Which Traffic Transgression Bothers You The Most on The Road?

Wether its a calm "what's this cabbage up to?" or vein busting anger outbursts at the wilful dangerous stupidity you just witnessed, what is it that people do when driving / sharing our roads that annoys you the most?

Hoons? Speeding? Driving too slow? Drivers on phones? Right lane hogs? Inattention? Failing to stop, give way, indicate? Cyclists?

Riding a motorcycle, not stopping/giving way winds me up, I always feel like they haven't seen me but it seems to be intentional most of the time. And bloody mobile phones.


  • wearing a frickin mask while driving… c'mon, seriously?

    closely followed by tailgaters (pardon the pun)

    followed by idiots who drive 10-20km/h below the speed limit when there's one lane, speeding up when there's an overtaking lane.

    • +3

      how does someone wearing a mask in their car/personal space impact you in anyway

      • -1

        It does if it interferes with their visibility and cognitive function. There's literally no need to be wearing one in a car, even if they did actually work.

        • It's actually safer to keep your mask on than take it on and off all the time. There's a reason why the hotel quarantine workers were eventually instructed to change masks everytime they come back from a break.

        • +1

          Visibility, maybe if you're wearing it over your eyes. But Cognitively? How? It's a piece of cloth, it doesn't interact with you neurons in any capacity.

        • you clearly don't know how masks are supposed to be worn.. they're not meant to be on your eyes - they're not glasses. and it goes without saying one should definitely not consume it up as a drug - to impact their cognitive function.. I mean for starters it would taste disgusting but to each their own.

    • I don't get the tailgater pun; can you back it up?

  • +4

    Slow drivers - wtf u doing, step on it grandma!

    Speeding drivers - fnk idiot, hope there's a cop down the road and you lose your license.

    Drivers doing the speed limit - who the fk does the speed limit?! Get out of the way.

    Driver that cuts you off - fkn (profanity).. hope you crash and die.

    Drivers that don't follow the road rules - learn to drive you moron.

    Cyclists - get the fk off the road, or you gonna end up in hospital sooner or later

    Pedestrians - don't fkn press the damn button and hold up traffic, just jay walk.

    Every other car in traffic - can't you all just stay home?

    • +1

      this is why i avoid all jobs that are 9-5 or even 10-6 or where the commute is during school hours

      better off starting 6am but even that shift sucks especially on a monday

    • Cyclists - get the fk off the road

      Just wow. What an absolute champion you must be.

  • Overly cautious driving. And slow drivers.

  • +3

    Slow drivers in the hills who refuse to utilize slow vehicle turnout lanes. Or who speed up when you attempt to overtake. Yesterday in my MX5 I was behind someone going 60 in an 80 zone, even slower in the corners. I finally get a decent spot to overtake, and they speed up to 110.

    Incorrect speedometers.

    People going side by side on the highway below the speedlimit.

    Mobile speed cameras. I don't want to have to look down at my speedo frequently, especially when merging. I also had an old Hiace without cruise and it was a huge pain to consistently stay on 110kmph.
    Fixed redlight cameras are fine.

    I generally don't get many people cutting me off. Have a low small car makes you drive pretty defensively on busy roads.

    • hahaha, that was probably me in my van yesterday, very old diesel, up hill it's pushing it to get to 60, down hill it wants to do 120

      • well, no, because you posted a few days ago … but it could have been :)

  • +5

    There's a lots and lots of dipshit bitches of all kinds of genders who love to merge in front on you and then decide to do 65km/h in an 80 zone.

    Like wtf is this?

    I dont even mind if someone comes out of a side street onto a main road and they hit the horsepower and get the hell out into hyperspace but if you have jump onto a main road in front of me and I have to at get off the throttle then at least have the courtesy to get up to the stated road speed limit (or more?) - I dont care how fast over the limit you go, just GO!

    • hahaha. spot on.

    • best is when they force there way in and move along at a snails pace. meanwhile theres no car behind me for 5km.
      how about you frikking look at everything instead of just focusing on ooh small gap. lets get it.

  • +1

    The ones that don't keep left unless overtaking.

  • +2

    Huge annoyance to me is when people leave massive gaps in turning lanes or when they’re stopped at a set of lights.

    I get leaving a gap if you’re at the end of the queue in case you get rear ended, but when 30% (or whatever) of the people waiting in a turning lane leave a 2-3 m gap between them and the car in front when they are stopped in a turning lane it forces the people at the end of the queue onto the main road and drivers have to change lanes because the lane is blocked. This is even more of a pain when it’s peak hour.

