Deep Cleaning Leather Seats from Wreckers

Can someone help me with restoring some 350Z seats?

Trying to get off the black stains on the base especially, have tried Meguiar's leather cleaner but it doesn't work.

Have ordered this for the left hand side leather repair

Any advice, tips, tricks?


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    • Have met Kev before, he does good work. Might get him to fix em if I can't figure it out.

      I feel bad picking his brain when he's trying to run a buinesss.

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        Well don't feel bad - just give him some business and get a professional job done

        • Yeah if I cant DIY I will get him to give it a crack

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    Some stains in leather are not removeable, if you look at leather restoration videos on youtube, they often end up spraying them with a a paint/dye.

    • Seen some of the car shows on TV spraying leather to hide stains.

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    I have removed sunscreen stains from leather using this

    It's probably not good for the leather, but it works immediately so I wash it off straight away, follow up with leather conditioner, and have not had any problems.

    I tried lots of other products and this was the only thing that worked.

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    Try Orange Agent from Bowdens. They have a guide here for removing sunscreen and deep cleaning leather with their leather focused products, Leather Love and Leather Guard.

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      Orange Agent worked mate, thanks heaps for the recommendation!

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        No worries. Bowden's own gear is great. I use Leather Love and Leather Guard on all my leather interiors.

  • Is your 350Z a dark colour? I'm loving tan leather in dark cars.

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    I would try saddle soap from a shoe repair shop and/or just an all purpose cleaner. You might also try acetone in an inconspicuous area. Acetone is quite harsh so so you might need to re-dye after.

    • Acetone scares me but saddle soap is an awesome idea, thanks!

  • Lads, I got this done pro cause nothing was working. Cost $150 a seat.

    Not something you can do with off the shelf products. Sure they do care OK, but actual restoration you need specialist sprays etc to deep clean em.

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