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CUA (Now HBF) to Return Cash Back to Qualified Members Due to COVID (Update Bank Account Details if You Are Not in Direct Debit)


Similar to this BUPA announcement,

CUA Health is returning $3.7 million to those who held Hospital and/or Extras cover between 25 March 2020 and 30 June 2020.

Update Your Bank Account Details if You Are Not in Direct Debit

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CUA Health Insurance

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    Thanks for posting on OzAnnouncements

    • is that you reporting every single deal

      • every single deal

        huh ?

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    It's your turn now HCF

  • Love getting health insurance cashback in the middle of a pandemic.

  • Got $12 back from Qantas lol pieces of sh*t

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    Better than nothing. Private health insurance providers had it pretty good in this pandemic.

    Hope they have parked those unclaimed portion aside for the surging in claims once all over. Will be sht if they use the post pandemic surge as an excuse to hike premium.

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      No money left over, all paid in bonuses.

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        Can imagine at the annual corporate event and the CEO gives the speech

        '… This year has been unprecedented… and it's a record profit year!'

  • Not to be confused with HBF
    CUA health was sold by former CUA bank (not Great Southern Bank)

    Have to see if HBF are coughing up some return money too!

  • BUPA next?

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    HIF might want to participate in this also since they’re non profit

  • They have no obligation to do this, I wonder what other companies other than insurance will make similar offers?

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