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Samsung M7 32" UHD Smart Monitor $397 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Officeworks


Price drop for the Samsung M7 UHD 32 inch UHD Smart Monitor at $397 at Officeworks (unfortunately can't OW price match!) , previous posts had it at $497 at Jb Hifi - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657921

Model LS32AM700UEXXY

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  • Good price for a 32 inch 4K monitor. Lack of DP but it has usbc

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    Reviews :D

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    Image Brightness
    250 cd/m2

    • Ouch

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      So more than bright enough. The same as most monitors let alone one this big. Why are you pointing this out?

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    Wow. Check out those reviews. Is it that bad?

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      Not sure what you're looking at but reviews are quite positive ??

  • LS32AM700UEXXY

    model name not quite right

  • Set as out of stock everywhere in WA. Price error?

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      Bought instore at Osborne Park after Harvey Norman refused a price guarantee and offered to let me return my $548 one instead. Now I'm stuck with HN gift cards that I don't need (as that was my original payment method). Ah well, $548 HN gift cards for $397 isn't bad. I'll find something to buy in the next few months.

  • 60hz, eewww

  • no dp is a bit ehhh

    but its a plain general purpose monitor

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    About $50 cheaper than what I paid ;(
    Overall I like this monitor. Big and has good speakers as well.
    Just be mindful though… not like reviews on YouTube this Australian version doesn't come with a use to use c cable and you can't do wired dex with a normal usb cable,. I bought a use c gen 2.1 something cable but connection is unstable so I use wireless dex instead.

  • This is a VA panel so you need to be pretty much in front of it. Mind you quite a few TV screens are VA and not IPS. Also read the stand is quite wobbly. Is that correct?

    • Not wobbly for me

    • Right in front of it, sort of like a monitor?

  • F**k, just bought 2 S2722QC today.

  • I have an M5, VA monitor but serves as second smart TV. Loved smart features. M7 with UHD had some good reviews . Considering this price its a great deal

  • Love to place it next to the Dell 32" 4k anybody done this?

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      Not side by side, but I use an Ultrasharp 32 at work which is what lead me to buy this. For me, it seems just as good, and at a third of the price.

      The following would make it better though:
      * An adjustable stand
      * USB-C cable included
      * Wireless mirroring from a non-Samsung Android - ie, Chromecast
      * The "Microsoft 365" support is just using the web browser. It's slow and doesn't work with Teams.
      * Audio output jack
      * Picture in picture

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    Damn, paid $700 at JB a few weeks ago. Reckon I can get difference back?

    Monitor is good but no height adjustment, swivel, etc. It has smart Tv features so you can watch Netflix, Kayo etc while not working. PD over USB-C is neat. Speakers are average.

    And yes the stand is quite wobbly. I had my webcam on top of it and when typing on keyboard, the monitor/ webcam doesn't stay steady.

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      If you paid via credit card, you might be able to use price protection if your card issuer offers it. JB offer 30 day change of mind, but only if the product hasn't been used. If they don't record serial numbers, you could possibly buy a new one from Officeworks and return it sealed to JB. The problem is that Officeworks DO record serial numbers, so that might affect your warranty down the track. Officeworks have the same policy, so if it doesn't work out and JB refuse the return, you could always return the new one back to Officeworks.

      For what it's worth, I tried a price match at Good Guys and they said the lowest they could go was $450. Anything lower was less than cost price.

      • Managed to price match at JB highpoint and paid using the recent discounted giftcards. Total cost $337.45

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        Thanks for the switcherooo idea. It worked!!

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    Couldn't resist, this ticks so many boxes for my needs. Thanks OP!

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    Have this monitor since June and it's been decent for WFH and everyday use. I don't game so can't comment on that. I use it with the North Bayou F100A monitor arm for its lack of height adjustability and yes, it's a wobbler on the stand. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07496HG96/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

    For this price, absolutely worth it. Smart TV option in 4k is a big plus if your partner wants to watch something else!

  • Mine was delivered today, has anybody had issues with video over USB-C?
    My laptop has thunderbolt 3 but has shown to be picky with USB-C hubs
    I cannot find a USB-C cable in my house that will send video to the monitor
    I'm not sure what needs to be done, but I suspect none of the cables I have are good enough
    Has anybody bought a cable that works?

  • Let me know if it works, and send me a link. I've got a hub hooked up that works for now, but ideally I'd like to replace it all with one cable

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    $349 at Bing Lee now. No BL in WA, but I price matched at Officeworks (plus $349+$20 delivery, less 5%), so $350.55.

  • Can this be mounted onto a swivel mount on a wall like a regular TV?

    • Yes, it has 100x100 VESA mounts

  • Got this today for around $297. Not too bad for the price.

    • Care to share where/how? JB price match with 5% coupon and gift cards?

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        JB price matching Bing Lee with no delivery fees. Paid with the Ultimate Gift Cards (15% off at Coles).

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