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Free $100 Worth of US Stock for Completing Survey @ eToro App


So I logged in eToro app after a long time, some 7-8 months. And a Survey message popped up stating:
Complete a 5 min survey and receive $100 worth of shares in 14 days.

Potentially targeted.
I used their platform until April. And then withdrew all amount. So maybe for returning customers? Worth checking.

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US$100 for the referrer and referee after the referee's first deposit (Minimum US$200). Both Parties must trade at least $100 USD within 30 days of first deposit to be eligible. Conditions apply

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  • I did similar to you and nothing for me

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    They do this for anyone that makes an account but doesn't use it.

    I created an account, deposited $200 then within a week or two they sent an email asking why I hadn't used it, and gave me $100usd of free stock

    • Non sarcastic question, why did you deposit money but didn't use it straight away?

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        People should only trade when there is a trade to be made. They shouldn't trade just because they have money.

        • Ah…make sense;

          Similar to ozb; people who has money should not buy things presented on ozb, irrespective how good the bargain is; although the reality might be different :D

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            @BigLeviathan: Badge please. Any further punishment will be dished out after the ozbargain meeting to be held at Harvey Norman this Friday.

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  • Anyone else start getting a whole bunch of spam calls about investing and crypto after signing up? I signed up months a go and I just keep getting them … Might be a coincidence..

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