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8ft Foam Surfboard $199 (Club Membership Required) + Shipping or Pickup @ Anaconda


Body Glove 8 Feet Heritage Surfboard Brown 8 ft
Carve up the waves in this 8' soft top surfboard offering a durable roughened top deck, HDPE slick, EPS core and 3 Nylon box fins and ankle leash included

8' IXPE / EPS/ HDPE Surfboard
Included 3 Nylon Box fins along with coiled leash
Printed roller graphic

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  • Are these any good for learning on?

  • Yes depending on bodyweight. This 8ft should be good up to 90kg maximum imo. (PS surfer for 40yrs).

    • Brilliant, thanks

    • Would you recommend this as a surfboard for beginners? What would be the main differences between this and more expensive ones? Only been surfing once D:

    • i am embarrassed to say that i am over 90kg. i am 94.617284561237846 kg. do i need a 9ft board? also why isn't the measurements in metres?

      • No need to be embarrassed , we dont judge by size here…… value judgement yes, size no :)

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          thank you, i was scared to admit that. so many toxic people on this website, glad you aren't one of them.

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    These boards are good to learn on as they have good flotation and fairly stable. Out of this one and the Kmart one, I would pick the Kmart surfboard as its half the price and would do the trick unless the person using it is quite heavy. Please change the leg rope to a proper leg rope as it does not have a rail saver and will easily cause damage along the back rail. A more expensive surfboard would be made out of fibreglass and you would be looking at a minimum of $400.

    • I picked up a Kmart one for the kids yesterday. It's really light which will make it easy to handle. I was wondering if the IXPE / EPS/ HDPE from anaconda might make it a bit heavier and less 'reactive ' due to the mass of the board. Kids are in sufing less lessons with surfgroms at the moment on what seems to be a good quality 'softboard' but they are about $600 to buy like this one.

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    Kmart one is now $59

    • Noticed this today, wonder if it's worth grabbing one.

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