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Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earphones $148 Delivered (Was $249) @ Amazon AU


Price matching Harvey Norman. The copper ("Amazon Edition") version is still $249, but other colours like dark grey are discounted. Not the cheapest they've ever been but cheaper than black Friday/Monday deals.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Another 3rd party selling it for $135

    Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Enabled Case, Gray https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08L3FFKC3/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

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    Non Sport version only $105 on Amazon. Thats a better bargain IMO…since we spend 99% of our time NOT doing sporty things.

    Unless you are a sports person by profession….(I doubt that's the OZB audience).

    I have older version (sport, paid a premium too, only then to realise I don't need the waterproofing) that still works perfectly otherwise I would grab it.

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      I only spend 3% of my time doing sporty things, but 80% of the time I spend wearing headphones overlaps with the time I spend doing sporty things.

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        I've run for hours in the rain with these things in my ears. My only issue I've had is that in torrential rain I've had instances of water getting into the ear canal and killing the volume of the earphone (until they dry out, then they go back to being fine). My 75t Actives have been bomb proof for about 18 months now.
        My only complaint is that the charging pads on the headphones are looking a little tarnished where they contact the charging pins in the case even after cleaning them up with isopropanol wipes.

        • How did you find them for running? Do they stay in your ear? Mine seem to come loose very quickly, almost to the point of falling out

          • @scepticpsych: They're fine for running for me? They seem to come loose in the rain more than when it's dry, hence the water issue, but generally they're fine.
            I had to try all the sizes of rubber to get the right fit, and I tend to have one larger than the other due to my weird head.
            I more have an issue if I'm wearing them while working in the garden since I find they come loose much faster if I'm bending over picking stuff up repeatedly.

            • @astevens: How do you run with these on? I can hear my footsteps, let alone running

              • @Danneo: Don't know what to say, mate. These block my ear holes fine so I have little effort in not hearing my foot steps. The missus whinges if I wear them around the house without audio pass through because I miss what she says.
                When running I'm more concerned with the noise of my breathing/heart rate pounding in my ears, than my foot falls.

          • @scepticpsych: I had the same concerns about staying in your ear, they are completely fine for running, never fall out. Their passive noise cancelling is excellent, then you turn on ANC and it’s superb

        • I cycle a lot with Bose Soundsports, listening to music is fine but when I'm on a call, the other side having issue hearing me because of the wind noise. Do you have the same issue with 75t?

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            @onomatopoeia: Surely this is a function of wind over the microphone, which is inherent in any set like this.
            I suspect it's the same with this (I haven't tried), but it was certainly the case with my JBL sprints. I always had to stop cycling to talk to someone, otherwise all their hear is wind in the mic.

        • wow…hours of torrential rain and still works after a dry out. Seems quality. Very tempted

    • Where is it for $105?

      Currently 144.95 on Amazon AU

      • see other options on the right and click/touch on classic wireless option.

        Just bought one.

        • Thanks! Bought them for $105 as well.

          • @aidanr: Me too! Great deal.

            • @joshptyltd: I can't see it… It's showing 145. Did I miss out?

              • @kickling: Same here, not showing for me either

                • @Ozimodo: Looks like it's gone up in price now :( Just hope it wasn't a pricing error and that they honour it.

                  • @joshptyltd: Awesome price if you get it!

                    Because I think that one was sold by the 3rd party and not Amazon themselves

        • @aidanr: @hluu0111: I've got a feeling that the ones we have ordered will be fakes.

          Interestingly, the seller was JAN SPORT which was a newly launched store with no feedback. If I click on "view order summary", it now says the seller is jabra uk which is also a newly launched store with no feedback. So something weird going on here..

          Hopefully Amazon buyer protection will side with us.

          • @joshptyltd: I ordered the active one for $125 from Jan Sport as well. Showing as shipped from Jabra UK. Hopefully, it is a genuine one. Might send Jabra an email to confirm if it is genuine when I receive it.

            • @mwclih: Yeah, I found this good video to help identify if it's a fake:


              • @joshptyltd: Cheers!

              • @joshptyltd: Anyone received the pair from Jabra uk or Jan Sport yet? They delivered mine to the incorrect address and had to redeliver another.

                • @mwclih: Received mine after requesting a new tracking number as they had given me a completely incorrect tracking number (wrong delivery company!). Totally fake, already submitted a issue through Amazon, hopefully things pan out OK

                  Edit: Literally just got a refund from Amazon as I was typing this comment out. Good luck with everyone else's claims!

                  • @lottox: Aww.. how did you tell it was fake?

                    • @mwclih: The charger was super light weight and flimsy. LEDs were lit through some small holes rather than having their own specific housing. The voice over was heavily accented. Very similar to the earphones in the video. Box also felt flimsy and was different from the other pair I had. Overall I could tell it was fake almost immediately but I had an authentic pair to compare to.
                      The above video would be extremely useful if you don't

                      • @lottox: Such a shame it's fake, but I'm not surprised. Mine's still in China at a DHL facility.

                        Atleast I can now keep an eye out for boxing day sales of the same device. This time from a legit seller!

