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CableCreation CAT 5e Ethernet Cable (various lengths) from $0 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ CableCreation via Amazon AU


You know what to do :)

$20 off coupon applies at checkout (make sure you tick or collect the coupon first before adding to cart) - there is no code

[1 pack] 30 ft = free (after coupon)
[1 pack] 25 ft = free (after coupon)
[1 pack] 20 ft = free (after coupon)
[5 pack] 7 ft = free (after coupon)
[5 pack] 5 ft = free (after coupon)
[5 pack] 3 ft = free (after coupon)
[5 pack] 1 ft = free (after coupon)
[5 pack] 15 ft = $7.99 (after coupon)
[5 pack] 10 ft = $5.99 (after coupon)

Coupon seems to be appearing and disappearing and reappearing. Grab what you can while it disappears altogether

The coupon is available one time use for each size. Just recollect the coupon if you want to get another length.

Ships from Amazon AU

Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +6

    my f5 key just fell off the keyboard and i am still not seeing the coupon……

  • There is no coupon for me

  • I keep playing roulette with the lengths but no coupon. This deal is unobtainable

  • No coupon here

  • Can you explain the coupon?

  • +1

    It's on and off. Mine still appears. See here

    Anyway, marked as expired if everyone is complaining then I guess it's either ozbargained or it stopped working as I posted

    • Definitely targeted.

  • +2

    Pretty sure that's just a coupon that you had for yourself.

    Otherwise you could add the coupon to the cheapest order, then get something else on top.

    You just had at least ten people trying different combinations of the pack and hitting F5 constantly, not one of us saw it :/

    • +1

      Can't be for myself if it's on Amazon's coupon page. See here

      Disappeared now but

  • This was the coupon on the Amazon coupon page - definitely a valid coupon just as I posted the deal. Proof

    As I said it was really glitchy and appearing/disappearing when I was typing the deal up.

    • +1

      that's alright mate, maybe it's just targeted but we'll have no way to find out.

      • No worries. Sorry about that. It was there on all my accs and on incognito mode too so not sure what happened lol. Oh well, next time :)

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