Ants How to Effectively Control Them?

What works? Ants are getting into everything. Have tried various ant sand and ant dust products from Bunnings none work. Have also tried all the Ant Rid products, stations and liquid. Ants are not interested in eating anything it seems. Don't have the cleanest house but food is not left out and areas are food free and sugary messes are dealt with.

I understand how the little monsters work and they are yet to discover the pantry or get into any food stuffs which I'm careful to store correctly. They are however finding their way into electronics, desks, bedrooms and scaling walls etc. I never kill them directly knowing it just brings more. Need a bait that works…


  • Like some people above said, Borax with honey or a lil water worked a treat. Took 2 full days but you see results by the evening of the first day.

  • Gotta find where they come in from and seal it. I had ants problem for a few years where a little of food crumbs would attract them. We had to keep the house spotless and yet they still go in for water near the sink during hot days. Tried a number of baits and they just kept on getting in. So I decided just to track them to see where they got in from and after sealing about 5-6 different spots they finally stopped coming in. No ants for 2 years now.

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    Paying for pest control is a waste of money, spraying a surface to kill the worker ants is just dumb, think about it. Equally stupid is the "stop them from coming in" are people serious? We are talking about ants not rats ffs.

    You need to kill the nest and to do that you need the workers to take poison back to the nest where it slowly infects all the ants and kills them ergo borax and sugary concotion

    Stop them from coming in, lmfao, might work in a submarine.

  • I had ants all through my house last year and I couldn’t get rid of them! One day I accidentally left the lid open on my ‘Abc Kecap Manis Sweet Soy Sauce’ and all the ants gradually climbed inside the bottle and got stuck! No more ants!!

    • yep and release them into the park

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    Leave a large cake in your neighbour's backyard

  • you need to find out where they are coming from and hit the nest otherwise you'll never get rid of them
    my mum found out our ants were coming from a collection of nests in our driveway so she boiled the kettle then tipped hot water down all the holes

  • Try advion ant killer. The only thing i tried to ever work.
    Cost around $40-50 for one application on ebay.

  • Simple really, just shrink yourself down to ant-size, learn the local language, start an ant-revolt against the queen, become the new leader, migrate the nest away from your house, embiggen yourself, job done.

  • Syngenta Advion Ant Gel which is easy to get on eBay.

    Maxforce Quantum ant gel is also just as effective, but it's more difficult to source.

    These are to two most effective.

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    I thought ants coming inside was a sign it was going to rain - it has been raining a lot lately

    (this info is worth what you paid for it ;-)

  • Steal or …borrow Hank Pym's helmet.

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    Embrace them. The ants are your friends

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    Well what I do is follow the trail to a wall, window or door, and spray along the trail as I go in small spurts (just a really tiny spurt is enough for a group of ants), then go outside of where they seem to be coming in. (They can even come in through an extremely tiny gap in the brick mortar, as happened to my brother's house.) I spray along the trail to where it is coming out of the ground and give that a dose. Then I clean up. Mopping the area where they were concentrated is a good idea.

    I spent an hour this morning doing this because my kids had icy poles last night and had left some sticky drops on the tiles in a gap between the couches. I found ants all over it this morning. Ended up mopping the whole house anyway.

  • I've found the little plastic things that they crawl into and get infected work the best. Need a few to get in there and hopefully infect the queen and the whole colony will die.

  • I have an ant problem, but I always feel like Hitler every time i put the antrid out.

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    I used this product and find it very effective.

  • Do what humans do and start a new religion.

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    Tell them there is a deadly pandemic, show them 24/7 coverage of the deadly pandemic. Tell them that you just need 2 weeks to 'flatten the curve' and that they need to stay at home so they dont kill their grandmas. Gradually increase the restrictions with the promise that its the only way to get their freedoms back. Invent an injection that every ant needs to get every 2 weeks for theirs and their grandmas protection. Force them to wear masks and stay apart from each other to stop all the grandmas from dying. Once the ants no longer believe you, create another, more deadly varient to cause more fear. Once the ants start to rebel, hire bull ants to make an example of any ant that dares to question your supreme authority.

  • bluetooth

  • Ask Hank Pym

    • Ask Antman?

      • Well yeah. He's the original.

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    I had some persistent ones and deterrents weren't working. Ended up tracking down their entry point and blocked it over with sealant. No problem since.

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      Entry point… Spot on. That's the only way to stop 'em.

  • Bit of borax mixed with icing sugar and water. They love it. Mixed it up in dressing containers and left them outside where they were coming in. They ramped up for a bit, then stopped coming.

  • Found Raid to be effective. Works for me. Lasts a reasonable time - many weeks. You have got to trace them as far back to the entry point as possible and treat there. If the treatment isn't working they're able to physically avoid it. Got to find that entry point.

  • Ant baits , much better than spraying

  • baits never worked for me. i use ant sand to stop any immediate trails, then use a pest bomb in the ceiling space and under the house, this stops them for a few months at least.

  • i had a similar issue. You need to follow the "ant line" back to their source i.e. their nest. I spent a few minutes and it turned out they set up base/nest in my laundry sink (which we were not using). Once you find the nest, you need to destroy it and problem solved.

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