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[PS4] Free Rocket League - PlayStation Plus Pack for PS Plus Members @ PlayStation Store


This pack includes four unique customization items including Spoof Star BL Wheels, Ninja Star BL Boost, Seeing Stars BL Topper, and the Starscape Jr. BL Decal.

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    Thank you for sharing! Found this on my PS Phone app this morning while searching the 'trending' section.

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    I'm on the phone too and a PS Plus member, however I cannot select add to library - instead it is greyed out and says 'subscribe and buy'?

    Edit - I was in the wrong region…

  • Great. Hope this is account wide so I can use on pc

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    There are a crap ton of PS Plus Exclusive Packs.

    Fortnite, Avengers, Warframe, and plenty more.

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    Forget the deal this game is NOISE!

    • what

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    What a save!
    What a save!
    Chat Disabled for 3 Seconds

    • WAHt a save

  • Once claimed do these items so up if you login via other platforms?

    • Nope, only usable on psn :(

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    • What a game!

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