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Nexgard Spectra 6 Pack: Medium Dog $65.99, Large Dog $69.95 + Delivery ($0 to Major Areas) @ Pet Circle


Nexgard Spectra medium and large dog 6 pack price dropped today to $65.99 and $69.95 after applied code FOMOSAVE.

Additional 5% off if you subscribe auto delivery.

Free shipping to metro areas.

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  • Do I need a year's supply of these? No. Did I buy a year's supply of these? Yes.

  • +1

    Seriously? After Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed and just bought. They have it for lower? arrrgghhhh

    • Same boat. I bought 2 boxes on BF..

  • -2

    I just want to suggest that everyone does their due diligence before buying this product. Just google for some reviews etc. and you will be surprised and shocked by all the side effects these chewables cause… unfortunately not many people are aware of them.

    • So what's a better option?

      • -1

        Better options would be:

        1. As someone else mentioned below: "ask the vet number of cases of heart worm in your area. Make a judgement based on statistics and probability of your dog getting sick if you take care of it and keeping it indoors specially at night"

        2. There are other products out there which are applied on the coat of the pet, rather than being swallowed and digested. For example Kin+Kind spray, collars with natural repellents. Research the effects of cedarwood essential oil as a natural repellent for ticks and fleas.

        Plenty of information available online

    • +1

      Mines been on it for a few years, no bad side effects.

      Only similar option is the big 5 or credelio plus, prob with their own side effects

    • +5

      ive been giving this to my dog for many years and he is as active and annoying as he always has been

    • Can you elaborate on this? All vets i have been to have recommended this to me as it reduces the need for additional injections for treating heartworm. My dog also has had no side effects for the last few years

      Not saying youre wrong its just the first time ive heard this.

      • +3

        likely op is referring to these reviews

        • +3

          Adverse Reactions to Flea, Tick and Worming Products

          Importantly, if your pet does experience an adverse reaction to a topical or spot on preventative, report it to your veterinarian and the manufacturer so an appropriate investigation can be carried out. Avoid the media scrutiny of certain products which ultimately only incites fear and distress among pet parents looking to do the best by their animals. Remember, while some of these negative reviews and reports will be true, they represent the small percentage of adverse reactions we expect with any form of treatment. In the vast majority of these cases, severe adverse reactions such as liver failure, kidney failure and death are completely unrelated - keep in mind that correlation does not imply causation. Appropriate reporting will ensure these products are closely monitored and at the end of the day, is our best chance of protecting our pets.

        • These and many other websites and FB groups with members sharing the negative effects these have.

      • -1

        All vets recommend it, maybe ask them what is their commission? I doubt that any homeopathic vet or those who lean more towards natural stuff will ever recommend Nexgard Spectra.

        I hope that your dog will never ever have any side effects, but from various groups on FB that I read, many people say it is just a matter of when, and not if…

        There are natural alternatives for tick and flea protection.

    • We live in a deadly paralysis tick area, my two have been on this for over a year no issues. Found a dead tick on one of my girls so very relieved to see it worked.

    • I can't fart on my groodle without him throwing up or getting sick, but he is fine with these.

      Yes, I have a meat-heavy diet.

    • +1

      Agreed, poisonous chemicals for your best pal. Keep your pets clean and indoors. Wouldn’t need these regularly.

      If your vet recommended it, ask the vet number of cases of heart worm in your area. Make a judgement based on statistics and probability of your dog getting sick if you take care of it and keeping it indoors specially at night.

  • Title says 6 packs? this is a 6 pack! BIG diff

    • 6 tablets per pack

  • How long is the shelf life on these? I have about 6 months at the moment but will need some afterwards

  • The risk with this is you don’t know the use by date. Makes it tough to stock up!

  • $7.95 shipping fee for me, regional.

  • I emailed re expiry, received a quick response:

    "Unfortunately, we really cannot guarantee a specific expiry date for Pet Medications. The minimum is 3-6 months dependent on pack size (3 pack or 6 pack) but what we can assure is that it will be likely to expire between 9-12 months."

  • Thanks

  • I’ve already got enough supply for 2 dogs through January 2023!!!

    • +1

      Be careful, they have an expiry date

      • Well you could assume that they are at least 6months from now.

        Anything else should be indicated so, and I highly doubt that's what's going on here. Doesn't say its a clearance of soon to expire goods.

        Cautionary tale for those stocking up would apply, 2 would be the max then to minimise the risk of expiry on the last couple of months

      • Yup, thank you. The Budget Pet Product deal was kind enough to advertise their expiration date of 03/2023 on the product page.

      • Mine arrived also with 2023 expiry

  • Grabbed some, thanks OP

  • Thanks was running out

  • Anyone received the extra large chews? Asking as I need them to expire at December 22 at the earliest

  • The Nexgard Spectra 6 Pack: Medium Dog shows for 79.79 after FOMOSAVE coupon.

  • Code doesn't work per OP post. Medium dog am getting $79.79 not $69.95 per op's post.

    Which is it?

  • Cheers Ordered a Years Supply as I am now out for my dog, perfect!

    Saved almost $40 thanks OP !

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