Weird Website Came up This Morning after Leaving Pureprofile

I have my homepage on the desktop computer set to the Pureprofile survey website. I've been a member for 18 years and never had a problem. I use Firefox and set it ages ago to delete all history after I shut down. I shut down every day.

This morning after I left Pureprofile without logging in, so I could log in to gmail first, this weird website came up, about Emily getting a job. I've never seen it before. I got rid of it, checked windows defender, and it said everything was ok. I have windows 10 with windows defender.

I've now shut down the computer and typing this on my tablet. Should I be worried? Did they hack Pureprofile or did they pay Pureprofile to have their page come up, or is it some sort of malware?

I wanted to do internet banking today on the computer but now I'm worried.

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    Hang on.

    You log into Gmail every day?

  • Yes

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    You may be a tad too paranoid there. Suggest download and run a scan which focuses on malware that AV may not pick up. Also make sure your Firefox adblockers are working properly and not switched off.

  • Thanks. Will do.

  • Maybe your name is actually Emily? Congrats on the job!

  • What are the details about the website? Or did you have a link (don't have to click on it). Very rarely the survey companies will get tricked and post a link that redirects to a dodgy site. Or could be a malware type virus. If you search for the website details, you could find removal instructions etc.

  • Unfortunately I didn't write down the url but it did have an https address which I thought strange since it just appeared on the screen.

    I've just scanned with and it said I had 262 detections which I've quarantined.

    I don't think I have adblocker on Firefox - it said I had to add it as an extension and it wanted permission to access stuff on my computer. I'm very non techy with this stuff.

    • Go back into Malwarebytes and delete the files from quarantine. I recommend you get someone to backup your files and reinstall Windows. Also change your passwords and turn on two step verification. Do your banking on the tablet until you get the PC sorted.

      Yep you need to give the adblocker extension permissions to install.

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        Thanks :-)

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      I don't think I have adblocker on Firefox

      Get one asap, 262 detections is a scary number to have.

      it said I had to add it as an extension and it wanted permission to access stuff on my computer.

      It needs access to install and scan files.

      Also install 'Privacy Badger' to add an extra layer of protection.

      • Thanks :-)

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          I have adblocker on Firefox

          I use "uBlock Origin" with Firefox, you can also configure DNS to use "Adguard DNS"

          • @bazingaa: I don't think I'm up to configuring things. I got one of the Recommended ad blockers on Firefox, it's called Adblocker Ultimate, and also got Privacy Badger.

  • Unless I typed in gnail instead of gmail and it came up right away with the weird site?

    • Go back through your history and look

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      So you're now telling me you log in and out of Gmail everyday and also manually type in the URL?

      • Yes. Is that wrong?

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          It's not wrong. Just seems very time consuming especially if you have 2FA.

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      Password manager would solve that as it wouldn't resolve a user/pass for an incorrect domain name (despite looking similar due to similar characters or unicode fonts)

      Way more secure than just deleting your browser history every day (pointless unless you're trying to hide your day on pornhub)

  • I can't because I shut down the computer and now that history is gone (just checked). I didn't think of that before, checking the history.

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    I've put on the Adblocker and privacy Badger and changed my passwords. Thanks, everyone.

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    I'm 99% certain this post is someone working from the Pureprofile marketing team.

    • LOL! I've been using the internet for years but I'm not techy although I can use the covid app on my phone, but I had to buy a new phone to use it as my previous phone is pre-smart and can't access the internet, but I can get a signal on it next to the kitchen sink through Telstra long life $30 for 6 months. Which is more than I can say for my new phone I bought for $29 last year and then had to spend $25 to unlock it as it was with Vodafone and I can't get a signal with it at the kitchen sink or anywhere else in the house.It's now with Woolies mobile which I read is Telstra too, but at least I get 10% off groceries once per month. So I still use my old phone to get the sms codes for banking, etc.

      I'll probably be posting some time soon about needing a new phone with the blue rural tick that's also a smart phone, and how to port my old phone number. Because right now I'm operating the 2 phones, and I think it would be better if I just had the one phone that gets a signal and does the covid app, etc.

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