MSI MEG B550 Unify Cheaper than Gaming Edge?

Currently on Amazon the Unify (Non X) is cheaper than the Gaming Edge version. As I understand it, the Unify is the higher end model good for extreme overclocking, so I am unsure if this is a good deal for the board given that the price seems to be a regular price on Amazon sold by Harris Technology. Everywhere else it seems to be over $300, even in HT own website. Is there a catch to the Mobo itself or with the store?


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    price error maybe, as it's $374 on the sellers website.

    Buy it, worst case you get a refund no harm done.

    • Thanks! Bought and arriving next day with Prime.

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    That's a great price, I'd buy now and think later if you're in the market for one. Just be prepared to get a refund (or the wrong board, if they've messed up the advert, but name, specs and picture match)

    • Got the order in and it is arriving next day. Cheers!

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    the Unify is the higher end model good for extreme overclocking

    not quite, the Unify-X is the extreme OC board.

    Unify is a high end consumer general purpose board, and the selling point is overkill power delivery, above average memory trace(worse than UnifyX with 2 dimm only), and LOADS of M.2 slots.

    • Ah thanks for the clarification. But my point was that the price seems too good to be true for such a high end board (comparing to other lower end boards and prices at other stores). All good though, board arrived today and is indeed the Unify. Nothing seems off from the box granted I haven't tested with a build yet (still waiting for all parts to arrive). Happy to get such a nice board at such price. Was originally going for the Gaming Edge when I saw the price of Unify on PCPP.

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        happy for you for getting a good price for a nice board, I think in terms of B550 this is among one of the best if not the best board except UnifyX.

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