    People need to keep their gaps close at the lights and get off the mark quick so the most amount of people get through the intersection at a time especially at peak hour.

    Also I drive manual, and what really shits me is during peak hour when people slow down to like 1 km/hr. Just freaking move up to the car at the end of the queue and come to a dead stop ffs, none of this slowing down so much I have to downshift to first gear because the person in front of me is driving so damn slowly thinking as if they’ll get to their destination faster because their car is constantly moving forward.

    • It's like this: if you can't see the road between their rear tyres and the front/bonnet of your car over your dash, you're too close.

    • +1

      Also I drive manual, and what really shits me is during peak hour when people slow down to like 1 km/hr.

      I just roll forward as far as I can and stop. Unless the gap opens up to more than about 1.5 car lengths or the driver behind is offering to chip in for my clutch expenses, I'm staying there until the traffic starts moving properly.

      Occasionally you'll get a moron who thinks that not doing 8* hillstarts up a carpark ramp in stop-start traffic means it'll take longer to get up said ramp…

  • +1

    People who come to a complete stop at a roundabout with no traffic entering. I lose it!

    • When I learnt to drive my instructor always told me to “look early” at roundabouts so that when you approach you don’t have to come to a complete slowdown to go through it.

      I’m surprised that so many people slow down so much at roundabouts.

    • I never stop at round abouts unless there's a car. Ain't no body got time for that. You slow roll. If you have long visibility then do it at a higher speed.

  • +1

    Driving in the country when coming to passing lanes, and the (profanity) out front sittin on 80 in 100 towing his mobile roadblock holding up 40+ cars and trucks, they see the 'keep left unless overtaking' sign and think it means floor it and hit 130+

  • +2

    Not having headlights on while you're driving a black car.

    • dont own a black car

      had two in my life and really, has so many close calls at night

      also utter bastard to keep clean

      once you go black you never go back

    • Also driving with DRLs on at night instead of headlamps. See this way too much.

  • +3

    People who think 40km/h roadwork areas on freeways don't apply to them. You'll try to do the right thing and slow to even just 60 or 55-ish (because hey, slowing all the way to 40 when everyone else is trying to run up the back of you just poses a danger) and you're by far the slowest car and yet even after passing the third set of flashing lights, with all overhead lane signs flashing 40, you'll think some (profanity) is going to run up the back of you at 80km/h.

    Like seriously, the other day driving down the ring road, we're over a km in to a 40km/h zone and you've still got people doing 80. Same thing on the ring road roadworks at the moment.

  • The blind navigation followers. ‘Turn right up ahead’ turns right but never mind that cabbage stop sign

  • +1
    1. Drivers who are about to merge onto a highway/freeway/wherever and refuse to accelerate to the speed limit of the traffic they are merging with. Numerous times I have seen drivers sitting 20kph under the speed limit of the merging traffic, making it more dangerous for all.

    2. Drivers on the highway/freeway who need to turn off, and decide to slow down before getting on the turn off lane. Again, numerous times where I am, at my turnoff, in an 110kph zone, the left lane is down to 90kph due to people slowing down before turning off.

  • People who start honking without having situational awareness. For example when there's someone coming in or out of the car next to the lot I want to park in and I have to wait, with the idiot behind blaring his horns because he thinks I'm an idiot.

  • +1

    Fog lights on at any time when there clearly isn't any fog (pardon the pun)

  • -1
    1. Being overtaken approaching a red light
    2. Mobile phone/distracted/dangerous driving
    3. Slow on a fast lane
  • Jaywalkers

    • Jaywalkers don't bother me so much as the people who walk without any effort to speed up and then expects other cars to slow down for them. Some guy tried that on me once at an intersection in an area with barely any lights.

  • +2

    Right lane hogs

    Just not keeping left when possible.
    In all and every kind of roads.

    • But that isn't the law, at least in QLD.

      • But that isn't the law, at least in QLD.

        Regardless of laws or rules, that is what bothers me the most.
        How hard can that be. Keep left.

  • Mine is those who drive so slow down the road, but as soon as it's a red light, they don't have time to stop and run the red… then have the gall to beep at the cars that have to swerve to miss them.

  • Tailgating, or anything that is fundamentally dangerous like texting or drink-driving.

