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TOPEX 4V Cordless Hot Glue Gun Fast Preheating $25.99 (Was $39.99) + Delivery (Free to Most Areas) @ TOPTO


Up to 35% Off ! TOPEX 4V Cordless Hot Glue Gun Fast Preheating $25.99 (Was $39.99) + Delicery(Free to Most Areas) @TOPTO

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    Seriously? Something that takes a minute to heat up, can be left unattended for 20 minutes, and competes against say:


    Which is from a shop you can return it to easily should it fail?

    This is Ozbargain.

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      The topto one comes with 30x glue sticks, the lincraft one comes with 2x glue sticks, if we're comparing….

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      The topto one is rechargeable.

      These things eat batteries so I'd hate using AA even if they were eneloop.

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      The topto one is red, so goes faster

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        faster in the bin? Assuming there is one cell in there average voltage 3v and 1.5Wh so you get 4Wh.

        However if you have a 80W charging brick attached then it might be useful but no longer cordless.

        • Heh, faster is faster, I didn't say it was any good :)
          Also I'm sure the 3V,1.5Wh and getting 4Wh makes sense to those in the know but it went straight over my head.

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      The topto one has top in its name

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    This is the correct solution:


    We all have ozito batteries now due to the recent deal.

    • Agreed, Bunnings/Ozito have good warranty and lots of stores to return to.

      Not much reason to go with this

  • I have a Bosch Glue Pen, the preheat time is basically ignorable. Ready to use about 10-15s after switch on.

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