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[PS4] Persona 5 Royal - $37.97 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


A great JRPG that can take over a hundred hours if you do the extras.

Haven't seen a good price on the physical copy in a long while.

New Content in Persona 5 Royal vs Original:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +14

    this game is really good, very few games that I actually finished in the past few years

    • +1

      I finished the original, don't want to start Royal because i know it will be another 150+ hours

  • +15

    Just passed 100 hours in my playthrough. If you like JRPG's, give it a shot.

    Don't be too proud to use a walkthrough.

  • +1

    Need $11 to get free shipping

  • +14

    $35 right now for digital deluxe edition with ps plus.

    • +1

      I reckon that's as cheap as it's ever going to get.

    • whats the difference between this and the P5 Royal version? Just digital or is there bonus content?

      • The digital deluxe version seems to have added costumes and a few quality of life items.

        Just check the 'add-ons' tab on Playstation store 'Persona 5 Royal Deluxe'

        I'd go for digital deluxe if you don't want the physical

        • +1

          I've gotten the physical - would be a shame not to hold copies of games like this

          • @OZcheepsk8: I have the original physical copy of the take your heart premium edition.

            I haven't had a game that made me buy it multiple times lol, but worth it.

            I do believe it will eventually be on Steam also, just like Persona 4.

    • Damn paid more in October and haven't played it yet after buying. Cheaper now by about $6

  • decent game

  • +5

    Not a huge jrpg fan, but was still hooked on this game. You definitely want to get the royal version over the standard if you haven't already played it.

    • hmm, but the standard version is free on ps5, hard choice.

      • +3

        Played both, I found the standard version harder which made it more fun for me.

  • +8

    Absolute steal for 100+ hours of quality content, but as mentioned, use a walkthrough if you need, it's pretty easy to feel a bit lost, especially once the game opens up.

    Save often, and use all your save slots.

  • +1

    thanks OP for $38 is a steal

  • If you want a digitial version, it is currently $39.98 on the Playstation store, or if you have PS Plus $35.08 for the deluxe edition.


  • great game, would happily buy it for a third time just to get a physical copy. wish they had a local copy in stock though.

  • why why why is this still not on switch…

    • Last chance is basically the upcoming 25th anniversary announcements - next one is sometime this month (they go until September 2022).

    • Given how poorly SMT V runs, it's pretty easy to see why they probably haven't tried to port it

      • LOL.

        Other than the absence of time-management and social link mechanics, Persona 5 is more comparable to Tokyo Mirage Sessions in terms of visuals and self-contained explorable locations.

        But sure, the Switch struggling with SMT V's massive open-world is surely a good metric for how the Switch can handle what is at its core a PS3 game.

  • Taking into consideration postage times from the UK and needing a UK account to download content, I went with the Aussie digital version which is about the same price and I can start playing it today. I’ve had this game on my to-buy list for ages, just waiting for a sale. Looks like it’s time to spend.

    • OzBargain comments report that (Marvel Avengers) UK versions work fine with AU region DLC/store!

      Sold it for me


      llzzz 16 hours ago

      yes, not only cheaper but u will have to worry abt the DLC region issue as thats a US version.
      this UK version should work fine with AU region DLC.

      rekkore 15 hours 19 min ago
      Wait there's no DLC issues when buying UK copies for ps5?
          llzzz 15 hours 12 min ago
          from experience UK n AU versions are the same versions using the same regions for DLCs.
              rekkore 12 hours 39 min ago
              @llzzz: I had a feeling that was the case, i remember Nintendo carts/discs were always just the UK ones with AU packaging/au ratings. Glad to know it's the same for Playstation
  • +1

    2017 was a really good year for gaming… Probably the best in my lifetime

    • The year when P5 was released and I had time to play and travelled to some locations in the game in Japan plus no covid

      Coincidentally, I had the privilege to see AoT themed skytree

      These days I got roo many titles so little time. My royal edition physical copy not played yet

  • Added Demon Slayer for PS5 (UK) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B097ZB3QVK for $48.86 to get me above the free shipping mark

  • +1

    Nice deal 👌

  • +2

    Got the Phantom Thieves Edition not played yet, paid well over $140

    • +1

      Same here. Mine is still sealed. Might keep it that way, and buy a digital copy at some point.

  • -3

    I came back here to find out what I paid for this game. This is a regret purchase for me as I’m an hour into the “game” but I haven’t done anything except listen to people say the same damn thing about a train crash. If anything, I wish I bought the physical copy so I could return it or trade it in.

    I’m seriously confused as to how this game is rated so highly when I’ve spent the first hour not doing anything.

    Is this all there is to the game? If not, when does it get good?

    Oh, and I worry about screen burn in on my OLED cause it has the sharp black and white contrast BIG text in the top left and bottom right screen that I can’t turn off.

    • I haven't played this but I have played Persona 4 Golden (possibly my favourite game of all time) and it took about 5 hours to hook you in. Once it hooks you in you get addicted.

      Do you like RPG, grindy, story based games? If so then you would like this. If you like games for people with short attention spans then you probably won't like it..

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