expired 2 for 1 MTB Tyres. E.g. 2 X Maxxis Crossmark 2.1 Folding $30 + $10 P/H


Velogear have a 2-for-1 deal on all tyres (MTB and Road) for this week. You simply need to add 1 tyre to your cart and two tyres will ship instead of 1 for no extra cost. Shipping seems to be around $10 Australia wide. Examples of good deals (compared against Chain Reaction and Wiggle prices):

Maxxis CrossMark 2.1 Foldable
Velogear: $30/pair
CRC: $78/pair
Wiggle: $84 pair

Kenda Small Block 8 2.1 Foldable
Velogear: $47.5/pair
CRC: $84/pair
Wiggle: $84/pair

Maxxis Minion 2.35
Velogear: $35/pair
CRC: $72/pair
Wiggle: $72/pair

There's a good range of Maxxis tyres (Ignitor, High Roller, Larsen etc) in addition to other brands.

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    i have a merida road race 903 and the tyres are like two rubber bands and i'm scared to death half the time. whats a tyre that i can get which has a bit more grip.


      Velogear is pretty light on for road tyres unfortunately, my only suggestion from there would be the maxxis detonator 28c. (http://www.velogear.com.au/products/Maxxis_Detonator_700x28_...) For $20 a pair its a great price for a decent tyre.
      If youre looking for something better/more expensive I'd recommend Continental Gatorskins as they grip great and in the many pairs I've owned I'm yet to get a puncture. Wiggle.co.uk is the cheapest for gatorskins afaik


        My current road bike came with detonator 32c tyres, had a bad run of punctures on them and changed to Panaracer Ribmo. No punctures since and onto the 2nd set.


        thanks for tip. i looked and i actually have the maxxis detonator. so its probably just because I am a spaz.


        Yep. Gatorskins are pretty darn good. I had a 700C/25mm set on mine, and I cracked the rim before the tyres got damaged. But if you're looking for a bit less Rolling Resistance, then look at the Continental 4000S.

        I've recently switched to a wide Marathon Supreme 32mm as the footpath ramps in my area are ridiculous and have already cost me a full wheel set :(


    What's a good pair of slicks for a mtb?

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