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Remarkable 2 Tablet with 3 Months Connect Plan Free $499 (Was $679 & $12.99/Month Plan Fee) Delivered @ Remarkable


8/12 update: Same price for hardware but now only come with 2 months Connect Plan for free.

reMarkable at a glance:

  • Convert your handwritten notes into text
  • All your notes, organized and accessible on all devices
  • Take handwritten notes, read, and review documents
  • Take notes directly on PDFs
  • Paper-like writing and reading
  • Integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • 2 weeks of battery life

Connect Plan is free for first 3 months, then AU$12.99/month.
It provides $180 discount from RRP.

100-day satisfaction guarantee
Free return within 100 days of delivery for a hassle-free refund

36-month extended warranty
Enjoy extended warranty cover on your device and its accessories

OS: Codex
CPU: 1.2 GHz dual core ARM processor
Storage: 8GB
Memory: 1GB
Display: 10.3-inch, 1,872 x 1,404 digital paper
Marker: 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity
File support: PDF and ePUB
Wireless: 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi
Battery: 3,000 mAh
Battery life (rated): Up to 2 weeks
Size: 9.7 x 7.4 x 0.2 inches
Weight: 14.1 ounces (0.88 pounds)

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  • +4

    this is an interesting device but very expensive

    not sure if its worth it, even at its discounted price

    • +3

      My 2.2c worth (incl GST) - if you like handwritten notes, an e-ink device is a game-changer.

      I used to have an 1st Gen Remarkable and upgraded to an A6 SuperNote about six months ago. Very happy with it.

      • +3

        Why did you choose the A6 Supernote over say the Onyx Boox?

        • +3

          1) The Supernote platform uses a regenerative film over the display with a ceramic nib on their pens, aka they never need replacing. All other products on the market (Boox, Remarkable, Likebook, etc) use a hard surface (read: glass) and a soft nib which needs replacing every so often.
          2) Supernote has the best customer service of the three.
          3) Boox is currently violating the Linux Kernel license by refusing to release source.

          • @Stefce: Great points and really good to know.

            Supernote's About Us page has sold me.

            Is their website the only place to purchase it?

        • +1

          Stefce - said it beautifully! Writing experience is second to none and their customer service/outreach (especially on the sub-reddit) is pretty legendary.

      • With the SuperNote, I can see you can download the Kindle app. Is there support for other ecosystems, such as Kobo in particular?

    • I love my remarkable 2, purchased pre subscription. No paper, and now with Google drive sync even better.

  • +2

    Just wondering what is so special about reMarkable 2? Why should anyone buy this and not an iPad with note taking app?
    (Understand the cost of the iPad option is a lot higher, but at least it could do more than note taking)

    • +3

      It looks like e-ink. Pretty horrible to stare at a bright monitor all day for reading purposes.

      • +1

        Yeah this is the primary reason. I got a Max Lumi which cost me $1000+, but it allows me to read more and write more, worth every cent.

      • +1

        Battery also lasts weeks vs hours.

    • -1

      New iPad is actually starting at 499 and its a 10"… kinda a no brainer getting the iPad instead of this

      • +3

        I found a 10" photo frame at Camera House for $129. It can playback photos and videos. That makes it a better buy than the iPad, right? No-brainer, even.

        • Lol 🤣
          But can you take notes on it?

          • @quikstix: But does the iPad have an e-ink display and a battery that last weeks?

            • @Tacooo: You got me there on the battery especially haha 😂
              I think the e-ink is a great idea but no ways can they justify that price

              • +2

                @quikstix: No I do agree. I really wanted one myself a while ago until I saw the price. Understand they don't have the manufacturing capacity of Apple but damn, this price is crazy (and why the (profanity) does it require a subscription?).

