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Samsung 256GB EVO PLUS MicroSD Card (2021) $29 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee | Delivered @ eBay (with eBay Plus)(OOS)


I think this is the cheapest Samsung Evo Plus 256GB ever been.
I was looking for a micro SD card for my dashcam and had this on my eBay cart. Today I saw the price was reduced to $29, previously it was $49.
Edit: Forgot to add link to Binglee ebay Out of stock

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  • Damn! this price looks pretty good compared to sandisk extreme black friday deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665340

    • +1

      I ordered one from shopping express which was the best price at that time. I feel bad.

      • It'll be ok, everything will be alright, there'll be other bargains. Just focus on the bargains you've enjoyed in the past.

    • +4

      Saw 229 upvotes. Bought it for the culture

      SD card right? Lol

      • same here!

        • 🤣 nice 👍

  • +30

    $19 with AFTERPAY10 code (eBay)

    • +1

      Thanks, great tip and turns it into a great deal

    • +1

      "Already applied" :(

    • +1

      Excellent tip…. $19 is a steal.

      Bought before I went to sleep

    • Thanks, grabbed 1.

    • Still $6 delivery so $25 all up right? Or is there a free shipping option apart from the eBay plus?

      • +1

        That’s the whole point of eBay Plus.

    • Thanks m8, just picked one up but not sure what I'll use it for yet.. maybe a good excuse to build a retropie

    • It says I have already used this code. Definitely I have not. Weird.

      • Are you sure? It's been around for over 6 months.

        • Oh. Then I am not sure. Probably I am wrong.

    • Wait how do I do this what's the link

  • Amazing price!

  • +8

    And this is why I only buy phones with a microSD card slot.

    Xperia 1 ii for the win

    • I thought they didn’t want to waste their time with our tiny market? When did Sony mobile come back in?

    • What other memory cards have you seen in modern phones?

      • no slot for iphones!

        • +3

          And plenty of modern Androids as well.

    • Samsung S10e FTW

    • note 9 ftw

    • Xperia 5 II FTW

  • +1

    Tempting deal. Will probably be good for my DJI mavic mini

  • +3

    Was looking for 512gb, but this is too good esp with the afterpay discount, added :)

    Edit: 512gb is also at a great price at $79 with the code for the 2021 model, shouldve used the code for this, oh well.

  • Sick! Thanks!

  • +2

    Damn, such a good price. Wish it was UHS-2 though

  • Thanks OP for such a great deal. Good timing with dashcam

  • Bought two via eBay usng gift card credit I've been wanting to use up plus 1% cashback via ShopBack. Thanks OP!

  • Now i can switch from 1080p to 1440p. 😆

  • +2

    My phone has no sd card slot. Rip.

    • -1

      Buy a good phone so you don't need to extend.

  • awesome, perfect deal for my newly bought drone.

  • +12

    Got too many unused memory card still in original packaging, so sadly ill have to pass 😪😪😪

  • Would this sd card be a good fit for a dashcam. I hear the Samsung pro endurance is the one to go with. Not sure what the difference is

    • +4

      Endurance cards have much higher Terabytes Written (TBW) - how much data can be written to the SD card over the life of the drive. They have more spare cells so you can do more repeated writes and/or better quality cells in terms of ability to write many times. Speed is less of an issue for endurance cards.

      These standard EVO Plus microSD cards are optimised for sequential read. This one is up to 120MB/s for sequential read. They are not designed for dashcam.

      • Do you think the controller on these would be smart enough to overprovision if we only made, say, a 192GB partition?

      • Thanks for your advice, you just saved me some $$.

    • +3

      been using the evo plus' (red one, not white blue one like this) for all dashcam without a problem.

      endurance doesn't seem to go beyond 128gb from what i've seen on ebay which isn't much if you have a dashcam that won't reduce recording quality.

      • How long have you been using your red evo on your dash cam?

        • +5

          6 vehicles….5+ years lol

          trucks, vans, suvs. I use them on the xiaomi/70mai dashcams. I remember once I used them on some cheapo nobrand dashcam and either the cam or the card was no good.

          law of the land though, pay peanuts, get monkeys.

          • +4

            @Gallifr3y: I've been using the exact same EVO 128gb memory card for 5 years now for my daily drive as well. Zero issues.

            Endurance cards are simply over buying for no reason. No such thing as reliable memory, if you want reliability then you can simply refresh your cards every 3 years.

            • @plmko: Is this one just new packaging for the card? white blue instead of white red?

          • @Gallifr3y: Haven't owned a dashcam. Saw the standard blackvue etc from Repco, Supercheap auto etc. Anything you'd recommend? Say how does these Xiaomi ones you mentioned rate?, Are they lousy quality if an accident happened and you neeeded high quality to zoom in on licensed plates or cars going at speed Post accident?

            • @SaberX: The cheap retail store ones are garbage from my experience, especially ones that site on a suction cup and ball point.

              the 70mai/xiaomi ones stick onto the actual windshield via adhesive and the camera swivels up and down.