  • +1

    People driving with HIGH beams ON even where there are street lights. Biggest annoying thing ever as the glare in my rear view mirrors is blinding.

    • Tip in case you're not aware. The rear view mirror can be flipped up. That will mitigate most of that.

      • Yes, I am aware about the rear view mirror flip. But what to do about the side mirrors? Don't want to spend on photochromatic side mirrors.

        • I've heard you can angle the mirror to reflect the light back at the offending car. I've only tried it once or twice but couldn't get it to work myself though.

      • I did this once but found flipping it back to the right position was difficult while you're still driving on the freeway. Did I miss a trick?

        • Mine only has two positions when flipping so it's not an issue for me.

  • Using the left overtaking lane at the lights when you're really slow and can't merge without causing traffic to stop.

  • Aggressive, entitled right-laners (see also: tailgaters). Here's an unpopular truth that also aligns with how traffic is meant to flow optimally: 'overtaking' means passing the other car, it does not mean 'accommodating the speed of the fastest a**hole racing up behind you'. If I'm going past the car on my left, I'm overtaking - your attempts to break the brisbane-to-gold-coast record have no bearing on my speed or behaviour.

    If these dangerous morons could get over their fantasies about how safe and amazing their driving skills are, they'd realise that erratic driving is actually the number one cause of the traffic congestion we all hate.

  • +2

    Swerving right to turn left pisses the shit out of me; such a stupid, redundant yet common manoeuvre.

    Also, the arseholes just dying to get that spot ahead of you at the lights; why…

  • +1

    Idiots who make a wide turn enough to drift into the other lane.

    Idiots who don’t know they can enter the bus lane within x metres prior to making the turn.

    • I should have just read this post. It's only one up from me. Thoroughly agree. Annoys the living shit out of me.

  • People who turn right, then swing out to the left to do so on a two lane road. People who turn left, then swing out to the right to do so on a two lane road.

  • Anybody here complaining about Uber?
    Often Uber taxis are heard to tell and they suddenly pull over to the side or stop in the middle of the road. I live in an inner city Melbourne suburb where roads are congested and there are no stop signs. Uber often stops right in front of the no-stop sign and holds up traffic; e.g. outside South Yarra Woolworths, River St.

    Other things that annoy, larger vehicles like utes, trucks, delivery vans cutting into the main road without any regard; Its the driver on the main road who have to break hard to avoid crashing into the vehicle joining the road.

  • Ok, I'm now outraged at the number of people who appear to show no consideration for other vehicles/drivers/riders on our roads.
    The roads are a shared space. We all want to get where we want to go, safely.
    A few extra minutes won't hurt you.
    Sometimes people (i.e. all of us) make mistakes. Give them a wave and move on with your life.

    • Agreed extra minutes wont hurt and the road is a shared space, but there are road rules such as 'no-stopping' to keep people safe and use the road safely. An uber pulling suddenly to the side in a no-stop or stopping in the middle of the road (at most times without any indication), invites an accident. People do make mistakes but Ubers doing this constantly is not a mistake, rather convenience and selfishness.

      • Sure.
        But a minute whilst a taxi drops off a passenger in a 'no stopping' zone is only a minor annoyance.
        Uber drivers don't constantly do those things; maybe frequently? And again, they are just trying to make a living, same as the other commercial drivers out on our roads.

        • The taxi driver even gets paid handsomely for the extra minute it takes to drive around the corner to a legal dropoff spot - there are plenty of legal options for taxis, including driveways, loading zones etc. They should reimburse other road users for the inconvenience if they wish to "purchase" that for their own passengers

          I don't know why so many drivers seem to have no clue about why "no stopping" zones exist - a lot of the time they're supposed to maintain sighting distances so you can pull out of a side street with more than 0.5 seconds of vision to avoid getting t-boned

  • +1

    Not using the indicators when they should, bothers me all the time!

    • +2

      Absolutely agreed!!!
      Its shocking to see the number of drivers not indicating at all; its like cars these days have no indicator fitted at all.

      And what about people who indicate on a highway and just join the lane without looking at all, thinking its their right of way; The cars on the joining lane cant suddenly disappear.

    • Pretty sure Audi BMW and Mercedes don't have indicators fitted. 🙄

  • Other drivers deliberately speeding up to prevent you from merging when you're clearly ahead

    • There is a fundamental misunderstanding by a sizeable minority of Australian drivers (old and new) about how “form one lane” works. Seems most drivers can make the distinction between “x lane ends” and “form one lane”, but some interpret both to mean “person in left lane gives way regardless”.

