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[Prime, eBook] Amazon First Reads: Prime Members Choose One Free Kindle Book This Month

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  • Damn… the books aren’t free for kindle US users.. only discounted

    • this might be us too in a few years down the track… I hope not

      • Is it worth switching?
        The range used to be more in the US….

        • +1

          It is quite comparable (range and price) now, and you get AU pricing too which helps.
          I switched over a few years back and did not turn back.

        • +2

          Just open up an Kindle AU a/c on your PC.. Calibre can help de-drm them & then you can email/load onto kindle

    • +1

      They are only free for Prime members (both in the US and Oz), do you have a US Prime account?

      I've got them listed as free on my US Prime Account.

      • +1

        Ah… aussie prime. US kindle.
        I’ve switched over to AU kindle, since I think I bought my first kindle in 2011.. it wasn’t available here.

        Thanks for the tip @spriggy

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    Good post Op

  • +1

    So is it free for Amazon Prime users, or I need to sign up to First Reads?

    • +1

      Free for prime

  • +2

    Thanks so much OP!

    starting to read No Way Back now :)

  • +1

    I have found some good books through this service. A couple of duds too though.
    Anyone have any feedback on the current selection?

  • +15

    Out of the zillions of books published every month, how does Amazon manage to find 8 books that all sound quite boring

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    damn i thot was free any kindle book

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    My Grandma's Photos will be auto-delivered wirelessly to Kindle Cloud Reader. You can go to your device to start reading.

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