              Standard is 1080p, can get license plate if the vehicle is right infront of you, get the 4k ones if you want a plate far way - but bear in mind not exactly NV goggles.

              This is the model below. Last time i bought it it came with free gps component though - this is not 4k - but remember it'll fill up real quick at 4k.


    • +1

      Do a cost vs TBW trade off and you will see that you will be well ahead with non-endurance cards (especially when they go on sale like this Samsung evo card).

    • TBH this card will be more than sufficient. I have a 256GB non-endurance in my dashcam for the last 6 years.

      It depends on how many times the entire card is overwritten.

      4K front, 1080 rear = typically about 400MB/min. 10 hours of driving to overwrite the full card.
      1080 front and rear = ~200MB/min. 20 hours of driving to overwrite the full card.

      Considering flash drives these days have write cycles of 100,000 writes minimum, it should last a decent amount of time. This is a more economical approach.

  • Same as well, planning to put this for the dashcam, is it worth getting two in case one of the cards dies?

  • Thanks, OP! Buying for a friend w/RP4 along with a 128GB from last deal and a few other tiddlies.


  • +2

    What would be the actual write speed?

  • +3

    Omg you gotta be crapping me! I was after this exact SD card today and finally pushed the button on buying it off Amazon for $49 as the bing Lee was $49 + $6 shipping… And now they drop to $29?! Is this a price error surely?, Was ,$49 on sale already prev which imho is cheap…but $29?! Surely an error.

    On another note which is faster read write if comparing this Evo plus to a normal SanDisk extreme (not extreme plus)?

    • +8

      buy more.. Dollar-Cost Averaging

  • So this should work fine with a DJI mavic mini in 2.7k or 4K right? I know it can be picky with some cards

  • +1

    this is 89 everywhere else. could be a mistake.

    so weird samsung creates very similar branding just a bit different speed for evo plus, look at this red/yellowish models, one with + sign as well
    (dont buy the $35 most likely fake)
    can they do like evo100 evo130 instead

  • Any 128gb deals?

  • Thanks just bought one

  • Is this equivalent to the sandisk extreme pro?

  • Been holding out for a price like this. Can finally up the storage on my switch. Thanks OP.

    • No, this is slightly slower card than the sandisk extreme.

  • +1

    Cheers OP! Got one for my Switch

  • Gets error on ebay while adding to card … " An item you selected wasn't added to your cart because the seller won't sell to buyers who don't meet their requirements'

    • +3

      Not good enough for Bing Lee.

  • +1

    Thanks, was waiting for a deal to upgrade for my Switch!

  • Thanks op bought one …now need to find our if this could be used with apple MacBook Air and IPad Air 4 gen …

  • Hey folks - does this work with Blackvue dashcam?? Cheers

    • yes, I think so. but if you drive a lot and/ or if you have enabled parking mode, it will eat this in no time.

  • thanks OP got one for the switch. glad I passed on the black friday deals

  • This doesn’t seem to be only an EBay Plus thing.. Same price on their website

  • +1

    Got it for $19 after the code, thanks ops

  • bought one for my switch, thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

    Just bought 4 x for my new security cameras that just arrived yesterday.

    Now to get some Cat 6 cable!

    • Which security cameras take both microsd and are PoE?

      Are these Reolink cameras?

      (sounds like a bit of overkill if they are NVR)

  • +1

    Similar to other comments, I would look at endurance cards for dash cams or camera monitors requiring more frequent rewriting. They will last you longer.

    Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap, buy what’s appropriate for your use.

    • I only drive short distances so a maximum of 2 hours per week and my crappy Viofo a129 only supports cards up to 256GB. I was using a WD purple 512GB card with beta firmware and the camera stops recording abruptly. Samsung does not have a 256gb endurance card and I don't like Sandisk (they do have endurance cards with 256GB memory). So I thought better to sacrifice an Evo plus.

      • +2

        I just checked, with a 256GB card, my dash cam can record 16 hours so this card will finish one cycle once a month or every two months and if we assume it will only last 100 cycles, that is roughly 4 years which kind of ok for me I guess.

        • Exactly. Larger capacity means longer endurance just because it will result in fewer write cycles.

  • got one for my switch, was looking at Amazon last night (around $39 for a SanDisk 256GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 120MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card - SDSQUA4-256G-GN6MA) and luckily didn't go ahead.

  • Can’t click and collect from eBay can we?

  • Bing Lee? Ready for cancel?

    • They cancelled my order this morning lol.
      Click and collect should be called click and prepare for cancel.

      • +1

        Really? Went and bought in store. No special tag but @$29 in computer.

        • Is it still on special even though it's out of stock online?

  • Now I just need a dashcam. Is there 1 anyone would recommend that is budget-friendly OzBargain approved? Do you know any that has a 180-degree view?

  • will this work on a GoPro ?

    • Yes

  • Good for security cameras with microSD slot, thanks!

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