  • A failure to keep a constant speed. I find it crazy when I catch a car on the highway and I pass them, they sit on my tail for 5 minutes, and another 5 minutes later I've lost sight of them in my rear vision mirror… and 10 minutes later they're on my tail again, with a 50/50 chance they'll pass me again later. I'll be religiously using my adaptive cruise control for that entire time too.

    I have plenty of other grievances but they could generally be summarised as being a lack of consideration and a lack of situational awareness or forward planning - they tend to go hand in hand.

  • +3

    Slowing down to merge onto a freeway when you've got plenty of clear road ahead of you. Speed up to the speed of the freeway, it'll make merging easier and it's nicer to other motorists.

    • People associate slower with safer when they should be matching the speed of the traffic.

  • +2

    Those that only care that THEY get through on a turning lane on the intersection - sometimes the car in front will reach the end of the intersection turning lane before the next car enters it! It really grinds my gears when there are 10+ cars waiting, and the light duration is so short generally only 5 will get through each time, though if everyone was paying attention could fit 8 - there's a long wait on the light, the first person is on their phone and starts late; AND then because of these people, only 3 cars get through.. Other than the situation at a short-timed intersection light with many people waiting; I'm one of the worlds most patient drivers (unlike my wife who scares me… speeding up to a red light; which is also an annoyance, but mostly just when I'm in the car, and the one paying for petrol/car servicing)
    Also, people who are in a turning lane take up half the straight lane when they need to turn - your car is not a oversized load truck, and you need not worry counter-steering first, or be concerned about the back of your Mazda 2 hatch clearing the curb if you just follow the turning lane. These people unnecessarily cause accidents.

  • +1

    Drivers who cannot stay in their lane around a multi-lane roundabout.

  • +3

    People who drive slow in front of you when you need to merge with traffic going at 80kph or higher.

    Close second, people who queue in intersections and stop side traffic from being able to enter the intersection before the lights change again.

  • +1

    Tesla drivers. Had someone with no provocation give me the finger for no reason whatsoever when they pulled up next to me about 40 seconds after I stopped at the lights because I drive a modified wrx sti.

    • That's why I tend to look at the road ahead of me and what's behind me. The only time I look towards the side is when I'm changing lanes or parking.

  • +1

    Driving under the speed limit by any amount!

  • Tailgating speeder weaving brown turds

    They stink bad and they’re everywhere in every crevice imaginable.

    A befitting tribute to their parents who raised them to become the poop of the year!

  • +1

    I dont know if anyone has mentioned this before, but the one thing that drives me crazy is seeing cyclists use the road, then weave to pedestrian walkways when it suits them (if stopped at a red light and there's a green man at the lights), then back on the road to get around the road red light. I'm perfectly fine with cyclists on the road, but if you're willing to be on the road, then you stick to the same rules that I have to.

    • +1

      Why does that drive you crazy? How did it impact you?

      • it impacts you as you're supposed to keep 1m distance from the but it seems to be a one way street

        they can get close to you and its all good but when you inadvertently get close to them becuase of their riding they seem to cry in their lycra panties

        saying that i dont mind cyclists if they just get out of the damn way

        too many seem to love to hold up a line of cars going up a slight incline

        • This. Luckily nothing like this happened to me recently. Mostly happened 3+ years ago when the tension between cyclists and car drivers were quite high so there were quite a few cyclists who deliberately cycled erratically to provoke anger.

          I had the biggest scare in my life when I drove on 70km Hoddle Street (between Bridge Road and Victoria Street) over the weekend around 11 AM (any local would know how back-to-back the traffic is like) when a bicycle that's been on the sidewalk suddenly 'jumped' no more than 2 metres from the front of my car. I braked so hard and prayed I wasn't going to start a pileup. The cyclist just rode away quickly and later down the road I saw he was back on the sidewalk so I moved to the next lane. I pretty much bought a dashcam the next day. I see various bad behavior back then too with cyclists focused more on their phone, drunk cyclists in the wee hours with no lights on, cycling in the dark… sigh. I don't mind cyclists on the road but I really don't want to kill anyone while I go about doing my errands and enjoying life.

  • +1

    People who throw lit cigarettes our their window. Yes, I will memorise your plate and I hope you enjoy your $500 fine, which, not to stereotype too broadly, is probably more than the value of the car you're driving.