                        • @joshptyltd: Got mine today and they are definitely fake. I have requested a refund through Amazon.

  • How do these compare to the Samsung galaxy buds plus?

    • -1

      The biggest difference is in usability. Aurally I don't think we can appreciate any minuscule differemce.

      From memory the Samsung buds have a touch sensitive interface on the buds. Where as Jabra Elite are hard switches you have to press. Only you can decide what works best for you.

      • +2

        On the "touch interface" vs "hard physical switches", once you mix in sweat/rain I'll take the physical button everytime. My old JBL sprint (touch interface) like to change volume, change songs, play/pause, and everything else based on phantom touches after a while in the rain… No such issues on the Elite 75t Actives. YMMV.

      • +2

        Aurally I don't think we can appreciate any minuscule differemce.

        You usually can, it's just a question of whether this is acceptable to you. These TWS IEMs are not all sharing the same drivers involved, or the same enclosure, or the same tuning and tips used to combine to the two and dampen/house/secure, then transmit audio into your ear canal.

        We're talking physics and acoustics here, with most parts being different. This kind of faux-subjective commentary leaves people wandering around in a dark room feeling around for answers while companies get to slap whatever marketing they like on tripe, mostly uncontested due to the confusion.

        If you don't know, just say you don't know.

    • Noise cancelling is not good, volume is particularly low. I returned mine. (I've never tried Galaxy buds however, sorry)

    • Jabra has multi point (connect to multiple devices) which works great listening music from phone while not missing any MS teams calls at the same time. Neither Apple nor Samsung allow it.

  • what about the elite 3?

    • they are $83 on TGG commercial if you have access

    • As an old 65t user I'm not that chuffed with the Elite 3s I got as a replacement. The mono mode and long battery life is very appreciated but there's a weird 'on off' hear-through thing that happens at random, and the tone on telephone calls is far worse than the old series. I'd probably go the 75s.

  • Is this decent for calls on the go and in say MS Teams calls in the office? wife's heading back to work from Mat leave and needs a pair for work.

    • +1

      Was using these for MS Teams and Zoom calls at work with no issues.

    • Been using these and the previous model at work for 2-3 years now and am pretty happy overall. Only negative side in my opinion is that these types of headphones get a bit uncomfortable in the ears when used for long periods, i prefer over-ear headphones when I have a lot of virtual meetings while working from home.

      • Wife wants earphones due to the small form factor.

        How is it taking calls outside?

        She has used my Sony XM3 outside and thinks they are terrible. Both when I've called her and when she been out using it and I've called her.

      • What do you use for over-ear for virtual meetings? I have XM3 and they're terrible for that.

        • I just use some Jabra Evolve 40's which have an extended mic - like the ones customer service or service desk team members might use.
          I find them really comfortable and the extended mic does a good job of isolating outside noise.

      • I'm interested as well in the over-ear choice for meetings. These do get uncomfortable after about an hour

        • I've been using my Bose QC35 II and they've been great for virtual meetings, however can be a bit fiddly at times as you may have to manually switch between "headset mode" and "headphones mode" on your laptop if jumping between virtual meetings and music.

      • When using for work I use a size smaller ear fitting then I would normally and have been able to wear them all day.

  • Good price for the actives. I bought these predominantly for running, but found that it didn't take long for them to become a bit loose. Feels like they're about to fall out at times. Anyone else have the same experience?

    • I am using the buds attached to the earphones when they arrived. I can wear them for hours.

    • +1

      I think it all depends on your ear canals. My won't stay in cos my ear canals are too small

  • +1

    They've gone up to $157.95 now

  • should i get this or wait for beats fit pro 2022 ?
    Apple AU staff confirmed beats fit pro will released early 2022, not this year unfortunately

    • I would consider other options.

  • How do these compare to the 85t (especially in the sound department)?
    Also, why the jabras are so liked here?
    I recently got the buds pro for 139$ and the 85t for 175$. The sound on the 85t was horrible compared to the buds pro. I am returning the 85t but still slightly concerned about the ear infection thing with the buds pro.

  • +1

    just a word of warning, i bought the 85t about 4 months ago and im having issues with audio cutting in and out when connected to my ipad pro and another device. Ive been reading a few forums online and it seems to be a common issue for many users of the 75t/85t

  • +1

    I bought these on the sale two weeks ago and they're defective. The left ear peice can not maintain a connection. This is a known issue so I'll have to be returning them for a refund unfortunately

  • OOS?

  • what's so good about these vs airpods?

    I even have some taotronics headphones and they work average.

    • +1

      IPX57, one of the most dust, rain, and sweat resistant earbuds. Has active noise cancelling, decent app features including transparency mode.

    • They are absoloutely terrible vs airpods, trust me I've owned both. I'm tired of the endless hype for them here it's so silly.

      They were too quiet.

      They suffered major bluetooth lag.

      The noise cancellation is genuinely fake / tacked on.

      They're just cheap and look nice.

      Buy a proper set, I use Android and still love my Airpod Pros, these are great headphones.

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