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Milkshake Flavouring 3x1.5L Bottles with Pumps $35 (Was $39), 3x3L Bottles with Pumps $47 (Was $52.50) + $10 Shipping @ Edlyn


Milkshake Bundle Packs available from Edlyn for December only. 3x1.5l Bottle W Pumps Was $39 Now $35 - 3x3l W Pumps Was $52.50 Now $47. Great Gift Idea.

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Edlyn Foods
Edlyn Foods

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  • indirect link

    Expected milkshakes only to see a huge tub of mayonnaise in the top banner

    Mayonnaise and olives..

    Uh so is this like soap dispensing for condiments?

    • What happened when you looked further down the page? I see all the toppings just fine.

      • The products listed are fine

        Expected direct links for historical OzBargain tracking to the priced listings

        • The deal is on 2 bundles and they're literally the first 2 products in the link.

          • @Clear: My personal point was simply for direct links for each ostensible item similar to other posts

            To aid price tracking in historical post information

            Not about clicking or searching at the moment


            Though it would not be useful if this was only a temporary listing

            • @UsernameChecksIn: Some people choose to link to one specific product and link the other in the description, while others will link to the page where both products are. Either way is acceptable when posting deals here.

              • @Clear: Seems like this whole thread could have been headed off with two copy pasted links or a quick description edit for a fraction of the time taken /shrug

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    There are many great gift ideas. This is not one.

  • +1

    Wait. So your previous and first post deal was cheaper with individual bottles?
    And apparently that previous post was the normal price.

    So you have increased pricing in a "bundle" (assuming extra delivery charge still)


    Sounds like not a bargain.

    • +1

      This comes with 3 pumps as well, which are $7 each (no comment on the value there, just saying)

  • +2

    The perfect gift would be selling your chicken salt in quantities smaller than 2.5kg!

    • Now that's a lot of hot chips and dim sims 🙂

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Been looking for ways to "bring all the boys to the yard".

  • Says $10.00 shipping in the title, but it wants $30.00 for me in Perth?

  • Great deal guys! You guys are super popular with the markdown addicts fb community, literally had a moment with ppl creating home milkshake bars with your mixes!

  • +2

    We all know the 2.5kg tub of Chicken Salt is what everyone will be buying.

    Also, Edlyn is one of the few vendors that have Blue Dream as a flavour. Those that know will know.

    • +1

      We all know the 8kg is where the real money saving is. ;)

  • Their pancake mix is the most fluffiest pre-mix I have ever had. Worth a try!

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