Rental Property's Compliance Check in VIC

Hi all,

I am looking for an organisation for my rental property that can conduct compliance checks for smoke alarms (annual), gas and electrical safety (once in 2 years) checks as per the changes to Tenancy Act of Victoria 2021.

Although there are plenty available on internet, I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for the budget ones that are also not too bad. The property is in Geelong, Victoria.

Thank you!


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    • I think they only do building and pest inspection - perhaps it is more relevant for property buyers and sellers.

      • Nah they do minimum rental checks now! I've used them before. yes they outsource, but far more cost effective than arranging an inspector + sparky (if applicable). Contact them! I saved about 400 bucks vs going privately

    • They just outsource it to another company. The building inspection for my sale was done by Jim's Building inspections.

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    cant your managing RE agent arrange that?

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    I rent in Ballarat, Vic, so cant comment on the landlord side of things but the service that our Landlord Hallmark use for smoke alarm Inspections is Detector Inspector

    Not sure if was same service at our last place few years ago, but here they have been decent from a Tenant perspective, organized a time with us, done pretty quick and were pretty friendly, also provided a what to expect Youtube video:
    And no I'm not affiliated haha

    Not sure if they service Geelong and Cost wise no idea.

    Hopefully helps a bit.

    • "Detector Inspector" is also used by the my real state agent/landlord. They were just doing smoke alarm inspection and recently done an electrical safety check.

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    15 min check for $150, amazing Australian tradies! It's a fair go for them to be early in the land of Gold

    • The great joy of government mandated work.

      This is where the margin is earned … the time taken is bugger all, the price to the punter is low enough that they won't shop around too hard for mandatory work, and therefore it just gets written off as a cost of doing business.

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    My sparkle recommended the detector inspector, he did not want to do the inspection (even on his own home) due to the massive liability. So Iā€™m guessing the extra insurance involved is quite high.

  • I just used my usual go to sparky and plumber. Worked out marginally cheaper. Sparky is a proper company setup. They will maintain scheduled inspection. Plumber, I will need to remind him šŸ˜€

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