                • +1

                  @Tacooo: 100% I mean I'll be honest I hate apple (an ex apple fan boy I'll admit when I was a graphic designer a lifetime ago) so it was hard for me to say I would take the iPad lol. When working from the office was a thing I was at my desk 4hrs plus a day with wireless charging pad and in meetings for the other 5hrs plus in meeting rooms. Now I'm WFH my phone is constantly on wireless charging just because it's right there. I still want something for taking notes but damn that price and the subscription haha. To be honest we both have a similar outlook I think I just haven't convinced myself it's better than the others for the $

    • +1

      Yes, it has a different use case to ipad and this is not for everyone.
      It's very light and allows a distraction free reading/writing

    • +2

      I don't have one but I'm interested because of its singular focus on notetaking, so it should be faster to pick up and start notetaking (no need to open an app), more pen on paper like feel (I believe the screen has more resistance, texture & is softer - more like a kindle screen) and more paper like appearance & readability with the e-ink, non-backlit display. I'm certain that an iPad could do the job, but for people taking lots of handwritten notes, marking up documents, etc. I think having a more focussed, notepad like device could be better.

    • +1

      Just wondering what is so special about reMarkable 2?

      It's a specialty e-ink device designed for note-taking.

      Why should anyone buy this and not an iPad with note taking app?

      e-ink is MUCH easier on the eyes than a backlit LCD
      more paper-like writing experience
      much longer battery life
      fewer distractions

      Tip: Don't try to compare these with an iPad. Different primary use case and very different target market.

      • +1

        Tip: don't price it as stupidly as an iPad then. I fully get they are 2 different target markets, funny enough I am that target market. However I would not pay this much for a single purpose device. Sub $300 and no subscription sure especially given the benefits of e-ink but can you imagine paying this much given its for an e-ink??

        • +1

          A company producing a few thousand units vs a global conglomerate that builds billions of devices a year are very different. There's a reason Apple can afford to price iPads so low. That and they're also planning on using the low prices to suck you into an ecosystem of overpriced, underpowered devices and chargers.

          • +1

            @Tacooo: Then let's look at all other E-ink devices that match what this offers for the pricing aka that are for notes (not the drawing ones as they can be more advanced). When I seriously looked into it I saw most ones that were quite popular and I had seen in meetings ranged from $100 to the $400 marker. Yes there are way pricier ones and no I didn't buy an iPad but for the price this is I just don't get it

    • +1

      From what I've seen, the main perks are the paper like feel (which even with a iPad paper-like screen protector just doesn't feel the same), and just being a bit more disconnected from the world. But yeah, even at this price point, it's difficult to justify.

  • +11

    No thanks.

    This blog post is worth reading before deciding to buy one of these. Some of the key features are only enabled if you pay for a subscription. Generally their customer service isn't great either.

    • Their customer service was hit and miss for me.

  • +9


    It needs the connect plan to have Google Drive and Dropbox integration & Handwriting conversion.

    Get F#)*Q(&D.

    If it wasn't for such rubbish as that, then this could have been the tool I'd been looking to check engineering reports (preferably an A3 version for drawings).

  • +8

    I believe reMarkable started paywalling a lot of their features behind a subscription so be very careful. All the reviews will be before this occurred as well so buyer beware.


  • +8

    Why would you pay for a subscription when is device itself is already pretty expensive???

  • +4

    Have a look at Rocketbook 2 instead for about $60

  • +5

    Sent them this question;

    Hi there. What happens when you inevitably go bankrupt from a stupid subscription-based business model on top of ridiculously expensive devices? Once you turn your verification servers off for good will the Remarkable tablets then become glorified paperweights without all the extra features or will you permanently unlock all units before that happens? If you don't plan on getting rid of this stupid subscription model, do you at least offer some sort of lifetime/once-off payment that permanently unlocks all features?

    • When you look at the ROI on a device of this cost, over its serviceable lifetime (plus subscription), it'll be an expensive paperweight in 4 years.

  • +4

    This isnt a deal. It is the new normal price that will almost certainly cost you more over the lifetime of the subscription.