  • +2

    Phones really. Rest are minor compared to the phones.

  • People who are careless opening doors in car parks. Its never a good sight coming back to your parked car with a fresh dent in the door.

  • +2

    People driving at least 10kph slower than limit in all types of speed limit zones.

    On the opposite side of the spectrum, in a car park most are driving around faster than they do on a main road.

  • +1

    People who just paid for their petrol come back to their car to sit there/check phone/apply make up when there is 2-3 car queue behind them. Just move your ass damnit

  • People who are incosiderate of other drivers. I am always keen to get through an intersection: not because I'm in a hurry, but so the other drivers behind me can also get through without having to wait longer than necessary.

    And then you get that one drongo who either isn't paying attention or is using a feather to push the accellerator and you end up getting enough space for two B-double's between them and the guy in front of them… I might end up getting through before the change, but there's still a lot of people behind me that don't. Gets my goat.

  • +1

    Right lane doing the speed limit…or under.
    People who chop and change lanes constantly.

  • -1

    Yes good question, I think it might be Lollypop persons as transgenders prefer the moniker 'they'.

  • Cyclists who change from being vehicles to bikes to pedestrians as they please.

    Choose one and stick to it

    (Fwiw most cyclists are much better than motorists)

  • Drivers who cut through 2 lanes of traffic because for whatever reason they must make the turn. Mate you didn’t prepare to be in the correct lane, keep going and u turn.

    Or those that don’t use the full slip lane leaving half their car in flowing traffic.

  • People who don't know the road rules.

    Common issue I have is people not knowing about priority between give ways and stops - for some reason, lots of people think that if there is a give way and a stop sign at two different entrances to an intersection, the give way always has priority. News flash - give ways and stops have equal priority, and the person with priority if there are both at one intersection is the one who would normally have priority.

    • mmmmm

      Who in your opinion gives way here?

      Both A and B have Stop signs. Car A gets to the Stop sign first intending to turn right.(Right blinker on)
      Car B arrives at the stop sign (intending to go straight) just after A.


      • If car A have not started turning, car B have priority. In most cases car A can see car B coming, car B will either go straight or turn left even if car B have not indicated and most likely will stop. Either direction s/he has priority so car A should stop and wait until B finished using the intersection.

  • Doing a 20 degree right turn into a street cutting into the opposing lane so they can keep up speed…

    Merging into the freeway doing 70…

    Abruptly giving way to people when they legally have way causing confusion to all around them…

    Where do I begin?

  • Being a learner / P player in NSW and having to merge onto a freeway with traffic going 110km/h at 90km/h which is their speed limit.

    Unsafe for everyone, and doesn’t teach how to properly merge onto the freeway

  • Honestly just build Netherlands quality bicycle lanes all across Australia and you won't have these issues. E-bikes are becoming more prevalent and cheaper anyway.

  • people that park their cars out of their driveway and across the footpath….total lack of care/awareness for the danger this puts people in wheelchairs/scooters who have to then cross onto the road.

  • When fully grown ass adults act like a baby.

    Had an encounter with this driver who decided to cut in front, causing me to have to brake for him, so I honked him, as it was dangerous. At the lights to turn right, when the lights turned green, he decide to be childish and not go (he was first at the lights, I was second), leading to a bunch of other cars honking. Wasn't till the lights turned yellow, he proceeded to cross very very slowly. Then continued going at like 20kmpr in a 50 zone to try and piss me off. I went even slower to make him stay slow, I had no where else to go lol.

  • People honking drivers waiting to make a left-turn while pedestrians are crossing.
    What do you want them to do? Run people over?

  • Drifting, or more annoyingly actively turning, right, when making a left hand turn on multi lane roads. You are not in a truck. You don't need to veer into or near the right hand lane to turn left.

  • Failing to Stop at stop signs.

    There are many intersections that when turning left with much visibility to the right hand side road near 100% fail to stop.

    Oh, and,

    Ppl who think it is okay to right blink and move to merge in front of me (forcing me to break) instead of just dropping in behind me (especially when there is nothing behind me) [I am not talking zip, I am talking give way to merge]

  • -1

    Be nice and let people cut in front of you and then they go slower than you or less than the speed limit! Or they quickly signal right turn! My top pet hates.

  • -1

    Drivers that tailgate for not apparent reason. Contrary to some Drivers beliefs it doesn't make me go faster as my foot automatically eases off the accelerator when all I see is the front windscreen of a tool in my rear vision window

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