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omg.... no wonder you're banned from WP
13/02/2022 - 11:09
just googled it, wow, they're still around... I remember you can get all those cool skins for them.
13/02/2022 - 11:05
Slow drivers - wtf u doing, step on it grandma! Speeding drivers - fnk idiot, hope there's a cop down the road and you lose your license....
02/12/2021 - 15:14
Everyone and everything
02/12/2021 - 00:02
This or the Phillips?
23/11/2021 - 18:50
I buy it if it's posted on ozbargain at a bargain price!
20/11/2021 - 21:39
So my big question is would anybody pay to be coached in this timeless battle against the house and what would they expect for their money?...
20/11/2021 - 21:21
mding was awarded a badge.
20/11/2021 - 21:21 OP's wondering if people will pay him to turn themselves into long term degenerate gamblers like him... haha that's a doozy...
20/11/2021 - 12:50
I thought he meant making fried eggs in the morning with the morning load...
31/07/2021 - 18:09
Got the white one, but it's now showing $89. Black one still $79, but has a longer delivery time, different warehouse maybe.
16/07/2021 - 20:57
S20 FE price has gone back up while waiting on the discount code.. oh well..
15/07/2021 - 18:55
Following doctor's advice and get x-ray is recommended. But if you don't want to do that, an alternative treatment is: 1) Buy...
10/07/2021 - 19:53
Wow... my order just got shipped. That was quick...
09/03/2021 - 23:58
The "in stock" date seems to change a lot... I ordered one last night when it was showing 15th of March - now its back to 27th of March. My...
07/03/2021 - 11:42
I still haven't worked out the chain one from a few years back...
21/02/2021 - 16:50
OzBargain is next.. ebay/amazon/Dell ect. will soon demand OZB to pay them for all the "content" they provide on OZB.
21/02/2021 - 10:18
Pity PCCG don't do pick up anymore. Extra $12 delivery even if you live next door.
25/11/2020 - 18:26
Now has a 2-4 weeks wait, guess its been ozbargained. Also anyone successfully bought the game from US eShop? It's only $15 on there right...
14/11/2020 - 15:14
Will these work with Intel? say i5 10400 on H470?
13/10/2020 - 19:23
Sent a couple of support tickets for refund, they just ignores the refund bit and brush you off... Opened a paypal dispute and had no...
30/09/2020 - 17:29
Same, its a dodgy site. I've opened a paypal dispute for the refund.
25/09/2020 - 20:36
This has been changed to "EU" region on the site. Time for refund....
25/09/2020 - 15:35
Still no response from the support ticket so I tried the live chat from the site. They gave me a key to try, which did not work on Steam,...
25/09/2020 - 11:44
yup, got the same error. I've sent a support request, will see.... Hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling this is probably an "EU" key, the...
24/09/2020 - 14:20
He's probably still working on faking this "proof".
11/04/2020 - 14:57
Wow, what a nutcase... op creates a second acount just to scam people then comes back crying like he's the victim. And now his real...
11/04/2020 - 00:33
existing customer here, old plans discount got cut, so changed over to this, online chat was ok to waive the $240 casual fee
19/12/2018 - 21:38 香港九龙旺角钵兰街280号9楼903室 Looks like an apartment to me. Bld 9 room 903. Maybe one of those little...
03/08/2018 - 01:32
ok buddy...I don't agree with any of those points but cbf replying to them because they're so ridicules lol... I'm happy with my $93 480GB...
02/08/2018 - 21:20