  • No backlight on this (plus the subscription nonsense) is a show-stopper. I'd grab the Kobo Elipsa over this for those reasons. Not great for notes, but excellent for reading and reviewing PDFs.

  • FYI, annoyingly I lost my remarkable stylus, the small and large staedtler noris digitals work perfectly on the remarkable, even the eraser. I probably even prefer the genuine pencil feel.

  • Am I correct in understanding that (3mth trial aside) it won’t convert handwriting to text unless you pay $13/mth?

    • yES

      • +2

        That’s shocking. Talk about golden handcuffs. Wonder how many 3month old devices will appear on eBay. Should either be zero upfront or RRP all inclusive. This is bordering on blackmail

  • +1

    Are there any cheaper alternatives that are recommended?

    I've tried the rocket book a long time ago, and didn't stick with it because it just became a normal note book that could be erased.. Probably a user error and didn't utilise the 'smarts' around it?

    • +1

      Had a look at the Rocketbook and it hardly seems smart. Appears all the "smart" functionality is just built into the app.

  • +1

    The price is remarkable

  • +1

    I don't understand why you need their subscription service to use Dropbox. So to use Dropbox to the fullest on these, you need both their subscription and Dropbox subscription?

    • +3

      You shouldn't, it's them being dirty and double dipping.

      • I can understand the premium you might have to pay for a device, not everyone is Apple. This device offers something unique that depending on a person's perspective, they might go, I might go for this device instead of options like iPad and Galaxy Tab. E-ink displays are something unique and wacom styluses are really good.

        I am a sucker who bough a Tab S7 on launch, I paid premium for what some people may argue could be done with an entry level iPad or iPad Pro M1.

        Hell, I will even try to understand some features being blocked off i.e. handwriting recognisition, if it is done on their server side (because of the limitations of the device or whatever).

        A subscription to use other company's subscription service? That I think is messed up.

        • I can understand the premium you might have to pay for a device, not everyone is Apple Adobe. <

          Here, fixed it for you.

          • @Ahyao17: They're not mutually exclusive.

          • @Ahyao17: Well I was kinda talking more about the economies of scales and how iPads are taking advantage of that. I am guessing that per unit cost for e-ink display is a lot in the quantity that this company is dealing in (reminds me of what happened with YotaPhone, https://www.xda-developers.com/yota-yotaphone-dual-screen-ma...).

            I guess simliar can be said for the software and the cloud service.

            • @iridiumstem: I once talk to a Boox vendor about the e-ink display about 3 years ago. They said that the cost of the panels are just a lot higher than the screens used for iPads and phones. That's why the prices are high.

              • +1

                @Ahyao17: :P I don't doubt that, but if you make more of something, the price tend to go lower. Economies of scale is basically just that. Not to mention, Apple holds the biggest market share for tablet market if I remember correctly, Apple can basically (profanity) around with their suppliers because they buy so much .

                Whereas these e-ink displays that are used by these tablet vendors I doubt make much of a market share. Smaller quantity is manufactured, therefore higher cost to begin with.

                That's what I meant by not everyone is Apple. These guys probably face higher cost altogether compared to Apple even in parts that are comparable to an iPad.

  • +1

    I got the A5X Supernote after realising that Remarkable charged a subscription to access your own cloud storage (wtf) such a Dropbox and Drive, has cartridges which need replacing and poor customer service. By comparison, the Supernote guys have literally replied to every email in 24 hours, sent videos explaining how to do certain things (I will say there are elements of the UI which aren't intuitive) and take feedback on board.

    It's an expensive device but if you use it every day multiple times, worth it in my opinion.

    • Where did you buy yours from?

      I can't decide if I want to buy it. I really like the idea of a smart notebook and digitising everything.

      What is your typical use case for it in a day?

      • +1

        From the online store. Arrived in less than a week.

        I use it to journal every morning, I also put my planner on there so I can organise my work week, I use it to write notes in meetings. That's about it.

        I'm prob using it for a few hours every day so I think it's worth the cost.

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