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LatitudePay: $20 off $100 Spend I Zippay: $50 Store Credit with $500 Spend @ The Good Guys


LatitudePay offer terms

Offer ends 24/12/2021. Approved LatitudePay Customer only. Discount will be
deducted on your payment LatitudePay Payment schedule. Available to new and
existing LatitudePay Customers. Minimum spend $100. Subject to approval. Conditions
and late fees apply. Payment Plan provided by LatitudePay Australia PTY LTD ABN
23633528873. For full details visit thegoodguys.com.au or see a team member.

ZipPay offer terms

Offer end 22/12/2021. Approved Zip customers only. Customer must purchase in
store or online with Zip and claim the bonus online at www.thegoodguys.com.au/offers
Eligible customer have until 13/1/2022 to claim the Bonus.
Terms and conditions apply. For full details visit www.thegoodguys.com.au/zip

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  • Last time I got store credit from them it had a one week expiry. I emailed them about it with no response.

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      This time, make an order with store credit and then cancel it. Get a gift card with longer expiry.

      • Don’t they charge restocking fee?

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          No, TGG never charge restocking fee, but they don't refund the store credit.

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      Have you attempted to use the store credit after expiry? From my experience, the end dates are arbitrary and actually work well after they say they expire.

      But as PB said, best to buy something before the expiry and cancel for a gift card for the store credit promos.

      • You're right, just checked a $10 credit for over $50 spend that I never used, said was valid for purchases before 27/10, still applies. Unfortunately can't use Latitude Pay when applied.

        • Good to hear that is still happening and thanks for confirming. Another point to note, your $50 min spend is most likely $0 min spend on a credit. Give it a try on any item and it should work :)

          • @doweyy: Yep that works too, thanks! Only problem is finding things around $10 or less that are both in stock and worth using the credit on lol.

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              @MiscOzB: Eneloops

              Edit: Actually they aren’t discounted at the moment

        • Doesn’t work online but I think the store credit/LatitudePay combination works in-store

      • Not always the case, mine expired 7 days on the dot.

    • Terrible

    • that is normal for good guys and their credits

      • The Good Guys? More like The Dodgy Guys.

    • I had a similar thing happen with Myer but it was like 1 or 2 months expiry and I didn't notice until it was too late. It has turned me off all these store credit promos, unless you've got something you want to buy immediately.

  • Anyone know if the $50 Zip credit works on Good Guys Commercial?

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      No credit or gift cards work on commercial.

      • Dang, thanks for the info! :)

  • Does anyone know if you can mix gift card and latitude pay in one online transaction?

    Thanks in advance

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      From the FAQ:

      The item I want to buy is just over $1000. Can I use LatitudePay and pay the extra with another payment method?
      No sorry, you can’t part pay with LatitudePay and another payment method.

      … I assume that means you can't part pay for any value then.

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        Thanks :)

  • hmmm no fun, 512GB micro sd still turns out pricey

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      That’s $99 at Bing Lee or two + a $2 item for $180 with StudentBeans

      You can also try price matching in-store at The good guys and add an extra $1 item to get $20 off via LatitudePay

      • Something to do over the weekend, cheers :)

  • Anything worth buying from Good Guys? Even with $20 off they're probably expensive

  • Can you negotiate over the phone then pay with LatitudePay at TGG?

    • I don’t think they do LatitudePay over the phone, it’s only for online and in-store.

      Technically they don’t allow you to use LatitudePay for an item you’ve priced matched. But if you get a nice manager, they’ll approve it so YMMV

      • Just did it on a price match over the phone (with a store), they just sms you a link which goes to the normal website checkout with all the usual payment options. Got the $20 credit applied this way, but TGG has an annoying system where any 3rd-party payments take 24 hours to process 😴

        • That’s odd. The last time they sent me a link after price matching over the phone, LatitudePay wasn’t an option. Maybe they’ve changed it recently.

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    Good Guys do all their online ordering fulfilment via their stores.
    If you local Good Guys is a dud just skip it.
    Highpoint in VIC are duds - do yourself a favor and avoid at all cost.

  • Approved LatitudePay Customer only. means it is targeted? I'm trying to spend $100+ but don't see the discount when checking out with latitude.

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