How Do You Tackle Eye Floaters? They Are Becoming So Annoying

Anyone got any lifehack to manage eye floaters? They Are Becoming So Annoying.


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    Is that like crap that wont flush down the toilet properly? I hate that too especially if they're not mine.

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    If they are getting that bad see your GP or an Optometrist asap.

  • A friend of mine had Laser Floater Treatment (LFT). The floaters haven't returned and that was ten years or more ago so I guess it works.

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    BFG9000 is best, or plasma rifle. Rocket launcher is also good, or chaingun if that's all you've got.

  • I've had multiple retinal tears in both eyes over the years, and each time I get a tear and the laser surgery to repair the tear, I end up with more floaters. They did an ultrasound on my eyes once, and the doctor basically said "wow, you have a lot of floaters". Duh, I've been telling you that.

    The specialists have said that about the only thing that can be done is to make an incision in the eyes and drain out the vitreous fluid, which will hopefully also suck out the floaters. They pump in gel to replace the vitreous, and your body should eventually replace it. It may or may not work for you, and there's even a chance that the incision may actually create more floaters. And it doesn't stop whatever it is that's making the floaters.

    There's also an experimental treatment with lasers, where they basically try to blast the floaters into smaller pieces. This can also sometimes result in more floaters.

  • If they become extremely bad it can be sign that your retina is going to detach soon, so best speaker with the professionals.

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    I mean, you really need a party of reasonably levelled-up characters to take them on. Take in a bunch of noobs and you're looking at a TPK scenario. Spread your party out so they don't fry your spellcasters in one hit with their anti-magic cone. Get your fighter tanks up close and in front to absorb their three reaction hits then try to smack them from behind. Having someone who can do Greater Restoration handy will help if someone ends up getting turned to stone.

    If you've got a role-playing DM rather than roll-playing you could try flattery and/or selling your services instead. Working for eye floaters can be a lucrative gig because they have plenty of sweet loot stashed away and they're often happy to share it if it means getting their job done.

  • Eye worms??

  • Would wearing sunglasses outside prevent it from creating it. Would polarised lenses benefit? Or is it too late as a 30 year old? I wear clear prescription glasses so buying new sunglasses can be costly.

    • You can't get cheap prescription sunglasses through private health?

      • I tried comparing and seeing how much private health insurance for me costs, it calculated to $2000-3000 a year. Sorry I don’t have health insurance at the moment. But I do have full comprehensive Shannons insurance for driving. I’m still questioning my previous comment.

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          You can't just get private health for a month, get new glasses covered, then quit? I believe Medibank waives 2 & 6 month waiting periods for extras, no idea if there's some special clause preventing that though

  • take MSM supplement, eye drops are better
    tabs work ok over time :) gl hf

  • Fish oil (omega 3 and 6) and a good multivitamin helped. Also kept watch of water intake, so increased it in my case.

    • so did it fade away in your case? Thanks

      • Yes, slightly…

  • Stop using your eyes like when you get home after you shower and change just lie in bed with your eyes closed for an hour she the floaters should go away.

    Just minimise eye usage.

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