1

    /grabs popcorn

    Waiting for the angry comments following cancelled orders :-P
    (that's of course if it is a pricing error and they don't dispatch)

  • +2

    I couldn't help but order earlier, but kind of secretly hoping it will get cancelled. We already have bikes and scooters and who's got room for all these things.. but a deal is a deal

  • Bargain of the year, sadly I missed out

    • +1

      Definitely a pricing error

  • Apart from getting a “processed” confirmation, has anyone gotten any other emails?

    • I have not

  • Just got a refund email. :(

    • Same. Would be nice if they indicated why they were refunding, but no information forthcoming on the email.

    • Same here :(

    • same. Knew it was too good to be true

    • Same no reason though

  • +2

    Click bait again and again…

  • Refunded booo

  • Did the people getting refunded order from Hobby Warehouse, or Toys R Us?

    • I got it from toys r us

      • Thanks. Me too, still waiting on my canx email though.

    • Hobby Warehouse.

      FYI both the same group.

  • Refunded from TRU…

    Just checked their Terms and Conditions:

    Placing an Order with Toys"R"US

    “You may place an Order by filling in the Order Form on the Toys"R"US Web Site and clicking the "Confirm Order" button. When you place your Order, we will issue you with an Order Number via email. By placing an Order, you make an offer to us to purchase the Products you have selected based on these Terms and Conditions. We will notify you that your order is being processed by sending you an Order Confirmation and tax invoice via email; however, we do not formally accept your offer until your order has passed our internal validation procedures for verifying the bona fides of each order placed, for the purpose of preventing credit card or payment fraud. Toys"R"US and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders in their sole discretion. We will confirm acceptance of your order when we send you an email confirming shipment of the goods you have ordered. If we cannot process or accept your Order after payment is received we will refund your order for the amount that is paid. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for third party fees or exchange rate differences in the event of order cancellation and refunds.”

    Party’s over…

  • Just got mine too

  • Hi, I am very sorry to report that my warehouse team have informed me of stock issues concerning the item Hyper Extension 12" Freestyle Scooter on your order. We will be processing a full refund of your entire purchase. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and courtesy. Regards, Toys R Us Customer Service Team

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